How to Ensure a Humanized Outreach for Your Medical Practice

by | Published on Jun 12, 2018 | Branding

One of the goals of healthcare digital marketing is humanizing your practice. Your healthcare SEO efforts can be stimulated by humanizing your brand. It is a strategy followed by companies and businesses these days to drive customer engagement, but it could also be just what your medical practice needs. After all, it’s people you are caring for, and you need to connect with the community and people out there, if you want patients to think of your practice first when they’re looking for treatment or consultation. It helps your search engine optimization strategy by making your brand relatable to the people who’re looking for the kind of services you offer.

Humanized Outreach

Social networking is one of the ideal strategies for humanizing your brand. The social media networks are where people hang out and social networking improves your online presence. You can put across the mission of your practice and obtain brand recognition. This will help you gain more traffic, generate leads, attract potential patients, and retain them with growing revenue.

Here are some simple steps for humanizing your brand and ensuring long-term growth of your business:

  • Personify the Brand
    Personifying your brand could be a great option. When you personify your practice, it gets a personality and identity. It is almost like a person with specific character traits, likes and dislikes. All your campaigns on the social networks and the web must be coordinated in this manner to depict the same tone. With this strategy, you give your practice a persona for your target audience to relate with.
  • Use Your Employees to Promote your Brand
    Surely most of your employees will be active on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. Use your employees to promote your brand through social media and represent them as the face of your practice. HIPAA-compliance is important here, so ensure that your employees are fully trained to avoid any references to your patients or their information in their official or personal social networking activities.
    Employees sharing informative stuff on social media can give a humane face to your organization.

    • Display relatable and amusing photos of your employees: Sharing amusing pictures of employees to your audience will give a human touch to your organization.
    • Use real photos of people who work in your practice: Display photos of your employees on your site, in your About Us page or Career page. Mention their names and their expertise. Post pictures or videos of events or other fun activities on social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others.
  • Personalized Messages to Patients
    Every contact with your leads should be personalized. Implement automated strategies to send out personalized messages and emails to potential patients. This will help in familiarizing your brand with the audience. You can also send non-promotional content that is similar to what they previously searched for. It can help build up an emotional connection with your patients.
  • Engaging in Conversations
    You need to get your patients engaged in conversations. It would be great if you could ask them what they like and what they’d want to see in your website and your practice. If they like your social media posts, go ahead and thank them for it. And if these readers comment on some external thread, you can become a part of the discussion as well. This shows the audience that you do pay attention. As you keep engaging with your audience, they get to see you as a trustworthy institution or entity.
  • Send letters to loyal and new customers
    Show your appreciation by sending follow-up or thank you letters to patients after their treatment at your practice. You can send special offers to regular and loyal buyers. You can also send out welcome post cards or T-shirts to customers to win their hearts. Send e-mails to current and past buyers during festivals or occasions and show your gratitude. This is another way of making your audience see your human side and establishing the fact that you care about your patients.
  • Employ a community or social manager
    With the help of a community manager or social manager, you can come up with creative and new ideas to engage with customers.

    • Organize local events: Entrust the task of conducting events or programs, such as a blood pressure check up, eye check up camp or anything related to what you offer, to promote your practice. This is a method of creating brand awareness among your target audience. It provides an opportunity to interact with your customers and know what they expect from your organization.
    • Set up an online community: Create an online community on social media. It is important to create good bonding, which will help you gain more leads and become an institution recommended by others.
    • Use user-generated content: This will help you to humanize your brand and get patients who’ve been treated at your practice excited.

Humanizing your brand is an effective way of connecting and building a good relationship with your target audience. If you are looking to improve your brand image and create brand awareness, healthcare SEO services can prove very useful. These include social media optimization services, ensuring you have a solid presence on all major social media platforms. Their healthcare digital marketing efforts employ tried and tested as well as innovative strategies to humanize your brand and help you reach out to more customers.

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