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How to Identify the Right Time to Post on Instagram for Better Engagement

How to Identify the Right Time to Post on Instagram for Better Engagement

In today’s business world, social media marketing plays a significant role. Out of all social media platforms, Instagram is gaining more popularity due to its visual nature. Businesses rely heavily on social media marketing services to develop and manage their Instagram ad campaigns because they want to understand how the platform works. Many of these agencies test and refine their ads in the course of a campaign.

Instagram is well-known for its variety of content forms, which include IGTV, Stories, Lives, Reels, and Feed postings. It is used by users to follow brands and influencers who support their personal values and whose products they purchase. Using Instagram for business can increase audience engagement, revenue, and promote brand exposure. Since Instagram’s algorithm changed some years ago, sharing visible posts on Instagram has become significantly more challenging. It prioritizes postings from users’ friends and family, with fewer chances for corporate posts to be put to users’ queues. Business postings with links that are likely to drive users away from the Instagram app are given even less weight. Businesses need to play the game well if they want to prosper on Instagram. And, that includes choosing the ideal Instagram posting window, i.e. a period when people are most likely to check their Instagram profiles.

The Right Time to Post on Instagram

First, keep in mind that the world is divided into numerous time zones. Therefore, it is crucial to understand which part of a global audience you are attempting to target because the timings that follow depend on their particular time zone.

Here are the days and posting times for the Eastern Time Zone. Using these as a guide, you need to determine the times to post in your particular time zone.

  • Monday: 6 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 8 -10 a.m., 2 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 9 -11 a.m.
  • Thursday: 11 a.m.-2 p.m., 7 p.m.
  • Friday: 10 a.m.-12 p.m., 2 – 4p.m.
  • Saturday: 8 -11 a.m.
  • Sunday: 6 – 8 p.m.

When Not To Post

Although participation levels are typically lower on weekends, don’t completely disregard them. If you post on Saturday at the proper moment, it could bring good results. Sunday evenings are typically a time of strong engagement for brands that sell consumer products. However, it has been widely agreed that Sundays are often the worst days to post because people are relaxing or getting ready for the coming week. As a result, individuals usually spend less time looking through social media. As for weekdays, you’ll probably notice reduced engagement levels on this day since people are settling into their weekly routines.

How Frequently Should You Post?
That depends on certain things. You must first have enough content, ideas, and product photographs to post a few times daily or weekly. Consistent posting is the key and if you don’t do that, your followers may lose hope and unfollow you.

Similarly, avoid posting content simply for the purpose of doing so. Instead, put some consideration into developing a content strategy that is focused on the consumer journey. Even though it could take more time initially, over the course of the next weeks, you’ll have fewer tension and headaches. By doing this, you can worry less about producing adequate content and have more time monitoring social media and interacting with followers. Try to post three times a week if you don’t have many post ideas. After a month or so, you can make changes to observe how the post schedule benefits both you and the brand.

Finding the Right Time to Post

  • Instagram Analytics: To view Instagram Insights, you must first set up your account as a business or creator and this is a prerequisite. You may quickly set up the account by downloading the app, and you can optimize your account as shown in this link. You will be able to check your followers’ demographics, such as their age, gender, and location, if you’ve grown your following to 100 followers or more. You can examine successful posts with the help of Instagram Insights. Find out if the post timing, the copy, the hashtags, or a combination of all of these contributed to the success. This will enable you to write related entries in the future. It’s also crucial to remember that some content simply won’t do well, whereas others do. Finding out what’s working and why will be simpler if you analyze both your content and post times.
  • Using Various Tools: To examine analytics and plan content, you may also utilize different tools like Brandwatch or Iconosquare. You can use Meta Business Suite to schedule and examine postings across both networks in one location if you frequently publish on Facebook. You may easily alter post times to your audience’s time zones and customize your material to them by using a content management tool or studying Instagram Insights. Insights can also be used to change your approach if you’re not reaching the proper audience.

Content Management Tool Iconosquare
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  • Check the Content of Your Rivals: Examining the content of your competitors is another option. For instance, you may find that on Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m. the postings are performing well; you can find out if they performed better at a different time. Additionally, doing this may serve as an inspiration for future themes you wish to emphasize. Your competitors may conduct some of the same calculations and experiments as you, depending on your industry. You may keep an eye on what’s working for others by engaging in social listening or even a thorough social competitive analysis.
  • Strategy for posting Instagram Content: It is time to begin developing or modifying your Instagram content strategy now that you have all the advice you need to choose the ideal posting time. Patience is essential because this procedure needs to be flexible and grow gradually. The key is to maintain consistency. Post frequently and also check back to see how your posts are performing. Your Insights will eventually be more accurate at assessing your Instagram post strategy. Afterward, you can adjust your content strategy in the light of your thorough study. In the end, it’s up to you and the brand to decide what success looks like. Maybe there are more likes, comments, following, or people are more aware of the brand. Holidays are one last element to keep in mind while developing your content plan.

While the timing of your posts is an important factor in total engagement, you should also choose the appropriate hashtags, images, and copy for each post. You should also pay attention to promoted posts because they can change how you view your Insights. To constantly enhance engagement and develop your follower base, you must strike a balance between all of these factors.

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Finding customers where they are already spending time is a great strategy. Additionally, it can give you important audience insights that you can apply to all of your marketing strategies. Businesses can work with social media marketing services to establish an effective Instagram content strategy that meets the brand’s goals, and also to post on Instagram at the right time to improve engagement.

Top Instagram Growth Strategies for Legal Firms

Top Instagram Growth Strategies for Legal Firms

With about one billion active users globally as of 2022, Instagram has grown in popularity and has become a preferred social networking tool for sharing visual content. While Instagram started as a social network for sharing photos with a personal or “artistic” touch, it has become a strong marketing tool for companies in diverse fields looking to strengthen their brand and increase their marketing opportunities.

Legal firms are no exception in this case. Furthermore, Instagram plays an instrumental role in brand building and recruiting thanks to its ability to showcase legal practice areas and provide information to engage its 157 million U.S users. The platform allows law firms to directly communicate with their audiences and build on their social media presence. However, growing and developing your Instagram law page could take a considerable amount of time and effort. With the help of a reputable company providing law firm marketing services, you can optimize your Instagram page and thereby succeed in your digital marketing campaigns.

Traditionally, Instagram tends to attract younger audiences, but its third-largest audiences are in the age group of 35- 44 years. Moreover, its most popular audience is Hispanic adults (about 51 percent) residing in urban and suburban areas of the United States. Out of the platform’s global users, about 200 million visit at least one business account every day. In fact, these figures point out that this social media platform remains untapped, particularly by lawyers. Generally, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are considered as the best social media tools to attract clients, but law firms are now beginning to analyze the hidden potential or value of Instagram.

Growing a Law Firm’s Instagram Page – Top Strategies

Simply sharing pictures may not seem like a valuable marketing opportunity from a legal aspect. Rather, it offers a unique platform to create a personal space to introduce or share information about key legal associates and work. When compared to other social media platforms, Instagram can help retain high levels of engagement and reach audiences differently. The hashtags used in this platform allow clients instant access to a legal firm as and when they search for general legal information and advice.

Law Firm’s Instagram


Based on the legal firm’s specialized area of practice, Instagram allows connecting with clients and marketing their legal firm by posting high-quality, relevant content. Posting top quality photos and videos to images, using trending hashtags and location tagging can make it easier for prospective clients to locate a legal firm easily. As client confidentiality and professional ethics are important aspects, it is important for law firms to make postings carefully. Here discussed are some top strategies and recommendations for using new Instagram account to promote a law firm –

  • Identify Target Audience Group – Instagram is a key tool in branding and promoting your law firm to current and future lawyers. Instagram’s young audience is one of their greatest assets in terms of law school recruiting. Future or current law school students fall within Instagram’s primary audience. Examples of advertising that would attract aspiring legal professionals include – involvement with charities, photos/videos that show a day in the life of a lawyer, photos that depict the culture of the firm, participation in community service, and much more. Finding the ideal client profile is key when it comes to targeting the rest of its users. This may include income, age, marital status, interests, etc. The identification of these profiles will help determine the proper content to post and predict how it will be received.


  • Create a Memorable Law Firm Profile – Creating a clear, memorable and complete legal firm profile may help attract more followers. For instance, the law firm’s name should include a keyword to the industry within the first 30 characters allowed as this will make it easier to find in a search. Also, never forget to add a profile image of the legal firm. This can be either the legal firm’s logo or a professional photo of the faces behind the firm. Also, make the Instagram user name the same as that of other social media channels as this will allow followers on other social media platforms to easily locate your law firm’s page. It is important to add a clickable link to Instagram on the website. The clickable link in the profile page can help drive traffic to popular content pages. Therefore, never link it to home page only and change it once or twice a week. The introduction or bio should be within 150 characters which should essentially convey key details about the firm’s unique and distinctive services offered.

Create a Memorable Law Firm


  • Build a Sense of Community – If the law firm participates in projects benefiting the legal community, Instagram is the perfect platform to demonstrate it. This gives the followers a quick glimpse about the law firm’s culture and demonstrates a positive local community. In case of a larger legal firm, this can be extremely powerful in connecting the business to the regions where the law serves.
  • Leverage Recruiting Opportunities – When you tend to demonstrate what happens in a legal office like – the work environment, law firm culture, social commitment and the practice’s ethics – it is like opening the door to new talent to offer a glimpse into what working with a legal firm is like. This can help lateral attorneys and recent graduates better relate to your law firm and envision themselves working as part of the team.
  • Showcase the Law Firm’s Culture and Expertise – It is important to make audiences understand what a law firm stands for by sharing team bios, offering Q & As, and adding visuals related to the office and events. These help showcase the human side thereby helping to build trust and understanding.

Instagram is a great tool for sharing advice and quick tips about the law firm’s area of practice and the law in general. Sharing tips and general comments on hypothetical situations and current events can help build a reputation with potential clients looking for answers. This demonstrated expertise may also encourage followers to contact a legal firm in future, if they require any legal assistance. However, it is always important to abide by ethical obligations to ensure client confidentiality and ensure that any piece of content shared does not violate any rules of professional conduct related to jurisdiction.

  • Post Exclusive and Engaging Content – By its nature, Instagram is one of the least word-oriented platforms. Rather, it serves to inform through visuals or images – which is a potentially difficult task for some law firms. Keep followers interested by posting audience-relevant, exclusive and engaging content. Enter exclusive images or short videos from events occurring at a law firm (also known as “behind the scenes” content) as this can help humanize a law practice. Learn about testing and Instagram analytics that help publish the right content when required. Get ideas by analyzing popular posts from competitor law firms. As captions enhance visual content, it is better to use captions that explain or create an interest among the target audiences and make the content more memorable and shareable.
  • Leverage Video – Even though Instagram is a social platform that focuses on visual content, it is not necessary that all the content posted should be visual. Video content can also be leveraged as this medium allows speaking more directly to target audience group, sharing experiences and posting comments on legal issues. However, Instagram offers multiple ways to share video content with followers and these include –
  • Stories – These allow posting short videos (and photos) that will disappear from the network within 24 hours, unless these are added to profile as a story highlight. Story highlights can remain on the profile page indefinitely. Stories stand out because they appear at the top of feeds.
  • Reels–Reels allows sharing longer videos that are not considered temporary in the same way that Instagram Stories are.
  • IGTV – A great medium for presenting content with longer exposure times, Instagram TV (IGTV) allows uploading videos that can be up to 15 minutes long.
  • Live – Instagram Live involves broadcasting live at the exact moment required. This functionality offers a more direct interaction with followers, like question and answer sessions.

Instagram Live


  • Include Trending Hashtags – Hashtags are used to group common themes and allow users to find more information on topics they are browsing. Hashtags increase the odds that people who are unfamiliar with a specific law firm will come across the content. Always try to include relevant hashtags in the captions as they are more discoverable and the posts remain clutter-free. Normally, up to three primary hashtags are enough in a post, but you can add more in follow-up comments. In the case of law firms, it is better to use hashtags related to their specialized practice areas. Divorce specialists can use hashtags like – (#DivorceAttorneys), location (#DallasLawyers), or even both (#DallasDivorceAttorneys). Hashtags can also be tailored for individual posts.
  • Turn Instagram into a Business Account – Instagram users can turn their account into a business account. Accessible through the settings button on the profile page, this feature allows users to track profile visits, impressions, number of bookmarks, and promote the Instagram page by means of a budgeted campaign. In addition, a business account allows the account owner to link their email or phone number so that clients/users may easily reach out.

Instagram’s potential for advertising in the legal field involves a bright future. Proper Instagram usage by law firms and lawyers help in educating a broader group of audience in an informative manner. The above-mentioned strategies can help promote a law firm on Instagram. Furthermore, creating links to Instagram profile from a legal firm website, newsletters, and anywhere else where social platforms get listed, makes it easy for people to follow.

Cross-posting content to other social media platforms helps increase awareness and use paid Instagram ads to gain a broader audience. Finally, if this is too complicated, reaching out for professional help can help to at least get the ball rolling. Social media marketing services provided by a reputable digital marketing agency can help handle all aspects of developing a law firm’s social presence. A professional service provider will design a well-researched Instagram marketing plan that will help a law firm to engage and build their target audience.

Instagram Marketing : How to Use Instagram Reels for Your Business

Instagram Marketing : How to Use Instagram Reels for Your Business

As social media is growing day by day, the taste of the users also changes from time to time. Though Orkut that once ruled the social media platform has faded away gradually, today many more social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have entered the scene. Among them, Instagram has become immensely popular today. As Instagram has wide opportunities hidden in it, people use this platform for different purposes. Instagram reels are also getting popular.

Many use it as a platform to spend their leisure time while others consider this as a platform to showcase their passion and talent. Many make money out of this platform. So, Instagram leaves no stone unturned when it comes to entertaining their audience. As part of that, they recently introduced a new feature called Reels, where you can make short videos and upload to your Instagram account.

If you own a business, have you ever thought about using Reels for marketing your business? Well, you can use these Reels as a strategy for developing your business irrespective of its size. For this purpose, you can rely upon experienced and affordable digital marketing outsourcing companies as they try different tactics to make your Reels attractive and stand out from the rest. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Instagram Reels for Business

Though Instagram had an option for uploading long-form videos earlier, this short video feature was presented recently after the introduction of the exclusive video sharing platform called Tik-Tok. The popularity of this small space is increasing day by day. In this space, you can upload videos having duration from 30s to 60s.

As it gains popularity among people, Reels is turning out to be a new trump card for business organizations irrespective of their size. Through Reels, they can creatively convey their features, uses and so on to their target audience. Visual contents have the capability to attract audience faster than written or voice content. Businesses can attract their target audience for increasing their sales twice faster than conventional marketing methods.

Tips for Using Instagram Reels for Business

In a nutshell, Instagram Reels is the space for creativity. If you can creatively deliver your ideas for promoting the product, it would be a great asset for attracting your target audience. Here are some tips for using Instagram Reels as a strategy for developing your business.

  1. Promotion : Businesses update their face from time to time. The launching of new products and services is a part of any business. However, promotion is necessary when each new product is introduced in the market. For that, businesses always try different innovative methods to attract their target buyers.As Instagram Reels is increasing in popularity day by day, you can consider promoting your products and services via Reels. If you have creativity, you can effectively convey the uses or features of your product via Reels. This would attract the target buyers and gradually pave the way for the growth of your business.

    instagram promotion

    Image Source

  2. Tutorial videos : When you introduce a new product to the market, your target users might not be familiar with its features and usage. You can make use of Instagram Reels to teach users how to use that product. In addition, you can also provide easy tips and tricks regarding the use of the products. In such Instagram Reels, you are conveying a handful of information in a creative and engaging way.

    instagram tutorial videos

    Image Source

  3. Differentiate from others : If your product has competitors, you can make a short differentiation video regarding what makes your product stand out from the crowd. In the video, you can compare your product with your competitors’ product and explain the features that make your products unique.
  4. Follow trends : Trends of Reels will change from time to time. If you update and follow the trends of Reels from time to time, it would help your video reach a wider audience. This would increase the viewers for the video, followers for your page, and gradually customers for your business.
  5. Take them behind-the-scene : People love to watch bloopers. Thus, Behind-the-scene (BTS) slipups always create interest among people. It is an effective method to increase your followers. You can share not only the BTS of the videos but also what is going around about your business as well as your customer reviews regarding your products. This would increase the authenticity of your business and products.
  6. Narrate your story : Behind every successful business venture, there would be an inspirational story to narrate. You can share the journey of your business by including starting point, ups, downs and so on in a nutshell. This would not only increase the authencity of your business but also make your experience an inspiration for many budding business ventures.

Best Practices for Instagram Reels

  • Make short and precise videos
  • Create content that can engage the audience
  • Use trending filters and effects
  • Know what you need to convey and plan them in advance
  • Conduct deep research
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Tag relevant accounts and hashtags

Business owners are always in search of new ideas and methods to market their business. With social media becoming an intrinsic part of people’s lives, marketers depend mostly on such platforms for selling as well as promoting products and services. An experienced search engine optimization company could help you in creating videos with novel and creative ideas to engage your audience and enhance your business image.

How to Rank High on Instagram Search

How to Rank High on Instagram Search

Social media marketing is an excellent tool that helps to build brand awareness among people. Experts from a reputable social media marketing service assist in creating the best social media marketing strategy and campaign monitoring system, which improves brand loyalty, traffic, and SEO. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, Instagram is also a popular social media platform that helps to promote your products. Ranking high on Instagram search is no longer simply for personal usage.

It is now a global platform which businesses use to humanize their content, find new employees, present their goods, and motivate their audience. After Facebook, Instagram is the second-most popular social network. With over one billion monthly active users and 500 million daily users, Instagram Stories is a well-known visual-first social media platform.

Instagram lets you engage with customers in a warm, genuine way while promoting your business and products. Despite these Instagram stories and its popularity, some businesses are still unaware of how Instagram search works.

To help you browse your interests, Instagram’s search filters through millions of accounts and posts. Instagram uses data from accounts, hashtags, and places, known as signals, in addition to the text you type into search to rank your search results. The most significant indications used are:

  • Your text in Instagram search:  By far, the most crucial signal for Search is the text you type into the search bar. Instagram attempts to match the information you enter with appropriate identities, profiles, captions, hashtags, and locations.
  • Your activities: These include the accounts you follow, the content you’ve seen, and accounts that you have previously interacted with. It often prioritizes the hashtags and accounts you follow or visit above those you don’t.
  • Information about the Instagram search results. Instagram takes into account popularity signals when there are numerous possible results. These comprise the quantity of clicks, likes, shares, and followers for a specific user, hashtag, or location.instagram seo tipsImage Source

Instagram SEO Tips to Show Up in Search

  • Select a user name and profile name that are appropriate: The most significant ranking factor on Instagram is text, so you should strive to pick an Instagram handle or profile name that is linked to your content. Your best chance of appearing in pertinent searches is through this. Include your username or profile with your preferred name if your target audience knows you by that name so they can find you when they conduct a search.upcoming instagram search updates
    Image Source
  • Mention your relevant locations and keywords in your bio: Include relevant keywords and regions in your bio because it counts. Make sure your bio includes content describing who you are and what the purpose of your page is. Sharing your location in your bio can help others discover you if your account, such as a small business, is location-specific.
  • In captions, use appropriate hashtags and phrases: Put keywords and hashtags in the caption rather than the comments if you want your article to appear in search.

Penalties for Instagram Searches

Similar to how Google has search penalties, breaking Instagram’s recommendation rules could result in a demotion of your content in search results. Individual posts, entire accounts, or entire hashtags may be penalized by Instagram. A shadow banned Instagram account is comparable to a website that is still active while Google de-indexes it. The information can only be viewed by going straight to the website. In contrast to the recommended standards, Instagram has its own set of community rules. The account gets completely deleted from the website if those are broken.

Upcoming Instagram Search Updates

Soon, a number of changes to Instagram’s search results will go live, enabling users to find more than just accounts and hashtags. Instagram is developing a “complete search results page experience” that will make it simple for users to explore their interests in-depth. Additionally, it intends to increase the number of searchable terms and enable deeper topic study. Currently, an Instagram search for “pets” returns profiles and hashtags that contain the word. Soon, in addition to accounts and hashtags, the same search will also be able to produce space-related pictures and videos.

Instagram brought back chronological feed viewing in 2022, along with the option to view a curated selection of recent posts from your favorite profiles.

Here are all the significant new Instagram algorithm updates that have occurred thus far in 2022:

  • A new version of the “chronological feed” that offers “Following” and “Favorite” Home feed views to provide more individualized experiences (with less algorithmically suggested content).
  • More content suggestions in the standard Instagram Home feed view (favoring Instagram Reels in particular).
  • Original content will be given priority (i.e. the algorithm will prioritize content that hasn’t already been published on the app).
  • Content with obvious watermarks from other apps gets deprioritized.
  • Enhanced content classification. Based on keywords and content, Instagram’s algorithms are growing better at determining what an image or video is about.

Instagram has a visual focus, which gives it a distinct advantage over other social media sites. Instagram is the perfect medium for showcasing content if your company benefits from the aesthetics of your products or if the results of your services are clearly discernible. It’s crucial to comprehend how Instagram prioritizes the results, though. A social media digital marketing company can assist businesses with content optimization and visibility enhancement in order to increase ranking and engagement.

How to Utilize Customer Testimonials to Generate More Leads?

How to Utilize Customer Testimonials to Generate More Leads?

Business organizations try many business tactics to improve their performance. They don’t leave any stone unturned to ensure that they attract new customers and retain existing ones. But have you tried customer testimonials to welcome customers onboard? At this point, you might be thinking how customer testimonials are useful for business improvement? Well, they are very useful.

Customer testimonials are the feedback received from satisfied customers who speak of the value of the products and services provided by your business organization. Obtaining customer testimonials is a business strategy suitable for any kind of business.

Customer testimonials can be:

  • Paid Customer Testimonials: Business organizations pay influencers to promote their brand through online platforms.
  • Unpaid Customer Testimonials: These are genuine reviews or feedback from satisfied or happy customers that are given voluntarily or upon the company’s request.

A digital marketing service company can help you in handling customer testimonials professionally.

In marketing, customer testimonial is the same as social proof. Before purchasing a product from an online store, people usually check the reviews posted by others regarding the product. This would help with better decision making. This is the reason why most of the online stores try their best to get positive reviews from customers.

So, how do these customer testimonials help in gaining business profits? Let’s discuss the benefits of customer testimonials.

Benefits of Customer Testimonials

The benefits of this marketing strategy include:

  • Proactive word-of-mouth publicity for your products and services
  • Can create a deep and emotional connection with customers
  • Improve the reputation of your brand
  • Free promotion for your brand
  • Would boost SEO
  • Would build trust among customers
  • Would encourage others to make more or repeated purchases
  • Would boost opportunities for learning
  • Will help generate leads
  • Can grab attention from target audience faster
  • Would increase the click rate

Satisfied customers can promote your brand via different methods including quotes, video, audio, social media, images, peer reviews, blogs and the list goes on. Thus, in one word, we can say that testimonial is an umbrella term for different methods of giving customer reviews. If you use these types of testimonials effectively, it would help your brand to generate leads. Here are some tips to use testimonials effectively to generate future leads.

Tips for Using Customer Testimonials for Generating Leads

  • Upload Testimonials on Social Media

Today, people are more active on social media though they are leading busy lives. Thus, social media is a good venue to use for marketing purposes. You can upload testimonials on such platforms. People might surf for the reviews from users before buying a product. Social media users trust the reviews and often end up purchasing the products with excellent reviews. For this purpose, you can make use of some social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. These platforms are the best for uploading testimonials, including videos or images your customers may send you along with their reviews.

Upload Testimonials on Social Media

Image Source:

  • Present It More Specifically

The targeted audience would not fall for testimonials with vague, fluffy and superficial language. In fact, it might negatively affect the marketing of your products and services. The best testimonials are short, specific and to the point. You can request your customers to give such feedback. The targeted audience read testimonials to understand the benefits and drawbacks of the product they intend to buy. So, it is necessary to provide such details in the testimonial. They should focus on how your business would help to solve the problems of your customers.

Present It More Specifically

Image Source:

  • Include Testimonials in Your Blog

Many people enter your webpage via blog through different sources. By keeping such an audience in mind, include testimonials as case studies in your blog. You can even add screenshots of the testimonials and social proof within your blog that increases the trustworthiness of the claims you make in your blog. This would help turn the visitors to your blog into loyal customers.

  • Encourage Your Customers to Post Reviews

Positive as well as negative customer reviews are crucial for the growth of a business. Thus, encourage your customers to post reviews regarding your products and services. You can even offer rewards for your customers who post online reviews. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you can offer some percentage of discounts in customers’ bills if they show the proof of their review. Likewise, instead of a discount, you can announce special offers, coupons, and so forth in their next purchase if they show the proof.

However, if you announce or post rewards, you should make a clause’terms and conditions apply’ and also provide your terms and conditions underneath in order to avoid any confusion. Otherwise, this tactic would backfire, especially if you deny providing the offers to customers who don’t meet your requirements. This might end up in degrading your product.

  • Add Testimonials on Your Website

Testimonials on Your Website

Image Source:

The website of your company is the best place to add the testimonials of your customers. It is always better to add them on your landing page, as the audience can read the reviews when they enter your website. You can also add them to other pages like home page, product page and so on. Always try to place these testimonials near the Call-To-Action (CTA) button, as it has the potential for turning visitors to loyal customers.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, there are other strategies you can use to generate leads via customer testimonials.

  • Set up Google alert
  • Develop testimonials in different formats to attract the target audience
  • Choose your loyal customers for promoting your product
  • Include them in your paid Ads for improving sales

According to recent studies, about 88% of buyers depend on online reviews before purchasing a product. This figure would witness a great surge as people are more engaged on online platforms these days. Therefore, you can make the best use of those platforms to generate leads and enhance your business. A reliable and experienced digital marketing service company could help you turn the valuable reviews from your customers into a powerful tool to take your businesses to the next level.

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YouTube Rolls Out Search Insights To All Channels

YouTube Rolls Out Search Insights To All Channels

Wouldn’t it be interesting and useful to know what your target audience on YouTube is searching for on the platform? A few months ago, YouTube rolled out Search Insights, a new tool designed to surface valuable keyword data and tell content creators what their specific audience is searching for. Companies providing social media marketing services keep track of trends to help their clients enhance their digital marketing efforts.

YouTube is building and rolling out new features frequently to help content creators who use them to grow their businesses and make a living. Recently, YouTube announced that they are rolling out the Search Insights tool to all channels by the end of April.

Search Insights tool was rolled out to select users as an experiment in November 2021. Designed to reveal valuable keyword data, it provides a range of new data points to help refine your YouTube strategy, based on what people are looking for in the platform. Let’s take a look at the features of YouTube Search Insights, how it works, and how it can help creators generate more successful content.

How YouTube Search Insights Works

The Search Insights tool shows the creator data based on searches across all of YouTube, as well as just their viewers’ searches. It includes information on what people are searching for in the app, both in relation to a creator’s channel and content specifically, and for more general search queries.

YouTube Channel Insights

Image source:

The tool assists with content planning by providing data that can be used to create more relevant content. Creators can get data on what the broader YouTube audience is searching for by looking up keywords to see the estimated search volume.

The platform also displays a content gap filter (bucketed by search volume (high, medium and low), which shows search terms that don’t return a high volume of matches – searches for which searchers were unable to find a video. By highlighting these searches, this filter can help creators focus on creating content that aligns with searches that are not currently being served by the videos available in the app, which could present new opportunities for their efforts.

Brands and creators can use Search Insights to improve their content planning and make sure that they are creating videos that are relevant to their audience, as well as what YouTube users are searching for.

Find the Existing “GAP” in Your Content

Identifying your content gap is a major opportunity to provide your audience with content they’re not getting enough of. Depending on a particular niche, a creator may be able to create a whole content plan around targeted keywords that have content gaps.

The YouTube Search Insights tool could be a very handy tool for marketers – similar to Google’s Search Console and Google Trends – as it provides more insight into what’s driving a YouTube channel’s traffic, and how a creator can optimize its content efforts to align with the latest trends and searches. The data in Search Insights is based on what users searched for in the past 28 days.

Why YouTube Search Insights is Essential for Businesses?

By gaining access to keyword data that can reach targeted audiences, businesses can increase the visibility of their brands. This can be gauged to know the specific preferences of the prospects and the customers. The data from YouTube Search Insights help businesses to focus on the sectors that require more content planning and post relevant videos accordingly.

How to Access YouTube Search Insights

  • Log into the YouTube Studio
  • Click on “Analytics” that appears in the left-hand navigation menu
  • Go to the Research tab and click “Your viewers’ searches”

From there you can access data about what your audience is searching for and data about what the general YouTube audience is searching for – the list of top keywords searched by your viewers and viewers similar to yours.

By clicking on “ Searches across YouTube”, you will get a screen where you can look up search data for general topics and for specific keywords, where the results can be filtered to show content gaps only if that’s what you’re primarily interested in.

The company hasn’t significantly altered Search Insights since it was rolled out to select users a few months ago. YouTube Search Insights, will be available to all channels by the end of April 2022. It will only provide aggregated data from the past 28 days on English language search terms from the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and India. In future, the company plans to roll this tool out to more languages and regions.

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