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MedResponsive Redesigns Website for Outsource Strategies International

MedResponsive Redesigns Website for Outsource Strategies International

MedResponsive, a leader in internet marketing and website design services recently redesigned the website of its loyal client – Outsource Strategies International. The website has a new look and is more appealing. Along with its advanced user interface and design, the site features improved readability as well.

Outsource Strategies International (OSI) is one of the leading medical billing and coding companies in the U.S. that focuses on all aspects of revenue cycle management which includes medical billing, medical coding, and insurance verification and authorization, among other solutions.

Website Design

We used Divi WordPress theme, a visual page builder to redesign the website. Divi is the new website building platform that replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a vastly superior visual editor. With this theme, websites get great looks with a wealth of impressive features.

This completely responsive site features modernized design layouts integrated with best practices for a site redesign. The redesigned website offers easy navigation, enhanced content on OSI’s services, and a rewarding browsing experience for viewers.

Responsive Website Design

The site’s Home page showcases the Latest Blog sessions, easy to access Call Action buttons, Client Testimonials, Contact Form, Social Media buttons, Instagram feed and more.

Call to Action Buttons

Our team has checked site navigation, which helps the site visitors to easily find the information they need. reCAPTCHA v3 is also enabled and customized on web pages.

“MedResponsive has done a great job in redesigning our website. All the design updates made support our brand mission and allow us to build a strong relationship with customers. They work as an extension of our business. This newly redesigned website enables us to fully convey all of our services, to our clients as well as future prospects,” says Rajeev Rajagopal, the founder of OSI.

Being a web design company with extensive experience in creating quality websites for diverse businesses, we’re clear about the fact that poor web design can hurt conversions and sales. Our website design services are focused on developing a strategy that will improve your online positioning and ensure a robust presence.

We focus on continuous improvement of our client’s website and ensure that the site meets all the current design standards. We work to keep visitors from bouncing off web pages.

Let’s Work on a Project Together

Looking for services from an experienced website design company? Feel free to contact us at (800) 941-5527!

Top Tips for Branding Your Business

Top Tips for Branding Your Business

‘Branding’ is an important consideration for businesses. Many people prefer choosing branded businesses because they believe that such businesses are reputable and trustworthy. At the same time, many people assume that branding is just the logo and tagline of a business. However, it’s more than that. It is considered the most important aspect of any business whether small, large, retail or B2B. It helps the business to establish a good reputation and become successful. Wondering how branding is possible, especially for small businesses? Well, outsourcing SEO services can help you achieve a strong brand image by effectively utilizing the right strategies. Let’s check this in detail.

Tips for Effective Branding

  • Define Your Brand

This is a very important step and has to be done based on aspects such as your business vision, the benefits and features of your products/services, qualities, customer reviews about your company, and what qualities you want customers to associate with your company. When defining your brand, you must have a clear idea about the requirements, desires, and behavior of your targeted customers.

  • Know Your Consumers

While planning marketing or branding techniques, you should prepare by targeting your consumers. If you don’t impress the target audience, it will affect the branding of your product.  You can find your targeted audience via real data about your existing consumers obtained through market research.

At the same time, if you are new to the market and have no idea about your target audience, then a close analysis of your competitors is an effective method to reach your target audience.

You should be aware that the taste of the consumers might change with time. It is due to the change in personality, lifestyle, age, gender and so on. Thus, update your branding techniques accordingly.

Top Tips for Branding Your Business

  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking

‘Branding’ is a simple term. However, the process is not as simple as that. Effective branding helps a business to stand out from the crowd. For that, analytical thinking is necessary. Analytical thinking results in out-of-the-box ideas, which are vital to attracting the attention of your consumers.

  • Market the Tagline of Your Product

Build a tagline for your product that describes what you are in a sentence. Repeat this tagline in every marketing campaign such as email marketing, advertisements and so on. This would help you imprint your product easily in the minds of the consumers. For example, M&M is a famous brand of chocolate. The tagline of M&M is ‘Melt in your mouth, not in your hand’. This tagline itself explains what they are, and how they are different from others. Therefore, it is necessary to create a catchy, meaningful, and concise tagline or slogan for your product. The tagline should signify the essence of your brand.

  • Maintain a Friendly Give and Take Attitude with Your Customers

It’s important to maintain a cordial relationship with your customers. Develop a friendly approach with them. Clear all their doubts regarding your products or services in a friendly manner. Note that you would receive both positive and negative reviews. So, it is important to prepare for both.

  • Closely Observe Your Competitors

Spare some time to closely study the activities of your fellow competitors and compare those with yours. The areas which you should closely observe include:

  • Brand identity
  • What are the products and services they are offering their consumers?
  • User experience
  • Types of content they are publishing
  • Their social media activities
  • Their advertisements on other media

Understand the mistakes they may have made as well as the strategies that have worked effectively for them. This will help you develop and implement the right marketing solutions for your business.

  • Speak to Your Customers

Make use of your voice to communicate with your customers. You can record messages for your customers, and this can be sent to them in any medium. This would help them find your brand, as well as increase its credibility. Communicating with customers is the best way to help them understand your products and services.

The brand voice should be professional, friendly, service-oriented, authoritative, technical, promotional, conversational and informative.

  • Build a Strong Online Presence

Online platforms are the best way to connect with your customers these days. So, focus on creating a strong online presence to communicate with your customers. Creating a website is the most effective way to connect with your audience. This helps the customers know about your firm, products and services and so forth.

Top Tips for Branding Your Business

  • Let Your Brand Narrate Its Story

The brand name, slogan and logo create the first and lasting impression among your customers. They can narrate the whole story of your brand as well. Conveying your brand message through these components would help to create a positive impact on your business; your clients would get a clear idea about your brand through its name, slogan and logo.

  • Flow with the Current Trend

The trends may change from time to time. So, you should also move according to the current ebb and flow. If you follow novel branding techniques, it might reflect on your branding and the profit you gain from your business.

You can research the current trends in the industry and prepare a plan accordingly. Branding is a very important activity even after becoming successful in your business. Outdated tactics might have a negative impact on your business and result in loss of branding and customers.

At the same time, do not try to overuse current trends. The best way to utilize current trends is to club them with traditional strategies. If you can create nostalgia in your consumer, then it might have a huge impact on them.


Effective ways for branding include:
  • Create a trademark for your brand
  • Brand boosting
  • Dedicated and fool-proof marketing and branding plans
  • Create unique value proportion
  • Focus on the target market
  • Think on behalf of your audience
  • Be creative and approachable 
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Benefits of Successful Branding

Successful branding strategies that incorporate certain elements like logo, design, theme, mission statement, guidelines and so on help to create a strong and positive outlook for a company. There are certain advantages that branding brings to your business. These include:

  • Uniqueness: It creates uniqueness for your business. This helps to grab your consumers’ attention faster. You can increase sales and earn more profit. In simple words, branding enables your business to stand out from the crowd.
  • Would Narrate Your Story Instantly: As mentioned earlier in this blog, an attractive and meaningful logo is a very important requirement to achieve branding. The logo contributes to the first impression your customer gets of your business, whether it is small or established. It narrates the entire story of the business at a glance.
  • Helps Connect Emotionally: Branding helps your business to make an emotional connection with your customers, employees as well as the general public. However, connecting emotionally is not an easy or simple process. It is a gradual process that can only be developed over time. It all starts with the establishment of the business as well as its reputation. Creating a good reputation helps the business to make an emotional connection with people. The best methods to connect with the public are advertisements, the campaign offers and so forth.
  • Recognition: The main advantage of branding is recognition. Through various branding techniques, entrepreneurs can carve a unique identity and gain solid recognition in their niche. This would in turn help to grow and enhance the business.
  • Increase Business Value: A strong brand image would help you create value beyond physical assets. As the business value increases, the trust in your products or services also increases.
  • Surge in Business: Successful branding would result in a surge in the profit graph of your business.

At the end of the day, the factors mentioned above are important for any business. These factors decide the growth of the business. The basis of any advancement in business is a proper branding strategy. It is applicable for both large- and small-scale businesses. Companies providing digital marketing for small business develop and implement effective branding strategies for improving the business image, customer acquisition, and growth.

Branding plays an important role in the development of a business and would help it reach the next level. However, imperfect or inappropriate branding could lead to disastrous effects. Partnering with a search engine optimization company is the best option for perfect planning and executing branding plans.

How to use Social Media to Enhance your Brand and Promote Sales

How to use Social Media to Enhance your Brand and Promote Sales

Over the past few years, the Internet and social media have had a great influence on all business segments including healthcare. Both social media and the internet are now being used by businesses to stay connected and communicate with targeted consumers, and to market or buy/sell products or services. Social media marketing plays a crucial part in healthcare digital marketing and healthcare businesses are also aware that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are important for reaching out to potential patients and healthcare customers. A good social media strategy helps to reach out to a large number of targeted audiences and boosts your business’s visibility with both existing and new consumers.

In 2016, LinkedIn found that 90% of top-performing sales people use social media as part of their sales strategy.  The way of selling your services and products has changed over time. The traditional method of selling has changed to social selling. Social selling refers to making use of your social networks to find the right prospects to build a trusted relationship and achieve your sales goals. It ensures better sales, lead generation, and sales prospects. Social media marketing and social selling are distinct. Social media marketing uses social media channels to attract qualified leads, and they use email marketing and calls to action to transform these leads into clients. Social selling leans more towards conventional sales process, connecting with leads on social networks.  Social selling puts the traditional sales process on social media channels and connects with leads on social media platforms. They would comment on their posts on LinkedIn and Twitter or share or retweet them. These interactions act as sales touch points.

Today healthcare businesses are moving towards social selling because a greater number of people use social media. Tools to track social selling helps healthcare marketers keep up with leads and understand what strategies work. The healthcare industry requires social selling due to the following reasons:

  • Difficult sales cycles selling a complex product
  • A high level of difficulty identifying the right buyers for your medical device/solution

Businesses that want to begin with social selling can follow some useful steps:

  • Businesses should have value-driven social networking and they must also know which social media channels are valuable; for B2B companies, LinkedIn is ideal.
  • Marketers should have built-out pages, posting schedules and followers.
  • They should post valuable content and not just promo content about their products/services.
socialmedia selling and enhance your business brand
  • You can find groups that have relevant topics and add insights to those.  There are many groups active on Facebook and LinkedIn. Find the prominent groups, join those groups and start connecting with them. Posting useful content on these groups will increase the number of followers.
Facebook and LinkedIn Groups
  • The next step is to connect with prospective clients. You can begin by sending a message in LinkedIn or any other social media channel, which is a polite way to start a conversation. Begin the conversation by providing something useful to the prospect, such as an informative/relevant article. Otherwise, answer a question that a person must have asked. After building a rapport you can start marketing your sales materials.

Just as in conventional marketing, it is important to measure efforts. Most social selling platforms have built-in analytics that will help the marketing team understand what works and what doesn’t. Social selling is a new concept, but businesses are already realizing its significance and those organizations that have implemented   social selling already know how useful it is. It is essential to identify the platforms wherein the targeted customers spend most of their time. Your marketing team should be educated regarding what it means to provide real value, be helpful and engage in constructive networking via social media. Social selling also signifies that a business hopes to gain footing as a helpful resource and expert in their particular niche.

Social media plays a crucial role in healthcare digital marketing. Social media marketing is the ideal solution for reaching out to prospects and retaining existing healthcare customers. A Medical SEO company provides effective social media optimization, social media marketing and selling solutions that will ensure your business better online visibility, increased traffic and conversions.

How to Use Videos to Market Your Law Firm

How to Use Videos to Market Your Law Firm

With increase in competition, it is becoming difficult for attorneys to effectively market their law firms and generate leads and new clients. Video is an effective marketing and educational tool. Most industries, including the legal sector are using videos mainly because it is the right media for the smartphone age. For those focusing on social media marketing, YouTube allows for customization of your channel, so you can brand your channel right down to your “subscribe” button and set up playlists to feature particular areas of your legal service or other topics. Law firms can also add a link to their websites and social media portals, in the same way they link YouTube channel to their firm’s website.

Law Firm

In a newsletter published in Law Journal Newsletters, Corey Saban, Co-founder of TheLaw.TV., says that, “Video tells a much more compelling call to action than text, which is more challenging to read on a smartphone.” This newsletter points out Latham & Watkins, White & Case, and Hogan Lovells as three firms with an extensive YouTube presence, and they have videos automatically play as their “channel trailer.” This makes it easy to link back to the firms’ websites and social media in the channel headers.


High-quality video content with the right targeted message can take your business to great heights. A live example is The Jacobs Law firm that used videos to market their services, with the assistance of a digital marketing agency.

Source –

Travis Jacobs, who owns The Jacobs Law firm, says that, “Our videos launched in October. Within two months (by December) we were getting about two to three times the calls we were getting before we posted them, and the calls were for more value-added work and fewer one-offs.”

Types of Videos Legal Firms Can Use

Here are the ways law firms presently use video on their websites and on their YouTube channels:


Educational videos are ideal for lawyers to showcase their knowledge and expertise in their practice areas. Educative content can also attract visitors to your website. If you are including statistics, make sure to include the sources from where you got these values. You can also refer to other videos you filmed that explain similar topics. The 2017 State of Video Marketing survey by Wyzowl found that 97% of businesses using explainer videos say it helps users understand their business better.

FAQ style videos also provide valuable insights and information to prospective clients. In such videos, provide answers to relevant questions your clients may have regarding your services.


A brand video is an ideal option to showcase why your firm is the best choice for your audience. In such a video, make sure you include all the services your law firm offers, personal opinions from previous clients as well as your unique value proposition.

Provide a brand overview for your firm and include a brief history of your firm and encourage interested clients to contact you. Remember that the ideal length for such videos cannot be longer than 3 minutes. You can also include stories about awards and honors as well as the latest news about the firm.

Client testimonials/ case studies

Videos of client testimonials and case studies can enhance your brand authority, along with increasing the chances that a prospective client will decide to choose your law firm. Provide your best clients with a platform to showcase their experience with your firm while educating your audience about your practice. You can also feature past clients, it would be great if they can share their own story and discuss their experience with your team.

Case study videos emphasize your authority in the market, improve trust and build confidence among potential clients. In your case study videos, consider showcasing a real-life client story and demonstrate how your services helped that client overcome their challenges. Your clients sharing his or her story on screen, provides hope and confidence to viewers.

Landing pages

These call-to-action videos are created specifically to make people take action. While creating such videos, introduce your firm and explain what readers will find on this page. Provide reasons as to why they should be interested in your firm and tell them what to do at the end of the video (call-to-action), such as “Fill the contact form below”.

Law Firm

Make sure to add informative content in your landing page videos to engage your audience in a meaningful way. If you use autoplay on the video, ensure that the stop controls are available. These videos can vary in length from a short 30 seconds to even as long as 5 minutes. I would try and keep it in the 1-2-minute range.

Consider publishing your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other social platforms, to get more exposure. Legal entities can outsource their video marketing tasks to an experienced SEO company that utilizes the latest advanced SEO tactics to ensure the best results.

How to Ensure a Humanized Outreach for Your Medical Practice

How to Ensure a Humanized Outreach for Your Medical Practice

One of the goals of healthcare digital marketing is humanizing your practice. Your healthcare SEO efforts can be stimulated by humanizing your brand. It is a strategy followed by companies and businesses these days to drive customer engagement, but it could also be just what your medical practice needs. After all, it’s people you are caring for, and you need to connect with the community and people out there, if you want patients to think of your practice first when they’re looking for treatment or consultation. It helps your search engine optimization strategy by making your brand relatable to the people who’re looking for the kind of services you offer.

Humanized Outreach

Social networking is one of the ideal strategies for humanizing your brand. The social media networks are where people hang out and social networking improves your online presence. You can put across the mission of your practice and obtain brand recognition. This will help you gain more traffic, generate leads, attract potential patients, and retain them with growing revenue.

Here are some simple steps for humanizing your brand and ensuring long-term growth of your business:

  • Personify the Brand
    Personifying your brand could be a great option. When you personify your practice, it gets a personality and identity. It is almost like a person with specific character traits, likes and dislikes. All your campaigns on the social networks and the web must be coordinated in this manner to depict the same tone. With this strategy, you give your practice a persona for your target audience to relate with.
  • Use Your Employees to Promote your Brand
    Surely most of your employees will be active on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. Use your employees to promote your brand through social media and represent them as the face of your practice. HIPAA-compliance is important here, so ensure that your employees are fully trained to avoid any references to your patients or their information in their official or personal social networking activities.
    Employees sharing informative stuff on social media can give a humane face to your organization.

    • Display relatable and amusing photos of your employees: Sharing amusing pictures of employees to your audience will give a human touch to your organization.
    • Use real photos of people who work in your practice: Display photos of your employees on your site, in your About Us page or Career page. Mention their names and their expertise. Post pictures or videos of events or other fun activities on social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others.
  • Personalized Messages to Patients
    Every contact with your leads should be personalized. Implement automated strategies to send out personalized messages and emails to potential patients. This will help in familiarizing your brand with the audience. You can also send non-promotional content that is similar to what they previously searched for. It can help build up an emotional connection with your patients.
  • Engaging in Conversations
    You need to get your patients engaged in conversations. It would be great if you could ask them what they like and what they’d want to see in your website and your practice. If they like your social media posts, go ahead and thank them for it. And if these readers comment on some external thread, you can become a part of the discussion as well. This shows the audience that you do pay attention. As you keep engaging with your audience, they get to see you as a trustworthy institution or entity.
  • Send letters to loyal and new customers
    Show your appreciation by sending follow-up or thank you letters to patients after their treatment at your practice. You can send special offers to regular and loyal buyers. You can also send out welcome post cards or T-shirts to customers to win their hearts. Send e-mails to current and past buyers during festivals or occasions and show your gratitude. This is another way of making your audience see your human side and establishing the fact that you care about your patients.
  • Employ a community or social manager
    With the help of a community manager or social manager, you can come up with creative and new ideas to engage with customers.

    • Organize local events: Entrust the task of conducting events or programs, such as a blood pressure check up, eye check up camp or anything related to what you offer, to promote your practice. This is a method of creating brand awareness among your target audience. It provides an opportunity to interact with your customers and know what they expect from your organization.
    • Set up an online community: Create an online community on social media. It is important to create good bonding, which will help you gain more leads and become an institution recommended by others.
    • Use user-generated content: This will help you to humanize your brand and get patients who’ve been treated at your practice excited.

Humanizing your brand is an effective way of connecting and building a good relationship with your target audience. If you are looking to improve your brand image and create brand awareness, healthcare SEO services can prove very useful. These include social media optimization services, ensuring you have a solid presence on all major social media platforms. Their healthcare digital marketing efforts employ tried and tested as well as innovative strategies to humanize your brand and help you reach out to more customers.

Tips To Consider when Rebranding on Social Media

Tips To Consider when Rebranding on Social Media

It is important for medical practices and hospitals to build their brand in order to boost their online presence in today’s competitive scenario. Patients have access to more information than ever before through the Internet which allows them to take a wise decision when choosing a provider. A brand refresh is necessary to help a medical business grow and reach a wider audience. If your medical business requires rebranding, then the ideal option is to rebrand on social media with the help of an experienced medical SEO service provider.

Besides social media, SEO, PPC, content marketing and local and email marketing, marketing experts now stress the importance of rebranding. Refreshing your brand on social media will help your medical business grow and improve your visibility online, and going by the following tips can improve your results:

  • Identify your true USP: Before rebranding, perform an analysis to find out what makes your medical business different from others. Identify your unique selling proposition (USP) such as what services you provide that are different from others or an innovation that your practice offers. Use social media to ask your audience what they think about your brand, logo and use of colours. This will help you identify your USP. Once you know what makes your venture stand out among from your competitors, start your new brand building exercise.
  • Employ experts: A good social media expert can give you valuable advice by viewing the brand from the customer’s point of view. They are creative and can offer innovative ideas to help your practice rebrand on social media and to convey your message more effectively.
  • Involve your staff: Consult with your own staffs for more new ideas to rebrand your business. Don’t allow rebranding to focus only on how new concepts will be perceived by external entities such as the media, prospective investors, or anyone who follows your brand. Organizing a social media launch party would be a good idea to get employees involved and engaged with the new brand. Encourage them to promote the new brand with shares by offering prizes and running contests.
  • Focus on brand consistency: Be committed to maintaining consistency. Retain your branding and use the same logo and images in every area and across all media. Consistent branding commands authority, and builds trust and familiarity between you and your customers.

Rebranding on social media is one of the best ways to keep your audience and followers engaged. An experienced medical SEO service provider can help you build, and promote your brand reputation for improved local or global visibility.

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