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Google Updates Technical Requirements for Unavailable Videos

Google Updates Technical Requirements for Unavailable Videos

While advertising in Google Ads, marketers mostly meet ad disapprovals and the reasons will be extremely vague. To solve this concern, Google recently updated its policies for the Unavailable Videos Section of the Google Ads Technical Requirements Policy. The update explains additional reasons why a video ad may not serve and provides transparency for advertisers to understand what issues have arisen, why the ads aren’t showing, and how to resolve the issue.

Google has discussed four new examples of why a video ad may be disapproved.

  • Videos whose status is changed to “deleted” after submission
  • Videos whose status is changed to “private” after submission
  • Videos marked live premiere
  • Videos marked sponsors or members only

Google Ads allow marketers to create compelling video campaigns with a range of video ad formats such as – Skippable in-stream ads, Non-skippable in-stream ads, In-feed video ads, Bumper ads, Outstream ads, and Masthead ads. If video ads are not run properly, advertisers may lose revenue opportunities when ads aren’t running, it takes more time to dig deeper into potential ad disapproval reasons.

Unavailable videos update gives advertisers a clearer understanding of the disapproval reason and how to rectify the issue quickly.

Technical Requirements for Unavailable Videos

To help Google keep ads clear and functional, advertisers must meet certain technical requirements. Google has discussed what is not allowed, according to those requirements –

One website per ad group

  • It is not allowed to use more than one display URL domain in a single ad group

Unacceptable HTML5 ad

  • Advertisers are not allowed to use HTML5 ads that don’t function properly or appear blank

Account limits
The following is not allowed:

  • Exceeding account limits for ads and other content
  • Excessive submissions through multiple accounts
  • Campaign configuration that creates an undue burden on their systems

Until the excessive content is removed, advertisers may not be able to create any new campaigns, ads, or assets.

Unsupported language

  • Google won’t allow ad or destination content in an unsupported targeting language

Restricted Access Video

The following is not allowed:

  • Videos that are age-gated by YouTube
  • Videos subject to an IP claim initiated by YouTube or the content owner
  • Videos that are subject to YouTube content restrictions

Geo Restricted Video

  • Videos that are not available in a country that the ad targets are not allowed

Video Content Changed

  • Videos that changed after the ad unit was created are not allowed

Unacceptable video format

  • You can’t upload videos in a format that is not supported in Google Ads or YouTube

Unacceptable script
The following is not allowed:

  • Using Google Ads scripts to circumvent any restrictions or limits on usage of Google Ads, or using them for any other non-business-related purpose
  • Using unsupported methods to access the Google Ads scripts
  • Excessive or abusive use of scripts, including unreasonable request volumes
  • Scripts that modify, disrupt, or disable any features, performance, or functionality of the Google Ads platform
  • Failing to comply with best practices when using scripts to read data for more than 1 million entities(such as keywords or ads) or edit more than 100 thousand entities daily

Violation of Video Policies

To ensure a better and safe user experience, Google requires marketers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in addition to the Google Ads policies.
Google enforces policies and laws by –

  • disapproving ads until the policy violation is fixed and the ad is reviewed (Disapproval will be noted in the “Status” column)
  • suspending accounts without prior warning, if any violations of policies or the Terms and Conditions is noted
  • disabling remarketing lists that don’t follow the Personalized advertising policy
  • reviewing business for compliance with the Customer Match policy

Google has posted that “for repeat violations of a policy, we issue strikes to your Google ads account and penalties progressively increase with each subsequent strike leading up to account suspension.”

Google Ad Video Posting – Best Practices

  • Review the scripts for any abusive or excessive activity and edit them to comply with Google’s policies.
  • If videos can’t be converted to an accepted format, upload a different video that complies with the policy.
  • Once the video content has changed, consider recreating a new ad creative.
  • While posting, make sure that the video isn’t removed or marked private. If the video hosting service is down, consider uploading the video to YouTube.
  • To fix a disapproved ad, edit and re-submit your ad and check the appeal status

Concerned about creating error-free video ads? Take professional support from digital marketing outsourcing companies. At MedResponsive, we’re up to date with any Google updates including the unavailable videos policy. Talk to us at (800) 941-5527.

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Our Top 10 Blog Posts In 2021

Our Top 10 Blog Posts In 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO), the crux of digital marketing, continues to evolve. Google’s algorithmic updates aimed at improving the search experience are one of the main challenges to SEO. The year 2021 saw some major Google algorithm updates including the page experience update, E-A-T principles and the MUM update. As a search engine optimization company serving a wide variety of industries, we keep track of these changes and their potential impact.

Our 2021 blog posts covered various topics ranging from link building strategies and content marketing to software development tools, law firm marketing services, healthcare marketing trends, and more.

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  3. April Marketing Ideas for Your Content Calendar

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    Each month comes with certain holidays or national days that might be related to your business in one or the other way. Smart companies make use of these opportunities to promote their business. Professional SEO companies help businesses prepare a content calendar ahead of time based on a month’s awareness events and holidays. This blog discusses marketing ideas for holidays and national days celebrated in April.

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  7. 6 Top Healthcare Marketing Trends in 2021

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  10. Facebook Launches ‘Neighborhoods’ to Connect Local Communities More Easily


    This blog is about Facebook’s Neighborhoods, a single destination to build and strengthen local communities on Facebook. The Neighborhoods feature within the Facebook app comes with many capabilities similar to Nextdoor, a hyper local social networking service for neighborhoods. This single destination makes it easier to bring the local experience across Facebook into one place and strengthen local communities on the platform.

For more informative and interesting SEO-related blogs, click here.

Stay tuned for more unique blogs in coming year! Feel free get in touch with us anytime.

Facebook Launches ‘Neighborhoods’ to Connect Local Communities More Easily

Facebook Launches ‘Neighborhoods’ to Connect Local Communities More Easily

We all know how local SEO for multiple locations is important for businesses. Similarly, social media marketing strategies for local communities are also very essential for businesses to reach out to targeted audiences, particularly for ecommerce and online retail businesses with multiple branches or geographic footprints. Keeping this in mind, the social media giant, Facebook has launched Neighborhoods, a single destination to build and strengthen local communities on Facebook.

Neighborhoods – A Nextdoor-like Tool

People have always used Facebook to connect with their neighbors and local services – such as to gather support for local businesses, asking for recommendations and tips in local groups, offering support, or meeting neighbors who share common interests and so on. Especially during this pandemic, these connections have surged. Therefore, to tap into those connections in a direct way, Facebook – with 2.7 billion users globally – rolled out a new feature, Neighborhoods within the main app – that offers many capabilities similar to Nextdoor, a hyperlocal social networking service for neighborhoods.

Social Networking Service

Image Source:

‘Neighborhoods’ is a single destination that makes it easier to bring the local experience across Facebook into one place, and strengthen local communities on the platform. This dedicated space within the Facebook app helps users to engage with a wider group of locals who they’re not directly connected to. It helps them connect with their neighbors, participate in their local community, and discover new places nearby.

How ‘Neighborhoods’ Works

Neighborhoods profile – an opt-in experience of the Facebook app – is dedicated to user’s neighborhood that’s different from their main Facebook profile.

Facebook cited in its blog post that, “to join Neighborhoods, a FB user need to be 18 years or older and confirm their neighborhood. The profile photo, name, and cover photo will be the same as that used in his/her Facebook profile. Users can add other information about themselves such as personal interests, favorite places, and a short bio in Neighborhoods profile”. Once a user joins Neighborhoods, Facebook will confirm with the users if they really live where they say they do.

In addition to join just their own neighborhood, users also have the option to join nearby neighborhoods and can then join discussion areas with other users who live within the same part of the city.

What Does Facebook Neighborhood Offer?

This feature – that is currently available in Canada, and will begin to roll out to select US cities soon – gives Facebook users a space to connect outside of the news feed. Some of the best things it offers FB users include:

  • A Chance to Meet and Connect with Neighbors: As we mentioned earlier, when a user creates their Neighborhoods profile, they have the option to add their interests, favorite places and a bio, so that people can get to know the user within the Neighborhoods Directory. Users get a chance to meet and connect with their neighbors by writing a post to introduce themselves, engaging in discussions on posts from fellow neighbors and by answering Neighborhoods Questions in the dedicated feed. These answers would by useful information for people who are new to an area.
  • Allow to Engage with Local Neighborhood Groups: Neighborhood users are allowed to create and join groups reserved for people within that neighborhood, so that they could meet others around them who share the same interests. However, to make it easy for people living nearby to find their neighbors, admins of local Facebook groups can import their group into Neighborhoods. It will also allow people using Neighborhoods to create or join Neighborhoods-bounded groups – for local bird watchers, or discuss the previous night’s game with fellow basketball lovers in one’s area – that are available within the Neighborhood’s experience.
  • Discover New Places and Local Recommendations: Neighborhoods provides a Recommendation feature that lets its users share suggestions to their neighbors about places and businesses to visit from their local community. Neighborhood also provides another feature Favorite Polls, which allows neighbors to vote on their favorite places and businesses in the area, including restaurants, parks and more.
  • Provide Moderation and Safety: To help users keep interactions among neighbors relevant and kind, the new feature Neighborhoods is built to be safe and inclusive with Guidelines. The moderators of Neighborhoods use these Guidelines with the aim to review posts and comments in the Neighborhoods feed. They can either report a post or comment to a Neighborhoods moderator or remove/hide the posts that go against Neighborhoods Guidelines and Facebook Community Standards. However, users can block someone on Facebook or Neighborhoods – Facebook won’t inform them – and if the blocked user has logged into Facebook, they won’t be able to find you in the Neighborhoods directory.
  • Offers Privacy: A user can choose whether to join Neighborhoods – your neighborhood or your Nearby Neighborhoods – and create a profile. The profile will have the user’s name, profile and cover photo from their Facebook profile and the name of their neighborhood. However, when a user creates a group in Neighborhoods, it can be private or open and visible or hidden. If the Neighborhood Group is:
    • Private: Only members of the group who have joined the neighborhood can see posts
    • Open: Anyone in the neighborhood or Nearby Neighborhoods (if Nearby Neighborhoods is selected) can see who’s in the group and what they post.
    • Visible: Anyone in the neighborhood can search for and find this group.
    • Hidden: Only members can find the group.

This new feature by Facebook – which was under development since October last year – is a great way to gather data on users, and it would potentially keep them on the app longer. Moreover, according to TechCrunch, “this new feature will be sharing users’ neighborly behavior to serve their targeted ads elsewhere.”

Most importantly, once the feature is rolled out in the US, a FB user can consider joining Neighborhoods as their social media strategy. This is because having a good social media marketing strategy in place helps to reach out to a large number of targeted audiences and also boosts the business’ visibility with both existing and new consumers – globally or locally.

Take a Look at Our Top 10 Blog Posts Published in 2020

Take a Look at Our Top 10 Blog Posts Published in 2020

2020 has brought us further growth and our team has strived to convey all that we have learned and accomplished in our blog session. These posts cover diverse topics ranging from SEO to website development, software development, digital marketing, content marketing and more.
According to Google Analytics page views, these are the top 10 blog posts we published in 2020.

  1. Website Development for Small BusinessesFor small as well as large businesses, it is important to optimize their websites for mobile. This post shares 3 tips for optimizing website for mobile users such as figuring what key pieces of information visitors will be looking for, finding ideal pages to add to mobile-only, and having a lead sales page.
  2. 9 Emerging Software Development Trends in 2021Software development trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Human 2.0, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Big Data computation are expected to play a critical role in many industries in the future. Our post discusses these key trends.
  3. 3 Upcoming Changes for SEO in 2021 and BeyondWe are up to date with the changes Google makes every year in its algorithm to create the best user experience by giving them faster, relevant results. Here we discuss the 3 biggest changes for SEO expected to happen in 2021 and beyond.
  4. Free Ways to Drive More Website Traffic Using Your Google My Business ListingA Google My Business (GMB) profile helps businesses to easily get connected with customers across Google Search and Maps and make their business unique. This post is a basic guide for businesses on how to use their Google My Business Listing.
  5. Instagram Marketing Tips for Healthcare PracticesIt is critical for healthcare practices to choose a suitable social media platform to reach people in their target market. Instagram is one such most popular platform with over 1 million monthly active users. This blog is about how practices can maximize their Instagram campaigns.
  6. Voice Assistant Technology: The Next Frontier in Healthcare IndustryVoice technology is drastically changing the way health issues are addressed. Our team wrote this post on the role of voice-assisted technology in healthcare and a few key use cases where digital voice assistants have real potential to shine and impact this industry.
  7. Skyrocket your Backlink Portfolio in 2020 (3 Iron-Clad Strategies)Backlinks from quality sources help build up search rankings. It is important for any business to implement some good strategies to develop a great backlink portfolio that can deliver strong results. Our post discusses some such innovative strategies.
  8. Healthcare Content Marketing Trends in 2020Content marketing has a key role to play in healthcare SEO. For effective content marketing, it is important to create content based on the needs of your customers. This infographic discusses major content marketing trends for 2020.
  9. Search Engine Optimization for Telemedicine CompaniesTelemedicine companies provide healthcare to people without access to conventional healthcare. Certain SEO building blocks for telemedicine business needs are content, keyword optimization, blogs, internal linking, image optimization, meta data optimization, social media optimization and mobile visibility.
  10. MedResponsive is Proud to Announce the Launch of Redesigned Website for MOS Medical Record ReviewOur web design team redesigned our client’s website – We made this client website responsive with WordPress, major changes in the home page, improved navigation and page speed, and placed social media icons on the header and footer to improve online visibility.

Google Analytics report indicates that these blog posts have been popular among our audience. With unique content, we have educated businesses on the challenging aspects of SEO all through 2020.

Eager to read more informative posts? Just stay tuned. We look forward to a great 2021!

Why Coronavirus Could Change Your SEO Perspective

Why Coronavirus Could Change Your SEO Perspective

Covid-19 coronavirus has affected various aspects of life, and much of the future is still uncertain. Healthcare SEO is among those affected. Almost no industry is left untouched with the slowdown that the pandemic has brought about.

While pharmaceutical companies are seeing the opportunity and feeling the burden of developing drugs to combat coronavirus, most other industries have seen their sales being affected. Small businesses are also particularly affected. In this situation, can SEO help these affected businesses to be sustainable? In fact, SEO itself can be tricky, with these businesses also seeing rankings and traffic drops in the uncertainty of the coronavirus scenario.

Why a Global Pandemic Can Affect Traffic & Rankings

While core updates by Google were the one thing businesses and SEO companies were worried about from an SEO perspective, other factors such as a global pandemic can also bring about uncertainty, because you just don’t see that many people visiting your website as before. It needn’t be that there are issues with your site or that your content is stale.

It’s just that the pandemic has altered perspectives of people and they’re not searching or browsing for things they used to before because they need something else that could give them a clear direction in terms of how to live and work in the context of an unpredictable pandemic. They want to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. They may be confining themselves to their homes, and perhaps could not access your services or buy your products.

As you’ve probably guessed, improving your content or addressing certain design elements of your website probably may not help bring traffic and rankings in this situation of a global crisis. But there’s something you can do from a content perspective.

Coronavirus Themed Content & Services

Could some coronavirus pages, articles or blogs help? Healthcare organizations can put out some coronavirus blog posts and articles. They can include Covid-19 checking services in their facilities, publicize them through social media, and benefit from the inflow of people wanting to check if they have the disease.

As you probably know, coronavirus related searches have soared this month. Most of the search terms have “coronavirus” or “Covid-19” included in them. But they aren’t the only things people search. With the increasing importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene, the need for hand sanitizers is felt more. Many people search for “hand sanitizers”, “toilet paper”, etc. And because people are discouraged from heading to department stores or malls, they would buy these things online. Ecommerce businesses could gain. And since people lock themselves in their homes, they would also look to buy other stuff online too, apart from just personal hygiene products, while they’re at it.

Tapping in on Ecommerce and Other Opportunities

Content revolving around these keywords would certainly grant you more visibility. And visitors checking out your content could perhaps be attracted to your products or services and sign up for them. Once you get people to your site, it is easier to get them to convert. If you are doing ecommerce, you could gain significantly.

Another potential opportunity out there comes from the fact that you have more people online. With people forced to be indoors, they need to spend time. While many will be working online, their leisure hours would be spent browsing. While much of that time will be spent shopping, they could also be checking for information, playing games or socializing. In any case, there is an audience out there you can tap into even in this time of crisis.

There are potentially strong sales out there that you don’t want to miss out on. So you may need to modify your strategies and focus on those search topics that matter. Efficient medical website marketing companies can come up with not just content but also services such as new apps and publicize them through social media optimization services to tap into the increased online audience.

The Workings of SEO Revealed through Latest Research

The Workings of SEO Revealed through Latest Research

Recent days have revealed some interesting developments about how Google works. Effective physician website marketing depends on how successfully data and research about search engine optimization are gleaned. Here are some research and news that shed more insight on Google’s mechanisms that could help you fine-tune your strategies.

SOS Alert for Coronavirus Updates

It’s been a tense few weeks for China and also fear for the world at large with the Coronavirus epidemic spreading. Google has the SOS alert feature just for such a situation. Searches connected to the Coronavirus epidemic have got an SOS alert feature. Google activates the SOS alerts feature whenever there are crisis events causing risk to public safety. Clicking on that link can take searchers to a search result page free of ads and containing the latest news and information, safety tips, and links pointing to authoritative information sources.

Google states that it has teams all over the world to obtain content from governmental agencies, authoritative and reputable media outlets, NGOs and first responders. Google also aggregates information from Google Maps, Google News and other services and products. Google does show the same global alerts, but if required it provides localized alerts.

Algorithm Changes Are Sometimes Too Much to Handle

An interesting survey reveals that Google’s algorithm changes are taking their toll on SEOs. Search Engine Journal mentions a recent survey conducted on almost 500 SEO professionals that showed that less than half of them were secure in their jobs, with algorithm changes being their primary source of worry. Around 80% of the SEOs are worried about algorithm changes negatively influencing their career, while almost 3 in 4 fear algorithm changes would negatively affect the overall industry.

There is reason for them to be worried, since the survey found that 60% of SEOs believe they have gone through firings or at least layoffs because of algorithm changes affecting their strategy. However, only 1 in 4 SEO professionals consider the security of their job being in a precarious situation. Most participants reported having a significant level of job satisfaction though.

Frustration in the SEO Industry

But there was frustration. Survey respondents felt that they went past the usual 8-hour workday for three days per week on average. Tight deadlines are the other reason for frustration, which could be the reason for the extended hours of the workday. 44% of surveyed SEOs expressed frustration as a result of the short time frames. Changing scopes of the project, client frustration, difficult client expectations, unrealistic expectations, SEO tactics changing in terms of results, were the other major causes of frustration among SEO professionals. Difficulty in measuring results was one of the lesser widespread reasons. 39.3% confessed to have employed unethical SEO practices.

Most SEO professionals surveyed aren’t intending to be in the industry for a significant period of time. They only intend to continue for around 1 to 6 years more. Only SEOs amounting to below 12% believe they can continue in the industry for the rest of their career. The survey only proves the challenge of SEO.

Research Reveals What It Actually Takes to Get Those Clicks

What it takes for success in SEO are a deeper understanding of the algorithmic changes as well as constant research. And that’s why we’re looking at yet another survey. Ignite Visibility conducted a study that revealed that:

  • Meta descriptions have the greatest influence on users clicking a listing on a search result
  • The second most influential feature was discovered to be brand name, followed by page title

The survey was conducted on more than 500 participants between 25 and 60 years of age. Two-thirds of the respondents believe that the more ads they see, the lesser would they want to use Google. The majority of respondents also felt that SERP features such as featured snippets help Google improve the search results it provides.

So, the survey quite clearly says that meta descriptions are where you need to focus your SEO efforts on. And you also need strong branding to make people want to click through your links. It goes beyond just your link coming up on the search results.

With this research data, you can go ahead and finetune your strategy. Digital marketing for healthcare is competitive, but with research-based strategies you can improve your performance.