The Many Benefits of Optimized Title Tags

The Many Benefits of Optimized Title Tags

At MedResponsive, our skilled digital marketing and SEO management team has been providing SEO, social media marketing, content writing services for years to meet the unique demands and goals of businesses.

In today’s podcast, Dame Colquhoun, our Solutions Manager/ SEO Strategist, discusses the many benefits of optimized title tags.

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This is Monica Thomas the Search Marketing/SEO manager for

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A Lot of Things Optimized Title Tags Can Do for You

In SEO, small things do make a big difference. Experts would point that out. Experienced mobile SEO services do ensure that these factors are seriously considered.

Some of these factors obviously are Title Tags, which is what we’re about to going to. So let us get straight in to it.

00:25 The Minute Aspect of Optimized Meta Tags

One of these “small” aspects is optimizing meta tags, particularly title tags. You could have tons of informative and research-based content, infographics, images and videos in your blog posts and web pages, but ultimately, they need to be favorably ranked in the search engine result pages (SERPs). That’s how you get clicks and people get to see the informative content in your web pages and blog posts. Optimized meta tags, particularly title tags, play a big role in people wanting to click your page listing in the search results, and this information helps in Google determining how appropriate your web page or blog page is to the query used.

So, basically in this section, if you have a really good title tag, it not only helps the users, but it also helps the search engines understand and know, ok, this might be the best thing for people to use in order to get what they’re looking for, which is either solving a problem or adding on to a benefit.

Make sure to check out the ‘experiment that proved it all’ portion within the content. There Neil Patel goes through Rand Fishkin’s experiment from a few years back involving the search term “best grilled steak”. So, basically once you check it out, I’m not going to summarize it pretty much to ruin it for you, but in that example, it’s something that anyone can do. It’s very simple. You know if you have to have the amount of people that Mr. Fishkin used, you could even have 10% of what this gentleman used in order to see if the experiment worked well for you and again this all revolves around title tags.

02:33 Importance of Google’s User Metrics

While the experiment that proved at all show how much Google values user metrics, it also showed that optimized title tags can help make this content compelling for users to check out. There are some tips you can follow to get more clicks. Again, these are all minute aspects that could make a big difference to your click-through rates or CTRs and eventually, traffic and earnings.

Now let’s move on to what your title tags need to instill in your readers

What your title tags need to instill in your readers: there are three main emotions or aspects you need to aim at instilling in readers with your title tags – curiosity, knowledge and the feeling of missing out on something big. These alone can keep a reader’s attention long enough to get the click, but you still have to convince the person with a compelling written or visual piece.

03:40 What to look at when forming your title tag?

Here are some key aspects to look at when forming your title tag. Make sure to go look at the content on-site to get the rest. Ok so let us get straight into them.

Alright, one option is the length of your titles also makes a significant difference. Title tags with a length of 15 to 40 characters tend to generate 8.6% more CTRs. So, basically 9 percent better click through rate.

Power words help in boosting your click-through rate by 13.9%. These could include adjectives such as “amazing”, “unbelievable”, “great”, “result-oriented” etc. so basically, things that grab the eye depending on the content that you’re trying to push or the goal that you’re trying to accomplish within the content you’re trying to push, basically you use as we mentioned power words or just eye catching words or something that brings quick attention to something.

Ok, and last but not the least, of course, as mentioned is a lot more you also need to factor in the emotional quotient. While power words appeal to the intellectual aspect, you also need phrases in your title tags that appeal to the emotions of readers. They do contribute to raising your click through rate or CTR. Among these emotions are those that evoke curiosity.

So just like how I mentioned about grabbing attention, so on and so forth, curiosity is one of those that we want someone to know what’s going on, I’m curious to know more about X. Y. Z. So there’s a lot more on-site, once you go on site you see under the title what your title tags need to instill in your readers. Go straight to that section and you see a couple of bullet points on why title tags are good, directions of how you should form the title tags as well as how long the title tags should be so that Google can also crawl in.

“On-Site” SEO: Effective Strategies for Small Business Websites

“On-Site” SEO: Effective Strategies for Small Business Websites

MedResponsive, a reliable digital marketing agency based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has vast experience in providing SEO services for diverse industries – Ecommerce, Education, IT, Healthcare, Finance, Law and more. We stay up to date with changing industry trends and our team follows SEO best practices to help our client rank high in organic search results.

In today’s podcast, Dame Colquhoun, our Solutions Manager/ SEO Strategist, discusses Effective “On-Site” SEO Strategies for Small Business Websites

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Hello –
This is Monica Thomas the Search Marketing/SEO manager for

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Effective “On-Site” SEO Strategies for Small Business Websites

00:04 Introduction

Are you a small business owner who relies on search engine traffic from your website, and looking for a steady stream of new leads? Then concentrate on your on-site SEO, as it helps search engines analyze your website and the content connected to it, and identify if a searcher’s query is relevant to your website or not.

So basically here, the on-site SEO, you know, marketing is a huge part of getting new clients, new leads, return clients etc. Having your on-site SEO pretty much on lock and key, will pretty much give you a really good opportunity of retaining visitors just because the little traffic that you’re getting, Google sees that the on-site information is structured properly and also they understand everything. From there they can go for it and push your stuff up further because they know a lot about your site — just of how it’s structured to the on-site SEO.

01: 13 Why On-Site SEO is Important For Small Business?

Next up is why is on-site SEO important for small business?

SEMRUSH’s State of Content Marketing Report says that “attracting more traffic is a priority goal among marketers, with some 71 percent hoping to draw more consumers to their websites”. Doing your best on-site SEO audit and fixes will give you a fighting chance, but to attain that can be difficult.

Luckily, we’re about to go into some options to do that, so that it could fit your style, the type of business that you pretty much working on. Also don’t worry about not doing well the first time, we’re here to help you personally for free before doing any work. So we can get you started a bit and if you need us to take over, we can.

So basically, free consultation, a whole set up of okay what type of goals you’re trying to accomplish what have you done so far, where are you, stuff like that. Okay, so when it comes to on-page optimization, there are numerous strategies that you can adopt.

02: 22 Four Effective On-Site Seo Tips For Small Business Websites

Here listed are four effective on-site SEO tips for small business websites.

02:29 Technical SEO Is Important

  • Focus on Technical SEO:

One of the strongest backbones of a website is technical SEO. The structure of your website refers to website and server optimizations. It helps to improve search results and organic rankings as search engine spiders crawl and index your website more effectively.

Alright, so don’t worry about not being technically savvy. Use Google to find the following topic: free tools online. So basically, when you go on Google and you’re doing a search based on the topic of the service or task that you’re trying to complete, you’ll type that in on Google and just find a tool that’s online that takes care of that for free. So the topic that you be focusing on, there are about 2, but technically, it’s kind of 3: The first one would be faster website, the next one will be having better crawlability ,and then the last one would be giving search engines better understanding enough of your site or sites. So the last one kind of goes into crawlability, but you know, I guess to some people, it can be separate.

All right, so now on to the content portion of your technical SEO. Even if your content is valuable and amazing, problems with technical SEO will hamper your site’s ability to rank highly in the SERPs. So, before producing new content to draw potential leads, take stock of the quality of your content from a technical perspective. However, there are certain things a person with no technical background can do. So let’s just go straight into them:

  • Creating a sitemap and submitting it to Google to help you manage your presence in Google Search Results.
  • Next up is, if your website has a lot of pages that don’t get traffic, you can prune those old pages out or else your rankings will be negatively affected. So that’s basically just old content can hurt or it can do you good. So just updating it or again just getting rid of it, either one you do, it’s going to be a benefit.
  • Fixing broken and old links, otherwise, the SERP robots will downgrade your content. Obviously, here is basically, if someone asks a question online and your service is able to take care of it, but Google decided there’s not much information out there, but yours is kind of one of those sites, so you’re on the first page. A person clicks on your page as dealing with what they’re trying to take care of or just get better at and you have a broken link. That’s not gonna look good for you at all. So Google can just tank all of the rest of your pages, instead of just that one page, just because you were helpful. So it’s kind of up in their hands but at the same time you kind of have the ability to finesse what Google is trying to get you to stick by.
  • Okay, the last one would be: use all relevant images with appropriate captions and optimize them. You can also utilize tools such as Alexa’s SEO audit tool to check up on the technical SEO of your website. So this one tool can just cover everything in terms of technical SEO.

Okay, so check out the case study. There’s a case study on the site where we basically give just a quick example of technical SEO being a strong factor. So if you fix it, you can pretty much look forward to improvements from rankings to leads to sales. So basically on the case study shared within the content about HubSpot making changes to their content, technical SEO it seems offers pretty much awesome results. So when you get a chance, check it out.

06: 36 Keyword Placement

  • Alright so Keyword Placement:

Place relevant keywords strategically throughout your website content so that the search engines can properly index your site, entice searchers to visit your page, and persuade visitors to stay on page. Choosing the right keywords and placing them in the proper places – the title tag, meta data, page description, main body content, links, URL, images and so on – is a necessary element of SEO. So let us know your strategy basically and we can do a free consultation to help you set it up perfectly for the next 6 months. So once you come to us and you’re like, alright keyword placement is usually easy. Once you figure out everything you’re in, we can then have a free consultation on, alright this is the best bet for you to do, alright the strategy that you have is good but here’s some improvements or the strategy that you have is perfect, let’s see how we can improve on it and set yourself apart from the competitors. So that’s what the first 3 months would be based around, getting the awareness out of what you’re trying to push, not just a quick goal or you know, yeah not just a quick goal but just long term goals, brand loyalty, brand awareness, we’ll push that for the first 3. Then in the next last 3 months, it will be all about going international with it. So if you’re ready on international scale, it’s not about that, it’s really just about changing the perception around your brand.

08: 23 Focus on Local SEO

  • Okay, Focus on Local SEO:

Local SEO is a strategic process that focuses on emphasizing the optimization efforts of smaller businesses that operate on a regional, as opposed to a national level. It prioritizes appearing on SERPs in a specific location, so that it helps market your brand, products, and services to local leads and customers.

Google highlights that nearly one-third of all mobile searches are location-based queries, such as “restaurants near me.” Even if the “near me” is not added, Google’s algorithm would automatically prioritize local options if you just searched “restaurants”.  So as we can see before back in the day, “near me” wasn’t even an option. Then once people started to use their “restaurants near me”, stuff like that, it became something that, alright, we can use this in order to get more localized business, so it became the thing. Now we can see that even if you don’t have the “near me”, algorithms are constantly updating, so that even if you don’t have specific keywords aiming at your specific location, just the website alone, if it’s done properly on the technical SEO aspect, Google can crawl it properly and already understand. So even if there are errors on the page, of course you can do your audit, so and so forth so, you can know what’s going on, how to update etc. Rrgardless, Google will be able to move forward with you because they fully understand what you’re trying to bring to the table.

The above-mentioned strategies are just a few. There are other ways – such as streamlining content marketing, focusing on site security, checking for broken links, incorporating high-profile outbound links and so on – that can help small businesses, like yours, improve their on-site SEO.

10:30 Conclusion

Understand that your business website – be it small or large – is a critical cornerstone of your brand. Therefore, whenever you’re starting a new small business or similar entrepreneurial endeavor, the first important thing is to create a website for building a brand. Once you’re done with creating a website, do proper and perfect on-site SEO in it with the above-mentioned actionable tips and ensure that people who could be your customers can find you online.

So basically, just giving you the opportunity to just get more visibility. The more visibility you have is more opportunity you get to fix what’s on site, not just on-site technical SEO, but also a compelling message, making sure that the content. As we talked about, you may have content that is already really good, there’s onsite SEO that can help push that. Having good onsite SEO but a compelling message is not there, you kind of have to also make sure that the content is done properly. So everything circles around each other, everything intertwines. So technical SEO is definitely a piece of that and in the grand scheme of things, there’s a couple more or a lot more depending on what you’re trying to do on the optimizations are needed so that you can, you know get the leads, the sales that you are looking for, on a consistent basis.

Top Social Media Optimization Strategies that Law Firms Need to Consider

Top Social Media Optimization Strategies that Law Firms Need to Consider

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Medresponsive has ample experience in providing digital marketing solutions for diverse clients. Our digital marketing agency follows SEO best services or practices ranging from – medical website design to SEO services, CRO and medical application development – that helps client businesses rank high in organic search results. In today’s podcast, Dame Colquhoun, our Solutions Manager/SEO Strategist, discusses common SMM optimization strategies that law firms need to consider.

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Hello –
This is Monica Thomas the Search Marketing/SEO manager for

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0:00 – Introduction to Social Media Optimization for Law Firms

Digital marketing has emerged as an important aspect of doing business in any industry. Law firms are no exception in this case as more and more people rely on online resources to find the right solutions for their legal problems. Social media optimization plays an important role in a successful law firm marketing strategy. Social media optimization services provide an effective yet cost-friendly way to improving online visibility, strengthen the reputation of the brand and generate additional leads for legal practice. However, with emerging technology advancements, effective management of social media platforms has become extremely challenging. Let’s go over some key benefits of social media for law firms including yours as well as examples to these key benefits.

0:56 – Benefits of Social Media for Law Firms

With the immense popularity of several social media platforms, if your law firm doesn’t interact with the public on at least one or two social media platforms, it is as good as remaining invisible. This could prove to be a huge missed opportunity as law firms that still struggle to implement effective social media marketing strategies may fail to attract prospective clients, build valuable engagements, and generate quality leads. It is important to understand the value of social media for law firms including yours, and whether it is really worth the time and effort. Here discussed are some top ways in which your law firm can benefit from social media –

1:41 – Generate Brand Awareness – People tend to spend more time on social media. As per the reports from Sprout Social 2019 index, about 44 percent of consumers have reported an increase in personal social media usage. What does that mean for you? Clearly, for your law firm, if you are not using social media, I’ll lets you know that having your brand be able to get more visibility is easier than ever. Just offer these reports as well as just using a common sense that people are jumping on to social media a lot more. This gives you the opportunity to figure out what ways are more engaging for your customers. Also, what your competitors are doing that you’re not doing or what you’re doing that your competitors are doing.

2:33 – Attract Prospective Clients – Utilizing social media platforms is one of the best ways to attract new clients. The American Bar Association found that 35 percent of lawyers who use social media professionally have been able to gain new clients as a result. So, as I was mentioning in generating brand awareness, it’s the same thing in attracting prospective clients. This is the way that you can figure out, okay, what ways can I drive new leads, what ways am I doing that’s actually working as opposed to things that I’m doing that’s not working, wasting in a lot of time, taking the money, God forbid, and then from there, you can go ahead and figure out how to fine tune, how to get these prospective clients and then from there, turn them into leads.

3:22 – Improve SEO Efforts – There is a definite correlation between improved social signals and search engine rankings. Google continues to increasingly bring in dynamic content such as social feeds into search results. Therefore, building a strong social presence may help in controlling more visible space on search results for your law firm.

3:48 – Engage Target Audience Group – Social media networks offer valuable platforms for your law firm to remain engaged with their target audience groups by providing them with informative content, answering your queries, and resolving their issues. This gives you the opportunity to now be able to let your audience as well as new leads, your old leads know that – look the social media platform is where I can go ahead and get quick answers. I don’t have to rely on contacting them by phone or by email, which already usually gives people a feeling, no it might take some time to be able to reach back out to you — not the phone part but mostly the email. So of course, once you open up a social media lane it just let everybody know, look, we have multiple ways of being reached. So therefore, you want to start up a quick social media account, follow the quick examples of what you need to do, add your photos, etc., and then dive writing to how can I now show my informative content in different ways. This is where now you go into competitive analysis of looking into what your competitors are doing in social media. This doesn’t have to be hours’ worth of research. This could just be a couple of minutes, just kind of seeing and browsing to see what other people are doing and then from there you can start to kind of map out what you feel is best for you to do.

5:19 – Establish Thought Leadership – One of the important benefits of social media for law firms is that it can showcase their specific areas of expertise, thereby attracting prospective clients. Valuable information shared via these platforms can help establish brand credibility and win the trust of target audiences. As I mentioned before in the earlier tip, which is “Engage Target Audience Group”, here the best thing to do especially, say for instance – if you’re using Facebook, go to the group, or if you are using Twitter, find like-minded followers that are within that space, the industry that you are in.  Of course, we are talking about law firms, so find like-minded competitors that are within the law industry.  It doesn’t need to be in your specific niche within the industry, it could also be a little bit more general, but somewhat similar to what you’re doing. You could go into those followers, see what they are doing, check for those that are engaged in on a more constant basis and reach out to them. Of course, you don’t want to do any sales pitch, just do it as if you’re trying to see someone with some type of case that you’re doing. You are going to want to just go straight into liking some of their stuff on social media. Gradually warm up to them to let them know – look all right this account here is someone that’s in the same mindset as you and then from there you can slowly start to go into reaching out to them about – hey, I noticed on your post, you are dealing with this or a friend of yours on your account is dealing with this, are you aware of that or are you a friend of theirs or is it just a social media friendship – you could just ask questions to find little bit more about the person again. Treating it as you do with your business currently face to face matters, so if you treated the same way on social media online, no matter what platform you decide to use you can definitely gain the benefit out of it that way.

7:23Ways to Use Social Media for Law Firms – Now we going to go in to top ways to use social media full off for your law firm. With multiple social platforms available in each having its own unique and specific characteristics and quirks, it may be quite difficult to know where to start, let alone which platform is best to accomplish your goals with advancing a law firm in the right direction by personalizing your social media strategy to fit your ideal audience.

Here discussed are some important strategies that could help optimize your social media account or accounts.

7:57 – All right so the first one is – Get the Basics Right – Start the process by focusing on a couple of social media platforms that your audience uses the most. To know which ones are the best for you, evaluate social media goals, like whether the focus is to increase brand visibility, attracting clients or just engage the target audience group. In addition, evaluate what type of content needs to be created and how often it should be posted. So in this first section, in this first actionable tip, we’re basically saying that in order for you to get the basics right, just do a small groundwork right out the gate. This will be able to give you or understand enough how you supposed to target the audience group that you’re looking to target, what type of content is best for them, what ways to get them to engage with your content, and also what ways gets them to the engage with anything that you’re doing. So of course, look at the competitors, see what they are doing in each platform. If you choose to do kind of a lengthy stretch that way you can end up finding a lot of information in just an hour or two. And then of course, based on the content that you’re trying to push forward and the time frames that you have to deal with, your current clients as well as new clients coming in the door from local business, you know, marketing, you can end up figuring out the content calendar of how you want to post once you figure out the kind of skeleton of what’s working for the target audience you’re trying to reach.

9:39 – Find the Target Audience – Identifying the target audience group is vital in any law firm marketing strategy. The more clearly the target audience group gets defined, the better the chances of understanding how and where to reach the best prospects. Try to go beyond the concept of generalizations and define the target audience group more specifically. We can share how to do this specific to your business.  So comment below and a dedicated group will reach out to you. So of course in this section, we’re basically going into speaking on drilling down into the target audience that you’re looking for. So of course, depending on the social media account that you choose, then you can just comment within this post that’s online and then one of us will just reach out to you – either myself or someone within my team will reach out to you. But in this sense in order to get the target audience, you can check out BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo will give you an understanding of what content is driving engagement. So it shows you the platforms that are driving the most engagement for the type of content that you’re trying to push for it into the world in order to get more leads. So use and then you can start from there. It’s free but I think you should get a couple of uses before it asks you to sign up, create an account, and I think it goes straight to paying them. So it could be like a dress, where it ends up you have like 3 trials for the day and then it stops. But of course, just check to make sure that you can at least see, all right, if I know the type of content I want, see if you can get it from Don’t go to Google search — just type in the content you are trying to push and then notice the types of searches that Google pop leads on that stage. Look this is the one that we feel are the best or people around the world are gravitating to these or putting these on the first page. Check these out once you do that you could kind of get an idea of or compare and contrast between all the competitors and content that they’re pushing and then you could kind of see – here are some similarities and here are some differences. What I am doing that’s different from them, how can I share for my target audience a better way so that they do want to reach back out to me.

.12:25 – Choose the Right Platform – The optimum social media channel may vary and depend on the specific area of the practice. Make sure to customize the content on each platform. In fact, most social media channels will give a basic overview of their target audience’s demographics. So, take a look through this and also keep an eye on industry reports and surveys that can reveal valuable information to help guide your decisions. Prepare a list of keywords pertaining to your law firm’s services, and start to explore which platforms already have conversations brewing on those topics. Find out more of the actionable tips for this bullet point in case one doesn’t work for you. Of course, in this section we’re choosing the right platform, we’re just breaking it up to state, once you figure out the kind of content that you’re trying to push, you can kind of understand the target audience that you want to go with or if you already know all of this, then knowing the type of platform on to best serve what you’re pushing will be the main thing to go after once you figure out: all right I know the audience I want, I know the type of content I want. Of course, you can’t just throw it up on any platforms because not all platforms are going to have the engagement that you’re looking for, for your audience. So being too general is not really going to help — you wanna kind of drill down into the one that’s best. So if you want to go ahead and create a bunch of accounts, go ahead, this is a good way to test without busting your brain and taking away from again, the main focus – the current clients that you have to deal with, court cases, and all that stuff. So, the best thing to do, join all, as much accounts as you feel you can update, set up orders to respond in terms of social media Hootsuite, Buffer and there’s a couple others that pretty much let you schedule posts and then it would just put the post out into the platform that you signed up for. And then from there after about 2 weeks you’ll start to see, all right, which one is giving me the most engagement which was giving me the most eyes or impressions. Here, once you figure that out then you can just drill down all right these are the ones that most people are looking into as opposed to these platforms I’m using here and then you can drill down even further.  All right now I’m going to get specifically more in-depth content that’s supposed to be helpful or something that’s supposed to get sales easily. So you split test to see which one is working in terms of the right platform.

15:09 – Okay as I was just speaking on scheduling social media posts in advance, here’s the next bullet point. Effective and successful social media marketing strategy for attorneys or law firms requires sheer timing, especially since social media posts can have a short shelf life. For instance, Twitter is considered one of the most complex platforms wherein the posts disappear the fastest depending on the number of followers. On the other hand, the reach of Facebook posts depends on Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm that takes into account how relevant and engaging the post was for the audience. In short, the timing of social media posts helps reach out to the maximum number of followers and fans. Try to maintain consistency by scheduling the posts in advance. Draft a monthly content calendar, and outline what content your firm wishes to feature, and when it will be deployed. So here, basically it goes double back into what I was mentioning – your law firm – depending on what your main focus is within the law firm you can drill down into understanding which one of the platforms based on the small actual tip I mentioned in choosing the right platform. So, once you kind of figure that out, you can go right into scheduling posts. Go straight to Google and look up social media post scheduler and then you’ll see some paid ones, you see some free ones. I mentioned some paid ones in choosing the right platform bullet point.  So check those out and I think some of them are paid and free at the same time, but doing that Google search will give you mostly a wider selection basically. So once you schedule the posts, remember what I mentioned — check out how many views you’re getting per post or impressions. Check out which ones are giving you some type of engagement, also check out which ones are giving you more followers. So these are the ones you kind of want to pay more attention to and gravitate more to because people within those platforms are showing more interest. So therefore you can slowly go right into getting more leads that way, as well as doing more promotions in getting more visibility and awareness around what you’re trying to do.

17:37 – Next step is Share Valuable Blog Posts and News Updates – One of the best ways to use social media for law firms is to create informative content rather than simply promotional ones. The more credible and informational content a law firm offers, the higher will be its opportunity to showcase your level of expertise. Last thing to do is to make sure not to limit to the content from your own blog. Make a habit of curating content from other relevant sources and reputable industry blogs. So, in this section, if you don’t have already content, use other people’s content but curate it – turn it into your experiences and what you’ve dealt with and base it on what that person is already seen. So if you like the content that’s there already, switch it around and edit it to your experience and then from there shunt it back out to the world or shunt it out back to the platform section that you’re using to whoever you are answering the question for or just you know trying to get some traction going. So share valuable blog posts in news updates, will usually get you in the gain, because it’s depending on the type of person that you’re looking to gain and again depending on the goal that you’re trying to attain will give you a real good key into the types of blog posts that you should be putting out there. Yeah, that’s basically it.

19:09 – Publish Brand Story – Law firms can use social media platforms to convey their brand story as this may be highly effective for humanizing the brand, forming an emotional connection with the audience, and winning their trust and loyalty. On site, you’ll see an example by White and Case LLP showcasing their stories and more. With just this example alone, you can duplicate and improve on what they have done to benefit your law firm.

19:37 – Post Informative Graphics – Visuals play a critical role in social media marketing as they are more likely to stand out over text in content. The social content strategy should focus on creating visuals that will immediately attract and engage prospects. Reports from Mobile Monkey suggest that posts with images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only ones. The quick tips given within this bullet points are particularly important if a business is planning on utilizing image-heavy platforms like Instagram. Okay, so within published brand story and posting informative graphics, they go hand in hand, because this is how you can showcase what your law firm is all about, the industry that you’re in and you drill down into the niche that you’re focusing on. This is the best time for you to be able to showcase –look we are human, we are just like you, we also have issues, the only difference is, we are the experts, we know how to get ourselves out of the issue that you’re currently going through, here’s how. So you could show the stories in order to showcase, all right I’m not lying, what I’m saying is true, we have a bunch of proof, as well as posting informative graphics will give them a quick tidbits of these examples.

21:07 – Record and Share Videos – Informative videos are a vital element in social media marketing for law firms. Videos not only make information much easier to understand but also allow injecting brand personality into the content to make them more engaging. According to Social Media Today, 78 percent of people watch videos online every week, and 55 percent of those watch every day. Use professional videos to share updates about your law firm, answer FAQs, conduct interviews with industry thought leaders and use their clout to attract new viewers and showcase the culture of the law firm.

21:50 – Next step would be – Use Popular and Relevant Hashtags – When it comes to the optimization of social media accounts, hashtags play an important role as these provide audiences an additional way to locate a law firm. The use of hashtags should not be limited to just one platform but should also be used on other platforms. Learn about the terms influencers in the legal niche are using, and create your own hashtags to promote your marketing campaign. Who knows, that hashtag may become synonymous with your brand.

22:31 – The next thing is Respond to Comments and Queries – Very, very important bullet point. Social media channels offer an effective platform to build connections and engage with audiences. In fact, social media is generally used as a brand-consumer communication channel. Make the most of social media to engage with prospective clients. Respond to comments on the posts and answer questions that people may have about specific services. Create an impression among your audience that your firm is listening to your questions and answers. As per a Sprout Social Index (2019) report, about 47 percent of consumers reach out to brands on social media because they have a product or service question. On the other hand, 40 percent do so because they have a bad experience, while 31 percent do so to share their ideas or suggestions. So of course, within the response to comments and queries bullet point, use popular and relevant hashtags bullet point, record and share videos bullet point, you can definitely see different ways that you can play around in order to gain the type of audience that you’re looking for. So, for instance, the relevant hashtags, this is a good moment to find out what hashtags have been used over the years for the specific path that you using that are garnering a lot of post usage as well as the opportunity for you to slowly create a hashtag that might blow up really fast or take some time to blow up in terms of a specific experience – use a hashtag for it and you have so many cases with that experience. You can have a bunch of infographics shown. Comments and queries for this type experience, and once you put it up, and you have the hashtag, just keep being used. The commenting and going back and forth with people that are having those experiences, you can definitely gain some traction for that hashtag and have it become something that the social media platform see as, oh look this is a new hash tag people are using it a lot, who is this synonymous with — your law firm. So, these are just different ways that you can play around with your social media accounts and just see which one is working the best. Of course, someone like us, we can definitely automate this whole process so that you don’t have to worry about it, you are focusing on you know what’s more important to you which is your business – your current customers, people that are depending on you.

25:16 – Invest in Paid Ads – Paid advertising in social media could help finely target your specific audience group. Users provide an abundance of data in their profiles, allowing firms to target individuals who are most likely to convert. Repurpose the content being used for daily posts, and turn them into targeted ads.

25:38 – Conclusion – As discussed above, there are different ways or opportunities to utilize social media for marketing your law firm’s services and engaging prospects. Keep in mind that it takes time to build brand awareness and adopt a tribe of followers, so don’t get discouraged if results aren’t immediate. Sticking to the above-mentioned social media strategy checklist will help your law firm to remain focused on their ROI goals.

So of course, if you doing the last bullet point which goes right into investing in paid ads and in this section of course if you have the budget for it doing paid ads will give you a quicker response as we mentioned within the article, if you read further into it.  Again, I’m just giving you a summarized version of this whole article. So, your best bet is always just to go right back into the full article to get everything that you need and just ask questions, let us know where you’re stuck, what questions that you need answers so that you can accomplish whatever goal you need or if you’re looking for a full strategy, reach out and give us a comment and let us know, myself or one of the staff members will be able to address this issue. So if you have the paid – going back to the paid ads bullet point – if you have the cash flow this gives you that opportunity as I mentioned to get awareness, get the traction going quickly. The only thing is that as we mention in the article is that you still kind of use SEO in the sense of the content that you have that’s already seen there, not content that’s written, but again experiences, cases that you can go back to increase, some type of diagram if you want or a graphic or you can just do a bullet point, really quick now, of everything that was done, how to solve it etc. You can go back to those content and even though it’s being pushed on SEO, Google, Yahoo, Bing, at the same time you can have ads coming straight to it so it can give a double good effect in terms of organic visibility going up and within the paid ads you’re getting a lot of traction quickly. So of course, I look forward to you reading the full article. Apart from that hope these tips were helpful. Take care.

Top Strategies for Building Backlinks with Infographics

Top Strategies for Building Backlinks with Infographics

A reliable healthcare digital marketing agency, MedResponsive headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers digital marketing solutions to meet the unique business goals of the healthcare industry. Our services range from website development to SEO services, conversion rate optimization, and medical application development.

In this week’s podcast, Dame Colquhoun, our Solutions Manager/SEO Strategist discusses the top strategies for building backlinks with infographics.

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Hello –
This is Monica Thomas the Search Marketing/SEO manager for

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What Are the Top Strategies for Building Backlinks with Infographics?

Are you looking for an effective way to build your links and boost search engine optimization results?  Then try building a link through an “INFOGRAPHIC”!

So let’s jump into it.

00:18 Benefits of Using Infographics to Build Links

What Are the Benefits of Using Infographics to Build Links?

Here are some bullet points:

  • Infographics provide effortless delivery of information.
  • An infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a text article because it is estimated that readers pay close attention to information-carrying images.
  • It can provide data, numbers, statistics, and similar information in an attractive and structured way.
  • The visual format adds to the positive impact the content creates on the target
  • Even complex data can be communicated in an easy and simple manner.
  • Last bullet point would be, people are more likely to share visually appealing infographics on their sites.

So just to wrap this up, basically just like when you were a child, you learned a lot more through images, sounds, so on and so forth.  Of course, there are words that could be put in, but a lot of it comes in colors, again, videos, images, anything to just kind of catch you right away to keep your attention rather than using the words most of the time. So infographics hold a lot of that. They have bright colors, mellow colors, colors that get you excited all the way down to the right way of how the image is drawn, all the way down to the way the information is structured, but in image format, so that they are easily digestible. So use the infographics. These are the benefits and now we’re going to go into how to use infographics to maximize link building.

02:01 How to use infographics to maximize link building

Now let’s go into the how to use infographics maximize link building

There are many link building strategies, and some top strategies are:

02:11 Creating the Infographic Content

Creating the Infographic Content: This includes data statistics – conduct your own research or make a compilation of data statistics from various sources and present them as a sinlge one. You can use resources like Piktochart, canva or any platform of your choice to make eye-appealing infographics. Piktochart, we like using because of the options that come built in with templates to use and yes, infographic templates are one option.

02:43 Guestographics

Next on the list is Guestographics – One of the best techniques to get backlinks with infographics, it involves four important steps. I’ll go over 3, all you need to do is look within the content for the last step.

  • First is search for rich-volume keywords: Basically, you’ll just use Google keyword planner and look at monthly volume, cost-per-click and competition. That would pretty much give you a good idea if the keyword is a buying keyword or it’s a keyword that people are just looking for more information.
  • Next step would be check out the top-ranking blogs: Here, you’re finding out what others have done, even if it’s not an infographic. You can use your written content and turn it into an infographic, targeting the similarities and differences you’ve noticed in the industry and how you’ve improved on these similarities and differences, and then after that, this will give you a leg up on getting your infographic on the site of your choice.
  • Okay, the next and last bullet point – the fourth one again, would be in the content – would be create an informative infographic with the blog content: Here you’re basically, this goes with what I just mentioned about anything can be used as an infographic. So just go on the site if you don’t have the information already or just use the experiences that you have, anything, bullet points that you can jot down, you can use those bullet points as an infographic.

04:24 Research on potential guest blogging websites

Do research on potential guest blogging websites: There are numerous websites that offer the option of guest posting. Simply search on Google – “Your niche + Write for us” or “Your niche + Become a contributor”. And of course, all these two options “Your niche + Write for us”, you put those in quotations and then “Your niche + Become a contributor” you also put in quotations.

04:52 Research On Potential Guest Post

The next option to do a research on potential guest post: Guest blogging websites are to make sure to check whether the website has a good domain authority, a low spam score and gives a do-follow link.

Next up would be read all their major blog first, then would be identify specific topic that they haven’t covered and lastly include targeted keywords, blog titles and the relevant design idea that clearly matches the website’s niche.

So basically in this section with guest blogging websites and seeing what you know potential is out there, it gives you also an opportunity to find out what other people are sent into where you want to have your guestographic you know be placed or what you’re doing some type of analysis on what you should add to your infographics.

So use these bullet points to kind of know and give an idea of the right place that I want to do all this work for it and get a publication there, is it worth the in terms of low spam score, do you have a good chance of getting a do follow link, also the domain authority is pretty decent, so on and so forth.

So take these options, the quick ones, which again is our “your niche + write for us” or “your niche + become a contributor”.

That right there, those two options, should basically give you a few guest blogging opportunities and to also let you know if you can quickly, you know, get it back or your efforts will pretty much just be a waste of time and you need to move somewhere else.

One thing to keep in mind is always use a large number as the way of making sure that you’re hitting your goal. Rather than doing a few guest blogging areas, you do 10-20 within 2 to 3 days, you kind of get a higher percentage of getting a good response.

07:07 Conclusion

All right, nevertheless, there are 3 more strategies for building backlinks with infographics within the content. So use these to get your backlinks within the first 2 weeks or less. If you do it properly or you’re just guerrilla attacking, again, you can do 10-20 outreach and probably get, you know, 10 percent of that back and then from there, you would kind of already know, alright, this the strategy works, let me go and duplicate this in other areas of my business. So, it doesn’t have to just be a specific goal you’re trying to get, it could be for anything.

Top Strategies to Effectively Market a Law Firm Online

Top Strategies to Effectively Market a Law Firm Online

An experienced digital marketing agency in the U.S., MedResponsive provides SEO solutions for Real Estate, Education, Hotel & Travel, Healthcare Facilities, and DME Companies.

In today’s podcast, Dame Colquhoun, our Solutions Manager/ SEO Strategist, discusses strategies to effectively market a law firm online

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Hello –
This is Monica Thomas the Search Marketing/SEO manager for

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Understand some important marketing strategies that could help a law firm enhance online presence, thereby attracting a greater number of clients.

00:11 Importance of Digital Marketing for Law firms and Attorneys

Digital marketing has become an important aspect in every industry and law firms are no exception in this case. Law firms and attorneys tend to believe that the good reputation of their firm combined with a skilled group of experts is enough to keep a steady stream of clients coming through their doors. However, from a practical aspect, for a law firm, it doesn’t matter how good their reputation is, if they are not pro-active about attracting new visitors online and marketing their business, they will always face challenges. That’s why it’s important to incorporate strong marketing tactics that can make it as easy as possible for potential clients to locate your law firm.

00:59 Top Digital Marketing Ideas for Law Firms

Here discussed are some top marketing ideas that could help a law firm build a strong online presence and attract more clients –

  • The first top marketing idea is “Invest in Good SEO”. A reliable SEO service provider will provide a detailed analysis about all aspects of SEO like – link building, keyword research, posting relevant content and so on, that can bring significant improvement.
  • Second up is “Develop a Personal Brand”. As per a study conducted by LexisNexis and Martindale-Hubbell, about 85 percent of law firms found that the majority of traffic to their website was directed at their lawyers’ bio pages. This is because potential clients in most cases are looking to hire a lawyer, not a firm. Once a website visitor lands on the service page, they most probably may research the partners’ page and their biography. The partners themselves need to almost be a brand of their own, with their own social entities and touch points connected to their personal name. Check out the examples offered to get a better feel within content.
  • Create High Quality Content. Law firms need to focus on quality content instead of quantity as this will help establish them as experts; and that will increase brand awareness. Create a schedule for publishing content as this will help plan posts in advance. Select topics to write about that are relevant for particular times of the year. For instance, if you are focusing on blogs, write a few high quality blog pieces rather than lots of other low quality ones. Rather than posting a blog on the firm website and hoping for the best, law firms need to be proactive when it comes to discovering and then driving their target audience to their blog. Social media platforms are among the easiest and cheapest methods of accomplishing this. Use Facebook and LinkedIn to post links to your blog. Get the rest of the tips on site once you have a chance.
  • Next up is “Finding a Niche Service Area”. Many law firms will have multiple specialties or specialize in different services. Choose one or two specific services you want to focus on and create specialized pages for each of these services. For the best results, make each specialty clear either with a dropdown menu or in a clickable menu. For instance, a family law attorney should not put that all over the blogs. Instead, just post content about family law issues and things that people need to know to handle the issues addressed in the blog.
  • Next up is Focusing on Local SEO Aspects. According to a study by BIA/Kelsey and ComSat, 97 percent of all consumers research their local options online before selecting their lawyer. For instance, if your law firm is located in Dallas, it makes no sense to market to people in other places like Boston or Los Angeles. Focus on all key aspects of local SEO such as creating profiles in local directories, ranking for local keyword modifiers, joining local professional organizations and participating in local events to share expertise, as all these create opportunities of backlinks for SEO as well as bringing the name of the firm out there.
  • Next up would be Google Paid Search. A well-executed paid campaign on Google AdWords can help in quality lead generation. Google Paid Search offers a unique platform for attorneys to get found at the exact moment people are looking for help. By clearly understanding what their clients are searching for, law firms can adjust on AdWords campaign to reach high quality leads. Create keyword dense landing pages on the client website to improve quality score. Create unique “Thank You” pages for completed form submissions as this will help better track conversions. Create a responsive website design and include contact information that is easy to find on a mobile device.

In conclusion, do not assume that just because a law firm is well-known in the legal industry they can do a good job. A unique combination of strong branding, search engine optimization, and trust-building content could help a law firm stand out from competitors. Using the above marketing strategies would help a law firm to not only get more traffic to their website, but also build a strong online presence.

What Are the Key Local SEO Trends for the Year 2021?

What Are the Key Local SEO Trends for the Year 2021?

MedResponsive is a reputable digital marketing company with extensive experience in all aspects of digital marketing – from SEO, SMO, PPC, and branding to website development, content writing, application development, and more. With an expert team of SEO consultants and digital marketers, the company helps businesses implement both on-page and off-page SEO techniques to improve search engine results.

In this podcast, Dame Colquhoun, one of our Solutions Manager/SEO strategists discusses about the key local SEO trends for 2021.

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Hello –
This is Monica Thomas the Search Marketing/SEO manager for

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0:00 – Need help getting better rankings for your local site? Implement these local SEO tips within your business website. These tips can help to improve your rankings and attract your target audience.

0:13 – What Are the Key Local SEO Trends for 2021?

0:18 – Introduction to Local SEO

Local SEO means targeting searches which primarily come from any specific geographical area surrounding the place where your medical business is located. It focuses on optimizing your website content for search terms like your city name, your specialization etc. To get information for local search, search engines rely on signals such as local content, social profile pages, links, and citations to provide the most relevant local results to the user. So, local SEO means optimizing a website to increase leads, traffic and overall brand awareness that it would gain from a local search.

1:08 – Ranking for Local Searches – Google’s Tools and Factors

According to PR Newswire, studies have shown that 70 percent of small businesses do not focus on local SEO. And with Local SEO you’ll be taking steps to optimizing a website to improve leads and traffic, while increasing brand awareness from a local search standpoint.  So, if you want your business to be successful, your website must be optimized for local search. Let’s look at Google’s tools and factors to rank for local searches. Here’s the list –

  • The location where the searches comes from
  • Keyword(s) used in the search
  • Shares on social media
  • Name, Address & Phone (NAP) information
  • Google Map star ratings
  • Identifying the presence of Google Map listing, and lastly
  • The number of check-ins at the business location

2:16 – Making A Website More Locally Optimized – Top Techniques

Now let’s review the following simple to implement techniques to help your website become more locally SEO optimized. And this also goes with medical industries, any kind of industries.

2:33 – One option isPromoting online reviews: Online reviews are an important element for any business. This is because users greatly rely on online reviews before making any purchase decisions. With every year, the dependency on reviews grows steadily because it is a quick way to see how engaged others are with a brand, or how reputable you are, and so on. 91% of people trust online reviews and good reviews can help turn a passive shopper into a lifelong buyer. Some of the best ways to get reviews is by asking the customer face-to-face about your service/products, via email, or asking for a review after a sale offer. Make sure to respond to all reviews, whether good or bad. This shows transparency within your business and may encourage more people to leave reviews.

3:33 – Next step is – Voice search optimization: As voice assistants like Google, Alexa, and Siri continue to improve, it is always advisable to improve your local SEO to help these assistants answer the questions that people may normally ask. Make sure to adjust your keywords so as to maintain a conversational tone.

3:56 – Next step is – Good backlinks: Backlinks are essential for local pack results and localized organic results. Looking at the photo above, for instance  (you can view this on the onsite content, by the way), you will see some key features to pay attention to. Knowing the domain rating helps to understand the strength of said domain. As the tip of the iceberg you can get a glimpse into the power of the site. Diving deeper, say into referring domains, lets us see how credible their domain rating, domain score, or domain authority is. Knowing the number of domains flowing to a site lets you know that others may be interested or trust some or all of the information put forth on the site. Looking further into the types of referred domains, including the backlinks already attained by your backlink source or competitors, will give you more of a definitive answer into the backlinks’ power and relevancy to your site.

5:02 – Another option is – Engage with potential customers on social media: Engaging with potential customers is essential for improving the growth of your business. Social media is an ideal medium to engage with potential customers.  Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter help to build both a good relationship with your customers as well as a steady source of leads and followers.

5:32 – Using locally-focused keywords: Using relevant and locally-focused keywords in your content improves online visibility. Creating content with locally focused keywords will improve local traffic as well. To get these keywords try the following: Google keyword planner – here you can look at – the CPC for each keyword, the monthly traffic and the competition. These 3 will give you a better insight to two truths:

  1. How competitive it is to rank for a keyword, using the competition column and that of course, is on the Google Keyword Planner.
  2. And lastly, the CPC column – where you will see how in demand a keyword is just by how much your competitors are willing to spend on a click.

6:27 – Develop a mobile-friendly website: As one of the ranking factors and due to mobile devices being used to access basically everything today, it is important to have a mobile optimized website to drive more traffic. There are tons of mobile friendly site testers out there. Here are 2 free options to use:

  1. Mobile-Friendly Test – a Google product to Test how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device, and last,
  2. mobiReady – A free tool for developers, designers and marketers to test website performance on mobile devices.

7:09 – Power of local directories: Getting noticed through this medium can be difficult, but it can be achieved by improving local SEO. There is a wide range of categories in local directories where your business can fit. So, make sure to find the best fit for your business and create an account. Here are 5 Web Directories that have value. Also, find the rest of the 23 listed items from Amelia Wilson from Search Engine Journal.

  • BOTW (best of the web) – used by more than 16 million businesses, they boast 40,000 – 60,000 visits per month, half of that traffic being US based.
  • Lastly, with 1.4 million companies and 5 million people listed on their site you can add a web listing for a business or a person and stand a solid chance of getting noticed.