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This week’s podcast will cover the topic “CRO Vs SEO – Driving Search Traffic to Convert Your Type of Audience”.

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Hello –
This is Monica Thomas the Search Marketing/SEO manager for

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Hi everyone. So, let’s gets straight this on facts.

00:14 – Introduction to CRO

A whopping 33 percent of companies are investing little to no budget in CRO. Conversion Rate Optimization is essential for online marketing and even helps your social media. Marketers seeking better conversion rates whose only focus is SEO in Google analytics have to focus on conversion rate optimization. Ranking without being able to get leads is a cry for conversion rate optimization.

00:46 – Website Optimization Plan – Steps

Alright, so to begin optimizing your site for conversions – it all boils down to having a proper website optimization plan to convert rates of search users. So, let’s get into the steps.

00:58 – Identify Keywords with Good Search Volume

First, look for keywords with a decent search volume that is relevant to your business.

01:04 – Place Keywords in to Categories

Next, search through all those keywords relevant to your site and place them in two categories.

01:11 – Two Specific Keyword Categories

Alright, these two categories are – informational keywords which is basically self-explanatory and commercial keywords (aka) keywords with the intent of buying. Of course, you have brand keywords, they fall under commercial keywords but commercial keywords were always being the stronger of the two, as brand keywords may have informational searches within it, while commercial keywords cater to only buyers.

01:42 – Disaggregate the Keywords

After that, you want to drill down these keywords which will give you a better understanding of the users’ mind frame to see what type of people are checking out your site. Knowing whether visitors are information gatherers or buyers or a buyer, I should say, will help you understand how to better cater to the audience or adjust your marketing to attract more of the types you want.

02:08 – Validate Pages for Conversions

Finally, after selecting the right keywords and optimizing your pages for them, you want to know if they will convert search engine users into customers, right? Alright, to quickly validate your landing page and content pages to make sure that they convert, you can use a tool like “Five Second Test”. Alright, so “Five Second Test”, once you type it in Google you see that it’s a platform that enables you to submit a screen shot of your page and gather honest responses from the community.

02:44 – Getting Positive Feedback for Optimized Pages

Skeptical about receiving awesome feedback about your newly optimized page? Alright, we’ve all been there, so how about you try what manager at Seven Things Media Elwin Stevenson’s tested list of questions to help gain the best answers. So, here, what Elwin is basically doing is giving you an outlet of questions that you can use. Of course, you don’t have to use these questions, but they may help. Some of the questions are – do you recognize the brand, can you tell what the brand actually does, can you see the call-to-action, is the page too cluttered or noisy, in terms of split testing – is markup A better than markup B?

03:32 – Implementing Actionable Tips

So, now that you have some of these tips, actionable tips you can use right away, what we want you to do is go ahead and take this list of commercial keywords and informational keywords that we have here. So, you’ll see it somewhere within this region – just click the button where it says to get the rest of the list of keywords. All you have to do is just sign up. Once, you sign up, we’ll give you the full PDF version of the keywords, but also will start to send you some emails that help you gain an understanding as well as actionable tips to take to get your CRO up to date.

Alright, talk to you soon. Enjoy the rest of your day and even night, wherever you are in the world. Bye.

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