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In today’s podcast, Juan Reyes, our Digital Brand Manager/SEO, SEM, and Applications, discusses Why Are Podcasts Popular? How Do You Create, Market, and Monetize Them?

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So to carry on… you might be familiar with that type of podcast from Joe Rogan when he gets together with Elon Musk and they talk about different topics. That’s the interview or the conversational type. In an interview podcast format, the host typically interviews a new guest in each episode and the aim is to share the guest experience or the talent. This podcast usually begins with a brief guest introduction and then moves on into asking questions to guide the conversation around a specific topic. A particular example that we’d like to share with you guys is the armchair expert. Pretty nice podcast. I think that’s definitely something that you can look up and take a look at it I’m gonna have to link down here descriptions you can follow up on that.

So once you’ve done a podcast of this type, if you share this podcast episode across different social media profiles it definitely opens up the opportunity to reach a whole new set of audience. Now we’ve talked about this of course, but for any of the content format that you choose, make sure to focus on experiences that you want to create for your guest. People will be happier and more willing to share interesting and informative episodes. So definitely put yourself out there, talk about topics that are definitely on top of people’s minds. They might be a little bit controversial but that they’re definitely right now at the moment at the head of most people in their minds and in their thought process. If you talk about these types of situations, definitely you’re going to get engagement. I mean people are going to share if they feel something or if they feel that they’ve had an experience or a positive experience or they’re happy or if that’s a very informative episode, then people are more than likely going to share that content.

So a solo formatted podcast is another method. It’s kind of what I’m doing here now. You just concentrate and focus on my voice. You could actually go to Netflix right now and watch a guide to meditation and that’s a fantastic wonderful audio journey that’s visually stimulating as well, but you could obviously turn off the screen and just listen in and you could be guided into meditation. So that’s something that’s fantastic.

There are a lot of people out there right now just doing beautiful stimulating videos that help some people go to sleep or help people concentrate or learn some vital important lessons or soft skills perhaps, in their life. So a little bit about the solo format. A solo format, in this type of podcast, it’s used to share one ‘s own expertise in the industry which is something we talked about earlier it helps build a personal brand. While some solo podcasts subscribe only key points, others may be lengthy with a huge amount of information, detail preparation with complete scripts will make solo commentaries more interesting for listeners.
Solo podcasts make it much easier to build a strong connection with the audience as you’re speaking directly to the listener – just like I am here with you now today. And remember, if you’re not watching the video, please click on the link down at the bottom if you feel like you’d like to see the person who’s talking and match a face with the voice. Of course, feel free to just keep driving and listening in about podcasts here with me today, your host Juan Reyes. Happy to have you here!

So the other type of podcast that might be very interesting easy to produce is the non-fiction narrative. So, the non-fiction narrative, you essentially just get a piece of war memorabilia, politics, history, anything, really it could even be a study that came out from the New England Journal of Medicine, you know, recent studies about COVID or vaccines, anything you want to really read about and turned into an audio format for the person who’s listening. So the person might be driving their car, you know they’re driving on I-95 in their Audi and they don’t have time to sit there and read about this new COVID study, you know, might be a doctor an immunologist and they might be very interested in this new particular research that has come out, but doesn’t have the time.

So, a podcast is a fantastic way for you to be able to provide this information, this informative information to a person or a very important segment of the audience which could be the medical practitioner. For example, if you’re trying to sell actively medical supplies for a pharmaceutical company, then by engaging in this type of segment or audience with a valuable podcast, it’s gonna provide valuable information to a person of this of this segment, you’re more than likely you’re gonna be able to engage with that audience.

So, the non-fiction narrative. The non-fiction narrative type of podcast supports different forms of storytelling. Those who like reading stories will love storytelling podcast. In this format, each storytelling episode structured as a narrative. In certain cases, multiple episodes are joined together to form an expansive narrative. Here’s an example from This American Life which I’d love on NPR, I hope you guys also watch it and listen to it, one of the most popular storytelling podcasts. So, the stories they share here’s but I did everything right which is a fantastic podcasts I’m sure the link in the description so you guys can go out and see, that listen to that in NPR. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard NPR if you listen to this podcast now, you’ve heard NPR. Fantastic, fantastic. They were doing it before the internet was even around.

So another way of getting new podcasts out there is by re purposing already created/generated content. Now I’m definitely not recommending that you go out there grabbing plagiarize someone else’s content and turn it into a podcast. So be sure that you’re looking into the copyright restrictions. Don’t infringe on anyone’s intellectual property. Got to put that out there in the disclaimer, definitely need to be careful with that. But you know if it’s historical information that is very, very old, it’s typically public knowledge or it is under the public comments license which allows you to use a lot of this content. A good guide is Wikipedia, so if the information on Wikipedia, more than likely you’re able to share that content yourself or repurpose it in such a way.

Our recommendation here is to use some of the content that you’ve already generated, perhaps you have a blog, right, that you’ve written, a couple of blog pieces and articles and maybe you found some correlation or trend between 2 or 3 articles You might be able to match those or mix those together and generate a new podcast based off that content. You could also maybe be a photographer and have taken a series of beautiful images, and for people who perhaps are blind you could generate a beautiful podcast that would describe the images that you took, opening up a world of imagination to people and also in a way providing a beautiful social service I think it’s very endearing to the majority the public. I know myself for example, I would be interested in somebody doing something like that I think would be very nice and thoughtful for people who perhaps are blind. We would probably even be interested in donating to a person who would do such a beautiful humanitarian act, artistic act.

So that’s a kind of a few ideas of re purposing content. Here’s what we wrote about that so the podcast content is repurposed in such a way that the content contains the same message was delivered in a new and creative way.  Repurposing old content helps reached new listeners and thus maximize your podcast content. Being an experienced digital marketing agency providing services for diverse industries, we create audio podcast out of our blogs that reflect our expertise in the industry and we’re gonna share with you down here in the description, a couple of those podcasts that we produced over here at MOS – Managed Outsourced Solutions and also at MedResponsive, our sister company for SEO agencies and digital marketing.

So yeah, we’re gonna share those things with you. For example, we have a wonderful podcast which is the Effective Local SEO strategies for Construction Businesses. So if you have a construction business, we have some really great SEO strategies for you.

So why podcasts are popular, we’ve been able to definitely make that very clear to you, but we’re going to go into a little bit more of the psychological details around why they’re so popular in a moment. Let’s stop here and we’ll be carrying on in a moment with part 3 of this fantastic podcast I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. Please feel free to leave your comments, your remarks down in the bottom. Looking forward to hearing from you, we love engaging in interacting with our audience.

Looking forward to hearing back from you in part 3, don’t go anywhere.

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