Why Videos Are the Way to Optimize During the Coronavirus Lull

by | Published on Mar 31, 2020 | Medical SEO

One of the lessons to learn in SEO is that sometimes unpredictable situations rise that help put things in perspective. SEO services in Long Island now focus on helping their clients get back the traffic and conversions they’d have lost during this pandemic-enforced lull.

Shift the Focus to the Long Term

Coronavirus has put the SEO efforts of nearly all industries in a slowdown. The worst part is that the virus is spreading rapidly with over 10,000 cases being reported each day. At this point, it would be futile for marketers to work for short-term gains. Sure, there may be opportunities here and there, particularly for those selling hand sanitizers, face masks and gloves. And you have essential commodities such as toilet paper and certain kinds of food stuff that will never run out of demand. Businesses offering these products would benefit for sure.

But it isn’t ethical to exploit the situation when people are looking to keep themselves safe. If, despite the lockdown, you can offer home delivery of your products as an ecommerce business, you can gain. But short-term opportunities are nevertheless rare. So, SEO professionals believe the focus should be on the long term.

Ensuring Quick Recovery from the Pandemic Situation

Businesses and websites have experienced drops in traffic and rankings, which is natural considering the fact that people have other priorities now. Many of the things they would have been interested in don’t matter much anymore. This has affected businesses across industries, not just travel and hospitality. But that doesn’t mean you need to adopt any knee-jerk reactions. Keep optimizing and adopting accepted SEO practices.

Eventually you will recover, because the coronavirus pandemic will not be lasting forever. Your aim must be how to recover as soon as possible. Here are some things you can do:

Turn to Videos

Optimization should continue. But with so much time on your hands now, you can focus on creating some videos. The advantage of videos for SEO are well documented. But making videos takes time, which, while you’re busy trying to attract customers and grow your business, is hard to come by. But in this lull period you have lots of it. So, you can make videos targeting long-tail keywords. You can make them conspicuous in YouTube searches and also get them in the featured snippets in search results through effective optimization. Videos can also form the basis for other kinds of content.

You can take a video and embed it in a blog post with the transcript. You can take screenshots of the video which can be used as images in your social media posts. For Instagram, you can take a few quotes from the transcript and use them with your Instagram images. Of course, those quotes can also be used for your blog posts and press releases.

There are so many videos you can take – how-to videos, demo videos and, most importantly, Q&A videos. Not only will they attract people during this season, but they can also be drawn to your practice when the coronavirus impact ends.

This is one of the ways you can make the most of this lull period. An experienced Long Island SEO company can help make this period productive.

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