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This week’s podcast will cover the topic on how Google My Business Listing helps in driving traffic to your website.

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This is Monica Thomas the Search Marketing/SEO manager for

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00:00 Introduction on Google My Business

Free Ways to drive more Website Traffic using your Google My Business listing.

A well-set Google My Business profile allows businesses to easily connect with customers across Google search and Maps and thus enhance business growth. So let’s quickly run down the best ways to accomplish this goal.

00:21 Add Current Photos of Your Business to Your Profile

No matter if you had your account for a while or just created one, make sure to have updated photos with variations to highlight your business in different lights. Remember what may work for one person may not work for the next. So, show off your building at different angles, etc.

Once you double check your contact page and if it works on mobile and desktop alike, have it added to your GMB listing. Now let’s move to COVID concerns.

00:53 GMB Guides Businesses during COVID-19

With COVID-19 being a major problem all around the world, I’m sure it could trouble your customers. Google My Business provides guidance for businesses affected by COVID-19. Find the rest on this blog post.

01:08 Details to add in your GMB Description

For now, let’s keep your customers from worrying when they check online. You can add updates to customers that may include adjusted hours of operation, especially with the obvious 6 feet of distancing practice in place, selection of an attribute to highlight your online services, classes, appointments, or estimates. Using these options work great to highlight what you know, your customers love most, or what brings in the most sales.

01:39 Keyword Use in Google My Business

Now let’s jump into keyword usage. Google determines local ranking based on relevance distance and prominence as these factors help to find the best match search. To meet these factors, make sure to follow Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Best practices apply for better positioning in web results and a lot more, which are included on the blog post.

And finally, let customers message you. With improved conversation, you can attract more customers to your business. To set it up, download the GMB or Google My Business app, go to “Customers”, then “Messages” and “Turn on through the app”. For key messaging guidelines that businesses should follow, check out this blog podcast content online.

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