Podcast: Why is it so Popular and How Do You Create, Market, and Monetize Them? Part 4

Podcast: Why is it so Popular and How Do You Create, Market, and Monetize Them? Part 4

An experienced organic SEO company, MedResponsive has extensive experience providing digital marketing services or solutions for businesses in diverse industries. Our digital marketing agency follows SEO best practices to help client businesses rank high in organic search results. We offer SEO, social media marketing services, PPC advertising, medical website development, web application development, software development, to e-commerce solutions. Our skilled team stays current with the changes in the search engine landscape and can provide you with the right strategies to boost and improve your search rankings.

In today’s podcast, Juan Reyes, our Digital Brand Manager/SEO, SEM, and Applications, discusses Why Are Podcasts Popular? How Do You Create, Market, and Monetize Them?(Part 4)

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As promised, we are back. So I hope everybody is enjoying our podcast so far, Video Cast, thank you to those who are following us on video. Big shout out to you there. So now we’re going to move into why podcasts are popular.

00:15 Why Podcasts are popular?

These are some of the more psychological and behavioral studies and information that has been able to come out of a lot of the investigation that’s occurred.

So, one of the main points and this is pretty logical and common sense is that you can increase your knowledge on almost any topic while going about your day. So you can continue driving, exercising, or plethora of other activities in your day to day life, all the while being educated in your ear as to a new language, a particular hobby that you might have, or general knowledge or trivia. Maybe you want to compete on Jeopardy some day. All right.

One of the other items is nearly three out of every four podcast consumers in the US say they enjoy tuning into a podcast to learn new things, and they do so on a monthly basis, which was the statistic that we shared a little bit earlier. But it’s important to go ahead and bring that up again. The majority of people who enjoy a podcast, they do it in a regular basis way. So they are constant podcast listeners.

So why is it popular? It’s popular because it’s something that’s easy for people to follow along and turn into a trend, a hobby, or a habit. Podcasts are not only a form of entertainment, they are also a source of news and inspiration for listeners. So like we talked about earlier, you could create a podcast that essentially is just a news show, a news podcast where you read important or interesting pieces of news or media that maybe you’ve come across. and you’ve curated on your own because you feel that these are relevant and important topics that you want to share with the world. So a podcast is a way that you can do that.

We know right now there’s a lot of controversial political topics and majority of the country is split. Some are in favor, some are against, some are pro one thing and some are anti another. So there’s always debatable points and topics going on in our day to day society that you can convert into a fantastic podcast by simply just following the news and bringing some of those news articles to people’s ears.

Podcast, the audio episode and this one in particular, it helps listeners to learn more about any topic that interests them. Let that be current events, news, education, movies, automobiles, fashion, or even technology or any other.

So audio episodes can help a person essentially have a sequence where they’re really becoming very well formed and intelligent wise as to movies or automobiles or anything that you might have any experience on. And just keep in mind the earlier suggestions. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in that area. You can essentially just get a very good manual or wonderful book and maybe convert it into a podcast. Obviously, remember to keep in mind you have to review copyright and intellectual property and infringement possibilities.

So one of the clear benefits of a podcast is it does allow for multitasking. People can go about their day to day life while they continue to learn and listen to their podcast.

Now, this last slide, I’m going to have to skip over a little bit. People don’t need any dedicated time to listen to podcasts. So you can listen to a podcast essentially at any time that you are able to. Maybe some people, in particular, could listen to a podcast when they’re getting ready to go to sleep, or maybe they have difficulty sleeping. And a podcast might help them to find those Z’s you know, instead of counting sheep, they could just a nice podcast that gently loads them off into a well state of alpahaaram or sleep. So that’s one of the very important points.

Anyone can listen to podcasts at their convenience, and that’s the major reason that more businesses as well as individuals are creating podcasts to reach their target audience. People don’t need a dedicated time to listen to the podcast. Instead, they can listen to an audio episode while even cleaning, running or cooking, which means listeners can multitask.

04:45 Why Should A Business Create A Podcast?

So why should your business in particular create a podcast? So one of those main reasons is that 54% of podcast listeners are either somewhat or much more likely to consider buying from a brand, after hearing its advertisement on a podcast. That comes from Emarketer 2019, we will share the source and the citation with you a little bit further on down. Business podcasts are getting increasingly popular also because it has been proven that the words on the web page cannot engage an audience as well as a voice can. If your audience likes listening to stories, learn something new, catch up on current events. Then podcasts can meet these requirements.

A podcast brings the following advantages:

So you get faster engagement with your audience, you can showcase your particular expertise, you can increase trust or loyalty. It also obviously improves your brand awareness – if it’s a personal brand or if it’s a company brand that you’re speaking on behalf of. Improve also, more importantly, what we’re talking about with SEO, you can also improve your search engine rankings.

05:57 Things to keep in mind

So, very important items to keep in mind, if you are a business owner:

Real time engagement with your audience is another one of the beautiful benefits of this fantastic medium. Podcasts provide a wonderful opportunity to reach and connect with a busy audience looking for information for services that are related to your industry. Real time engagement allows listeners to stay updated and engaged. The internal teams, including marketing, sales and leadership teams, also can collaborate. It provides the option to communicate with your audience on a more personal scale.

Display your expertise. This is another one of the key important points. You can create educational podcasts which will help to share your expertise in that certain niche. Thus, more and more listeners will trust your brand, which leads to higher conversion rates. Highlighting experience demonstrates your brand as a trustworthy business.That goes back to what we were talking about earlier regarding Google and its EAT acronym where it’s always trying to find authority, sorry, Expert, Authoritative and Trustworthy content.

Another one of the important points why a business should be doing its own podcast, because you can reach a wider audience. People always look for easily accessible content. Podcasts that appear in search engine results make it even easier for customers to reach you. As a podcast includes conversation directly to the listener, either as an audio or through video, this content format serves as a friendly way to getting information rather than reading the whole page or a long ongoing email.

So there are moments inside of your search engine results. If your podcast is very informative, very educational and fun or entertaining to listen to, and a lot of people have shared it, it’s going to be a high possibility that Google is going to go ahead and actually put that podcast up in some of the featured snippet results that appear at the very top of the search engine results pages. Typically, the first page – almost always the first page. And what will happen is that you’re going to take up a lot more of the search engine result page – real estate, visual real estate – people will be seeing that podcast and it could lead them to click on it, especially if they’re a little, let’s say, standoffish in terms of reading a very large article and they just see a little play button there and a nice friendly face they click on that, they can sit back and just listen to somebody else explaining that topic and get through that information, digest that information a lot faster.

Another important reason why a business should engage in podcast is that it’s also one of the best ways of doing marketing at a low cost. Like we spoke about earlier about an organic SEO company and some of the activities and strategies that they engage in, primarily one of the major benefits of an organic SEO company has is that it’s going to engage in low cost activities or no cost activities that will promote your brand, will promote your content, will get you traffic, will increase a lot of the indicators in the analytics — the KPIs that Google takes into consideration that every business should take into consideration, to try to judge how well and how healthy your brand is online. Definitely these are part of the strategies that will get those KPIs signaling and lighting up like a Christmas tree for you and your business.

So, marketing at low cost, being this an easy to access digital format, podcasts eliminate many costs associated with other traditional advertising options including printing, posters and other forms of paper consumption. It’s easy to archive, podcasts are also easy to update.

So if you get a lot of engagement with the podcast, let’s say, for example this podcast video cast gets a lot of engagement, we might do a follow up where we receive some questions from the audience and we come back with another podcast.

Podcast: Why is it so Popular and How Do You Create, Market, and Monetize Them? Part 3

Podcast: Why is it so Popular and How Do You Create, Market, and Monetize Them? Part 3

MedResponsive, an experienced organic SEO company has extensive experience in offering digital marketing services or solutions for businesses in diverse industries. Our digital marketing agency follows SEO best practices to help client businesses rank high in organic search results. With a skilled team of experts staying up to date with the changes in the search engine landscape, we offer SEO, social media marketing services, PPC advertising, medical website development, web application development, software development, to e-commerce solutions. We do support you at every step to achieve the desired outcomes.

In today’s podcast, Juan Reyes, our Digital Brand Manager/SEO, SEM, and Applications, discusses Why Are Podcasts Popular? How Do You Create, Market, and Monetize Them? (Part 3)

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And we are back. Another important item to keep in mind is that when you are optimizing your content, you want to make sure that it is both focused in the right way towards your target audience. So please don’t forget that customers prefer easy to digest information. They want you to produce great episodes that definitely you’re going to engage with your customer and get feedback like we were talking about earlier and based off that feedback, produce even better episodes or follow up episodes that are in aligned with what your customer base or your audience or your segments are letting you know is what they’re interested in. So you can tell by your likes, your shares, and all these other analytical information, including comments in your comment section that will all highlight or give you the insights that you need in terms of what content is doing best and which content your audience is reacting to well. So if you know that you can follow up with that type of content.

Also, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to please include your transcripts that helps make your content very accessible to search engines. The bots will be able to scan and indexes content and also associated with the media content that’s on the same page. That’s what’s going to make it really boom in terms of search engine result pages.

01:28 How To Optimize Your Podcast For Search Engines?

So how to optimize your podcast for search engines. You want to make sure that they rank well. You don’t want them just to sit out there in the desert of the internet. You want them to get there in front of the audience people that they should. So it does take quite a bit of dedicated effort to get it up there.
This is probably one of the moments where you want to hire or consult with an organic SEO company that’s going to provide for you the type of services or guidance that you need in order to get your podcast out there and to keep it from just sitting on some deserted highway on the internet.

It was in 2019 that Google announced that podcast will be indexed. So what happens here is that you’re actually getting a double boost of indexation. So if you have your podcast content on the page and you have as well the text on the page, then you have a double whammy with Google. So you’re actually getting index the audio podcast as well as the transcripted text that’s on the page. So that is fantastic for SEO, obviously. And it’s going to get your page to rank a lot higher than a lot of other competitors.

Technologies such as AI and natural language processing have made it easy for search engines to index keywords within the podcast content and rank them accordingly. That’s why, but that’s also a reason for people who perhaps don’t have the best pronunciation skills, or maybe are a little self conscious about their accent or their pronunciation or their appearance on video.  Those people, for instance, they could turn perhaps to natural language technology that would voice over the text that they have provided. So take that into consideration. There’s a lot of text to speech tools out there online that you could go ahead and purchase. Some of these are for free. Obviously some of them their quality is not that great so look into that but just something for you to keep in mind in case you have a little bit of apprehension towards appearing on camera or using your own voice.

How to optimize is probably the most important thing and again the area that you can do on your own and look into but it does require a lot of time, dedication and experience so it might make your life a little bit easier by just hiring an organic company an organic SEO company that will help you with this.

04:09 Podcast SEO Tips

So here are some of the podcast SEO tips that we have for you today. You want to definitely add the right keywords you want to include accurate transcripts, Hold on, let’s go back a second. So adding the right keywords I know some of you might have just asked yourself what are the right keywords. The right keywords are those keywords that get the most estimated traffic monthly with the lowest amount of competition and that are keywords that are directly associated with people who arrive to your page based off of that search query who actually proceed to convert either become a lead through filling out a form or submitting a form or by actually making a purchase on your website right so you can actually track this information by tracking those leads appropriately.

Podcast: Why is it so Popular and How Do You Create, Market, and Monetize Them? Part 2

Podcast: Why is it so Popular and How Do You Create, Market, and Monetize Them? Part 2

A reputable organic SEO company in U.S., MedResponsive has extensive experience in providing digital marketing services or solutions for businesses in diverse industries – from SEO, social media marketing services, PPC advertising, medical website development, web application development, software development, to e-commerce solutions. Our digital marketing agency follows SEO best practices to help client businesses rank high in organic search results. We support our clients at every step to help them achieve the desired outcomes.

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In today’s podcast, Juan Reyes, our Digital Brand Manager/SEO, SEM, and Applications, discusses Why Are Podcasts Popular? How Do You Create, Market, and Monetize Them?

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So to carry on… you might be familiar with that type of podcast from Joe Rogan when he gets together with Elon Musk and they talk about different topics. That’s the interview or the conversational type. In an interview podcast format, the host typically interviews a new guest in each episode and the aim is to share the guest experience or the talent. This podcast usually begins with a brief guest introduction and then moves on into asking questions to guide the conversation around a specific topic. A particular example that we’d like to share with you guys is the armchair expert. Pretty nice podcast. I think that’s definitely something that you can look up and take a look at it I’m gonna have to link down here descriptions you can follow up on that.

So once you’ve done a podcast of this type, if you share this podcast episode across different social media profiles it definitely opens up the opportunity to reach a whole new set of audience. Now we’ve talked about this of course, but for any of the content format that you choose, make sure to focus on experiences that you want to create for your guest. People will be happier and more willing to share interesting and informative episodes. So definitely put yourself out there, talk about topics that are definitely on top of people’s minds. They might be a little bit controversial but that they’re definitely right now at the moment at the head of most people in their minds and in their thought process. If you talk about these types of situations, definitely you’re going to get engagement. I mean people are going to share if they feel something or if they feel that they’ve had an experience or a positive experience or they’re happy or if that’s a very informative episode, then people are more than likely going to share that content.

So a solo formatted podcast is another method. It’s kind of what I’m doing here now. You just concentrate and focus on my voice. You could actually go to Netflix right now and watch a guide to meditation and that’s a fantastic wonderful audio journey that’s visually stimulating as well, but you could obviously turn off the screen and just listen in and you could be guided into meditation. So that’s something that’s fantastic.

There are a lot of people out there right now just doing beautiful stimulating videos that help some people go to sleep or help people concentrate or learn some vital important lessons or soft skills perhaps, in their life. So a little bit about the solo format. A solo format, in this type of podcast, it’s used to share one ‘s own expertise in the industry which is something we talked about earlier it helps build a personal brand. While some solo podcasts subscribe only key points, others may be lengthy with a huge amount of information, detail preparation with complete scripts will make solo commentaries more interesting for listeners.
Solo podcasts make it much easier to build a strong connection with the audience as you’re speaking directly to the listener – just like I am here with you now today. And remember, if you’re not watching the video, please click on the link down at the bottom if you feel like you’d like to see the person who’s talking and match a face with the voice. Of course, feel free to just keep driving and listening in about podcasts here with me today, your host Juan Reyes. Happy to have you here!

So the other type of podcast that might be very interesting easy to produce is the non-fiction narrative. So, the non-fiction narrative, you essentially just get a piece of war memorabilia, politics, history, anything, really it could even be a study that came out from the New England Journal of Medicine, you know, recent studies about COVID or vaccines, anything you want to really read about and turned into an audio format for the person who’s listening. So the person might be driving their car, you know they’re driving on I-95 in their Audi and they don’t have time to sit there and read about this new COVID study, you know, might be a doctor an immunologist and they might be very interested in this new particular research that has come out, but doesn’t have the time.

So, a podcast is a fantastic way for you to be able to provide this information, this informative information to a person or a very important segment of the audience which could be the medical practitioner. For example, if you’re trying to sell actively medical supplies for a pharmaceutical company, then by engaging in this type of segment or audience with a valuable podcast, it’s gonna provide valuable information to a person of this of this segment, you’re more than likely you’re gonna be able to engage with that audience.

So, the non-fiction narrative. The non-fiction narrative type of podcast supports different forms of storytelling. Those who like reading stories will love storytelling podcast. In this format, each storytelling episode structured as a narrative. In certain cases, multiple episodes are joined together to form an expansive narrative. Here’s an example from This American Life which I’d love on NPR, I hope you guys also watch it and listen to it, one of the most popular storytelling podcasts. So, the stories they share here’s but I did everything right which is a fantastic podcasts I’m sure the link in the description so you guys can go out and see, that listen to that in NPR. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard NPR if you listen to this podcast now, you’ve heard NPR. Fantastic, fantastic. They were doing it before the internet was even around.

So another way of getting new podcasts out there is by re purposing already created/generated content. Now I’m definitely not recommending that you go out there grabbing plagiarize someone else’s content and turn it into a podcast. So be sure that you’re looking into the copyright restrictions. Don’t infringe on anyone’s intellectual property. Got to put that out there in the disclaimer, definitely need to be careful with that. But you know if it’s historical information that is very, very old, it’s typically public knowledge or it is under the public comments license which allows you to use a lot of this content. A good guide is Wikipedia, so if the information on Wikipedia, more than likely you’re able to share that content yourself or repurpose it in such a way.

Our recommendation here is to use some of the content that you’ve already generated, perhaps you have a blog, right, that you’ve written, a couple of blog pieces and articles and maybe you found some correlation or trend between 2 or 3 articles You might be able to match those or mix those together and generate a new podcast based off that content. You could also maybe be a photographer and have taken a series of beautiful images, and for people who perhaps are blind you could generate a beautiful podcast that would describe the images that you took, opening up a world of imagination to people and also in a way providing a beautiful social service I think it’s very endearing to the majority the public. I know myself for example, I would be interested in somebody doing something like that I think would be very nice and thoughtful for people who perhaps are blind. We would probably even be interested in donating to a person who would do such a beautiful humanitarian act, artistic act.

So that’s a kind of a few ideas of re purposing content. Here’s what we wrote about that so the podcast content is repurposed in such a way that the content contains the same message was delivered in a new and creative way.  Repurposing old content helps reached new listeners and thus maximize your podcast content. Being an experienced digital marketing agency providing services for diverse industries, we create audio podcast out of our blogs that reflect our expertise in the industry and we’re gonna share with you down here in the description, a couple of those podcasts that we produced over here at MOS – Managed Outsourced Solutions and also at MedResponsive, our sister company for SEO agencies and digital marketing.

So yeah, we’re gonna share those things with you. For example, we have a wonderful podcast which is the Effective Local SEO strategies for Construction Businesses. So if you have a construction business, we have some really great SEO strategies for you.

So why podcasts are popular, we’ve been able to definitely make that very clear to you, but we’re going to go into a little bit more of the psychological details around why they’re so popular in a moment. Let’s stop here and we’ll be carrying on in a moment with part 3 of this fantastic podcast I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. Please feel free to leave your comments, your remarks down in the bottom. Looking forward to hearing from you, we love engaging in interacting with our audience.

Looking forward to hearing back from you in part 3, don’t go anywhere.

Podcast: Why is it so Popular and How Do You Create, Market, and Monetize Them? Part 1

Podcast: Why is it so Popular and How Do You Create, Market, and Monetize Them? Part 1

MedResponsive is an experienced organic SEO company, with a skilled team of experts staying up to date with the changes in the search engine landscape. From SEO, social media marketing services, PPC advertising, medical website development, web application development, software development, to e-commerce solutions, we support you at every step to achieve the desired outcomes.

In today’s podcast, Juan Reyes, our Digital Brand Manager/SEO, SEM, and Applications, discusses Why Are Podcasts Popular? How Do You Create, Market, and Monetize Them?

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Hey everybody, Good Evening!

Welcome to this wonderful podcast video cast. I am your host Juan Reyes. I’m an 11 year veteran in the SEO industry — websites, development, design, servers, cyber security and the blockchain. Today, I’m here to talk to you a little bit about why podcasts are so popular. Why are they so popular?

So starting off, just to make sure that you know that you are on the right podcast video cast, depends upon how you’re watching this, if you’re listening or if you’re watching the video.

Now if you’re listening and you’re interested in watching all my hand gestures, and other micro gestures you can go ahead and feel free to follow through that link down here at the bottom of your comments area and you’ll be able to watch in real time all of the interactions and other things that were on the screen. Because I’m doing a presentation at the same time which is going to show and guide you a little bit visually in terms of things I’m talking about.

So starting off just to make sure for everybody’s sake we are discussing podcast. We’re talking about their popularity, why businesses should create more informative podcasts, their SEO value – for those of you who don’t know what SEO is its search engine optimization – and even more other benefits in doing a podcast.

So podcasts also represent a fun and engaging way to connect with your new audience segments so it might mean that maybe your social media has got a little stagnated, you’re just talking to the same group of people and you want to expand that a little bit more. Podcasts as a group are a great way to get through to a new audience members by generating different types of content and throwing them out there in different groups in your social media networks and channels, and thereby getting a little bit of engagement and traction with those different audiences, you will be able to then monitor that, and then see you know watch which content is working out for you as best which one is bringing the type of audiences are segments that really do convert into valuable clients or followers of your community channel, etc.

Now important thing is that this type of work, it definitely calls for dedicated effort on your part. It’s something that we’ve been able to see over time is that by generating this type of content businesses are able to expand their overall base group and get more traffic, more organic traffic to their websites. You’re also able to establish yourself more as an EAT authority. And if you’re not familiar with SEO, Google recently established this acronym to explain how it was going to be factoring and analyzing different websites and their type of content and what they’re most looking for, is not only cool but are they also search engine friendly, is EAT. So that’s, Expertise, Authoritive, and Trustworthy.

By generating podcasts of high value that has engaging content and starts building up an audience and people like your podcast because it’s informative, it’s valuable, it’s entertaining, that will send the all the right signals to Google, stating or showing that you are either authoritative, trustworthy, or an expert in your particular area.

Now, if you don’t feel that you can generate content because you just don’t feel like ideas jump off the top of your head, or you don’t have anything really that you’re interested in talking about or passionate about, which I don’t think that’s true about anybody, because I’m pretty sure just about everybody has something that they are passionate to talk about or knowledgeable of.

Now if you feel like you want to do this for your business, but you don’t want to do the podcast yourself you can make this process very easy by essentially hiring an organic SEO company. An organic SEO company will help you to produce this content for you or it will guide you and consult you in the proper ways of doing a good podcast. And then furthermore, they will help you with the promotion – organic promotion of course – as well as PPC, it could be part of the strategy, but typically on organic SEO company can provide you with very good organic SEO strategies which will help get your content out there in the best way possible, which is free. Right, yeah! This is one of the best benefits that organic SEO has. Most parts by the SEO agencies just don’t work, their labor, their effort is involved and you have to pay them a small fee or a monthly retainer for them to do this type of work for you. But the work that they’re doing won’t generate any additional costs as is the case with PPC – paid per click advertisement – or advertisement on some of the social media platforms where you actually have to pay a budget to get your content out there. Now that’s not to say that that’s not a good part of your overall strategy. We do feel that that is a good part of an overall strategy, but one of the important things that a lot of people don’t know or fail to grasp is that an organic SEO company will provide you very cost-effective solutions to get your content out there and to generate traffic for you through that content.

So, let’s talk about statistics, because you don’t have to just take my word for it, you know. Statistics – a research scientific study has been able to confirm, and in particular, Research and Markets, the global podcasting market size is estimated to reach 94.88 billion by 2028, expanding at an estimated compound annual growth rate of 31.1 percent, that’s from 2021 to 2028. So definitely the podcasting market size is set to expand in future years, so if you jump on the bandwagon now you’re jumping on at a good time. By 2028, you can imagine that the market is just gonna be over saturated with different content so those who get in now early will have the opportunity to generate your base group and audience and thereby be able to make it out there into the long run when the market ends up being overrun by options and choices in different podcasts.

Yeah, CAGR, just in case, compound annual growth rate – happy to share that with you guys. So statistics that highlight the popularity of podcasts, there are some really interesting statistics that I wanted to share with you guys. Listen to me guys and gals.

52 percent of all people between the ages of 16 to 64 using the internet do listen to podcasts, that’s 52 percent – that’s half of the internet, a little bit more than half of the internet, between very broad segments of ages, demographics 16-64, they listen to podcasts. So that’s according to Forbes, you can check that. I will definitely put all the citations, all sources in the bottom in our description area or in our comments section. You’ll be able to click on those and see for yourself these statistics.

Also, an additional important statistic I think is very relevant: podcast listeners are much more active on social media channels. 94 percent are active on at least one versus 81 percent of the entire population who actually participates and is active on social media channels. So there’s a big difference between your normal internet users and those who listen to podcasts. It is clear that those who listen to podcasts are much higher, more prolific, or there’s a much higher possibility that they’re going to share that content on their social media or that they’re going to engage on your social media channel or wherever you posted your podcast. So a podcast audience member is more than likely going to be a stimulating engaging person who’s gonna follow your content is going to send all the right signals for your content that Google that is going to pick up. So those are some of the SEO values involved in producing podcast content and how you’re able to generate more engagement from your audience by doing so.

Another very interesting statistic that I think is worth sharing is that 69 percent agreed that podcast ads made them aware of new products or services — 69 percent, that’s according to Podcast Insights. And then last one from Medicine Research back in 2019, nearly one third 32 percent of Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month – that was in 2019. A big segment a big portion of the American audience listens to podcasts at least once a month. So you definitely know that you have an audience whose gonna come back time and time again, especially if they enjoyed your first piece of content. So what you’re gonna see is in your graphics and your analytics, you’re gonna see spikes and spikes on a monthly basis thanks to this engagement, constant engagement from your audience.

So now let’s talk about the types of podcasts that are out there. So, we have the interview or the conversational type of podcast which you might be familiar with. Let’s say Joe Rogan for example, when he talks with Elon Musk, that so very clear example of an interview.

Implementing Effective Local SEO Strategy for Construction Business

Implementing Effective Local SEO Strategy for Construction Business

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MedResponsive is a local SEO company with years of experience in providing digital marketing solutions for diverse businesses.

In today’s podcast, Dame Colquhoun, our Solutions Manager/SEO Strategist, discusses how to implement an effective local SEO for construction business

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Hello –
This is Monica Thomas the Search Marketing/SEO manager for medresponsive.com

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Within this blog, you’ll find some important tips on how to implement an effective local SEO strategy for construction business. So be sure to check the full article online. Okay, so let us begin.

00:18 Local SEO Strategies for Your Construction Business

Constructing a winning local recipe for your construction business might be daunting, but it also is definitely not as serious as you may think it is. So, if you’re a construction owner or you’re working within a construction business and looking for ways to create lead generation, we’re going to go do some quick tips and again as I mentioned before, the article will be online, so just be sure to check it out because there’s a lot more bullet points there and a lot more tips given with each bullet points itself, so it’s tips that you can take away and go ahead and use right out of the gate. So, just be sure to share it with others so that they can also use the source.

01:06 Lead Conversion

Alright, so the first bullet point that I’m going to go over, because again within the audio I’m not going to over everything — better lead conversion. This portion here is beneficial in terms of comparing to general searches. So local searches have a better lead conversion record. It is estimated that nearly half of the people who run a local search on their phones visit the searched business the same day. 

Statistically, reports also suggest that about 18 percent of local searches on the phone convert into a purchase decision within a single day. So, of course, this is just common sense. You have a local construction business, or let’s not look at construction for a second, you’re just going to, say you need to buy alcohol or something, right, so you go online, you look at the nearest place to you, so of course there is a good chance you going to show up to that store or contact them first to find out if they have it and then go right into going to the store. As opposed to a general search, you look it up I’m looking for alcohol, but you haven’t put you know “alcohol near me” or “alcohol in Brooklyn”, you just typed in alcohol. Google is going to shoot back majority of the spots that are close to you, but again, they usually ask you first, can you turn on the location so that we can find the spots closest to you rather than just general locations that have what you searched for, which is alcohol. So, local search terms, those are how Google steps in by asking you to turn on the location so that they could find places close to you. So you as running the marketing section of a construction business or a construction owner running the marketing section to get leads, these are the steps that you have to keep in mind once you’re looking for local search terms to target. 

3:12 Accessibility to Relevant Information

All right, next up is: client’s accessibility to useful information. Okay, so within this portion here, basically a good strategy would have to be creating a Google My Business, filling out the necessary fields mentioned above, because it’s pretty much self-explanatory, they give you all the stuff there and then of course keeping things very simple, so publish and then you’re going to wait for the verification of your local shop. Once you get it, then you pretty much go ahead and this is where the next bullet point I’m going to talk about comes in handy. So, before we jump into that bullet point, it’s Google My Business. You just type it in on Google. Once you type it in, it’ll pretty much just bring up to log in, check log in with your Gmail, and then you would be set up to start doing a Google My Business. So within the post itself, there is also a post that shows on the right hand side, then again construction, so that’s how a Google My Business listing will be shown up, okay

04:21 Relevance

So, the next bullet point would be: relevance. Here, within relevance, as with any search engine optimization practice, search engines look at how relevant a page is to the keyword that users type in. So right after I read that, it’s again pretty much self-explanatory to explain this to you as the business owner of a construction business or someone that works within the marketing department of a construction business. So, what I mean by relevance is basically what your business is servicing, what you’re offering is where you want to make sure that Google understands that. So as we talked about general in local search terms, it goes right into this question because now you kind of have to get a little bit more specific and just have a general idea of how you want to be perceived online. Obviously, you would want what you do offline to be shown online. So keep it simple, use the same idea of what you’re servicing or if you’re doing a whole bunch of stuff, just focusing on what brings in the most money. So you can start there or if you want to push what doesn’t bring in the most money, you can start your search term there. So for instance, a website optimized for home construction will appear first on pertaining keyword searches in comparison to a website optimized for other leading keywords such as construction services, affordable construction services, etc. So basically, it just depends on what it is that you’re offering. So to become relevant, begin working on a content calendar based on your expertise or on changing trends within the field. So you’re not only going to create content, you’re also going to create content on changing trends. So, you’re going to position yourself as an authority within new things that are coming up, new things that are happening within the construction industry, and how it can benefit or make things worse for you. My other local construction companies, you get on the scene so that kind of general way of going about looking for the right search terms or positioning your business in terms of relevance is where you wanna go, because once you start doing the content calendar, this is how you show your expertise, not just in the main field or the main point that you’re trying to push, or again the main item or service you’re trying to push, but also, look, I could I sell other stuff as well. So here’s the knowledge I know about these as well, so that’s what I mean.

The next thing would be: how to leverage or implement local SEO for building and construction. So this portion within the article, it goes even deeper into other ways how you can go ahead and make sure that you keep yourself relevant, the set up is quick and you know what you’re focusing on so that once Google sees it, they also will know what you’re focusing on and you just keep churning out content from there. And again it doesn’t have to be articles, it could be videos, it could be your guys doing a quick work, you’re pretty much looking creative in any kind of way, but it has to be engaging for people to want to stick around and watch, not just focusing on people that are within the industry and are interested in getting, you know new information, but just a regular Joe Schmo like me. I’m not in the construction industry but if I’m looking for a guy to do a specific thing or woman to do a specific job, I am looking for them to be able to tell me a little bit about what it is that they’re about to do. That way I at least have some confidence that, okay, you at least know your field. Okay.

08:41 Local Keyword Selection

Alright, so the next portion within how to leverage implementing local SEO for building and construction would have to be: local keyword selection. So, any specific SEO campaign begins with shortlisting the right keywords, so when competing with other local building and local construction companies, it is important to list down the right keywords that showcase the services offered by your company. So the first thing you may want to do is use free keyword search tools, Google Search, Google keyword planner, there’s a whole bunch of other keyword planner tools as well as SEM Rush, just those 3 alone are different keywords search tools. The last two, Google keyword planner and SEM Rush, give you step by step assistance so you can quickly understand what’s going on and then they go deeper into giving you more information in terms of, you know, in-depth metrics, marked where a keyword didn’t do well, or a competitor can beat you out for this.

So go to the suggestion section and check what questions are being asked around your topic. These questions and statements are geared towards keywords that will be beneficial. So for instance, Google search, this is where you’re using this suggestion. So you’ll go on Google, you’ll type in what you sell, for instance, and just scroll down and look at what the competitors are sharing. Also, mainly look at the suggestions, what are people asking and what topics are being discussed. So within that suggestion section, you’ll be able to see topics that you can focus in and gather up the right type of keywords, especially if it’s around you know, relevancy in terms of what it is that you’re trying to push first and foremost on this side, as opposed to just the service that you’re trying to push. 

On the other hand, research intent keywords are those which demonstrate that the person is interested but not ready to hire someone right away. So these keywords can be high on CPC or basically cost per click. So this can be fine when you are on Google keyword search tool, you will see the exact acronym CPC. Under that that you’ll see the cost people are willing to pay to be seen for those keywords. So this is the perfect way to know the true intent of the keyword. Try to avoid going overboard with the use of keywords. In fact, crawler bots have become smart enough to detect US stuff, so just be careful when you’re adding keywords. Just add it once within the title, add it once within your first header tag or just the headline. Add it once somewhere within the article and then another time at the bottom. So maybe like 3-4 times you’ll be adding the keyword within the page, so keeping away from it being too stuffy.

12:04 Ask for Online Reviews

Next up would be: rack up online reviews. We all know online reviews are very, very, important, so the more of these you can get, the more candid your business looks. The transparency shows, okay, look we are actually good at what we do because there’s tons of people coming to us. So the best way to get reviews: you could go ahead and ask your current customers, you could go ahead and once you have like a small space online starting to go ahead, you could ask those people as well. So right now, seeing you don’t have any start yet, global outreach is the best bet.  Have your staff members leave a review and let them be unbiased, so literally almost like they’re coming from the standpoint of someone not working there, and if they were to shop there, what would their experience be based on, well you know, what they’ve seen customers deal with, stuff like that, so they could come off from that standpoint. Yes, those are just some quick ways how you can get people to quickly start to leave reviews. Of course, there’s some online and those tips again will be shared within the blog post itself, so be sure to check it out.

All right, so in conclusion, ask satisfied customers to write reviews, look at the relevancy of the keywords, focus on what your main focus is, or if you don’t currently have a main focus for your store, you can just start to jot down where the biggest sales come from – is it during a certain month, is it a certain product, does time frame matter – all that type of stuff – and then once you jot those down, you start to get your relevancy going. Then you’ll be able to generate the keywords you’re looking for and then from there, you’ll be able to start generating some type of leads from your online business while you’re focusing on what’s important. So no matter how strong an in-bound marketing campaign may be or how user-friendly a construction website may be, local SEO strategies, if implemented in the correct manner can help broaden the target audience group. 

Tips to Create SEO-friendly FAQ Pages

Tips to Create SEO-friendly FAQ Pages

MedResponsive is an experienced SEO company, with a skilled team of experts staying up to date with the changes in the search engine landscape. From SEO, social media marketing services, PPC advertising, medical website development, web application development, software development, to e-commerce solutions, we support you at every step to achieve the desired outcomes.

In today’s podcast, Dame Colquhoun, our Solutions Manager/SEO Strategist, discusses key tips to create SEO-friendly FAQ pages for website.

Listen to the Podcast now!

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Hello –
This is Monica Thomas the Search Marketing/SEO manager for medresponsive.com

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Today we’re going to go over SEO friendly FAQ page strategies to use for your business website.

Are you on a frantic content marketing spree for your website and planning to optimize its content to increase SEO value? Then start by building frequently asked questions -FAQ content. FAQ pages are valuable to organic performance, incorporating keywords into an on-page copy, optimizing title tags and meta- descriptions, adding structured data – all of these practices contribute to the SEO value of a FAQ page for Google. When creating a FAQ page, be clear and unambiguous when answering the questions.

00:45 Tips to Consider When Creating an SEO Friendly FAQ Page

Here discussed are some common tips to consider when creating an SEO friendly FAQ page.

00:52 Find business related relevant questions

First up is finding questions relating to your area of business. One of the first things to do before creating a FAQ page is to find relevant questions related to the specific area of business. Never ever try to create a sloppy FAQ page to drive more traffic to the website, as it won’t help SEO and will lead to worse results for the website. In any case, visitors who cannot find information on what they’re looking for will quickly leave a page. So basically with that portion. What we’re trying to say is – keep it simple, answer the questions that you know.

People normally have an issue understanding concerning your service and then from there what you can do is also go to Google search – type in a question that usually people will ask pertaining to your service and then what you do is scroll down to the Google suggestions section. Basically, that’s the section where you see a number of random questions or someone giving an example, so those questions when you click it, you’ll notice that a lot more starts to populate. In that area, you basically wanted to just use those and add it to your FAQ page, anything that you feel that is important and then from there, you can even make actual articles for each FAQ that you name out, at least the ones that are important to make additional information. That way, you give yourself and Google more armor to let the Google search engine know that your site is beneficial and these are additional information that let people know about a certain fact.

02:43 Incorporate keywords

Next on the list is: incorporate keywords into the FAQ answers. The FAQ pages created for business website offer a unique platform to use the right keywords. Placing the top keywords meaningfully in the answers will make a positive contribution to the overall ranking of the website page in search engines.  Using the right terms with good content allows the website to rank high in organic results and gives positive results for SEO. The major goal should be writing answers and questions relevant to the area of business. Using keywords that aren’t relevant to the area business or brand will not drive traffic to the brand and website and will not affect SEO. Well, so in this portion here, like we mentioned in the first bullet point, you want to focus on the more relevant questions, not just questions that people do ask pertaining to your service, but it doesn’t really help you drive sales or get people open to giving your service off to someone that needs it. So what you want to do in this case is just make sure that the keywords that you’re using are also added within the FAQ page or the service section that you’re going to speak on. And I talked about creating an article for certain questions that you answer on the FAQ page. This is the portion that will help you to add the keywords in because then you’ll be able to show up on Google for multiple things, outside of you, just talking about your service, Google is going to find you even more so for the keyword and based on that people are searching for those keywords, so on and so forth. So, on the page you end up seeing an example of how to go about putting together your keyword list so that you can maximize the content that you’re going to use on the FAQ page.

Alright so now we’re going to go on the backend of your FAQ page as well as any other pages that you’ll make up that will be helpful in the FAQ page that you’re going to build.

05:00 Optimize title tags and meta descriptions

So, the next bullet point is optimize title tags and meta descriptions for FAQ pages. With multiple pages it is possible to incorporate topical relevant keywords into the title tag and meta description of each FAQ page. Title tags help search engines understand what the page is all about and users understand what content services are for the page. Meta descriptions are an important component that can impact CTR, which is click through rate, and we’ll go over that within the article, so just check it out.

By optimizing both of these on page SEO factors, you can provide users and Google with a clear explanation of what the page is all about. So that’s all title tags and meta descriptions are for. It’s going to help Google understand what the page is about. So make sure you go, if it’s not you that’s setting this up, make sure that your guys or girls, are adding the keywords that once you check out the last bullet point we talked about and the steps to get your keyword list, make sure that they’re adding those type of keywords within the backend so that Google understands what the page is about. And remember don’t keyword stuff, so we gonna go do some examples within this bullet point, just check within the content on the site but all in all, it involves a plugin called Yoast and this is for WordPress. I’m sure they use it for other CMS systems, but WordPress, you’ll just download Yoast, and then from there it will walk you through where the title tag section should be and where the meta description section should be, and okay, and this is how your meta description is, well, it’s weak, you need to improve it or this is perfect just leave it, move on.

So just remember that a well optimized FAQ page can contribute to organic search strategy and success, even if it’s one small piece of a much larger puzzle.

Of course, I can go a lot further into talking about the other bullet points, but the best thing for you to do is to check the content online because that’s where all the actionable tips are. I talked a little bit about them, but it will take way too long for me to go through one bullet point in steps, okay this is what you do, this is what you do, you still need to visually see it. So just go on the content itself, scroll down to the bullet point that you need and you’ll see the steps there. And if you run into issues, just reach out to us or just leave a comment and so we’ll reach back out to you.

Okay, take care yourself. Bye!