Search Engine Optimization for Telemedicine Companies

by | Published on Apr 9, 2020 | Medical SEO

Telemedicine companies have been involved in providing healthcare to people without access to conventional healthcare due to their age or geographic location. SEO services in Long Island develop strategies specifically for such companies.

Importance of Telemedicine

Telemedicine gives healthcare providers the opportunity to reach out to patients from all parts of the world. A recent study has revealed that the telemedicine space could grow astronomically till 2022 at least.

With telehealth, healthcare access can be improved for remote patients and hospitals. While remote patients can get access to clinical services easily, remote hospitals can also provide quality intensive care and emergency services. Telehealth improves outcomes for patients since they can be treated and diagnosed earlier. Telehealth-equipped ICUs bring about significantly reduced complications, hospital stays and mortality rates. With telehealth, the number of patient transfers required for emergencies such as stroke are reduced. Thanks to advanced home monitoring systems, expensive hospital visits are reduced anyway. Cost savings and more constant health monitoring are guaranteed.

The situation currently prevalent in most parts of the world is the lockdown brought about by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. There could be many people out there who might want their health doubts to be cleared or have their blood pressure, heart rate and other aspects checked. Telemedicine could give them the opportunity to take care of their health needs without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes. With effective search engine optimization, your telemedicine company could reach out to these people.

SEO Building Blocks Your Telemedicine Business Needs

As with SEO for any industry, the success of healthcare SEO revolves around effective web page and blog content quality, keyword optimization, metadata, image optimization, social media optimization, internal linking, and a user-friendly and quick-loading site. This helps you build a strong online presence while also facilitating greater conversions.


One of the most important strategies telehealth companies need is inbound marketing. It’s not just attracting anyone, but the right people. For that, you need to target them with the right kind of content and through the most appropriate channels. Content should revolve around the problems and areas of interest of the target audience. That’s how you can attract them to your blogs, social networking channels, and your website.

As part of quality content, what you need to do is consider the problems patients or typical users of your telemedicine services go through and address them through your blog posts. You can post information-rich content with useful tips that help raise your credibility and enable you to perform well on the search rankings. You can include topics that have relevance to what your services deal with. You can focus on diseases, symptoms and other aspects.

You also need content that shows how apps and high-tech equipment can help improve healthcare. That would give your audience a desire to experience these technologies. They would then connect with you to learn more about such stuff.

Keyword Optimization

For keyword optimization, you need to focus on long-tail keywords and question-based searches such as “how to check blood pressure” or “what to do when you get fever”.

keyword optimization

Create pages and blogs around these topics and also include relevant tags. Search engines will pick up on this content and boost your rankings. Make use of keyword suggestion tools including Google Ads.

Optimizing for long-tail keywords is particularly important. These can help you build up your page rank faster. You can optimize for the usual or typical search phrases, but they are most likely highly competitive. It’s harder to secure favorable rankings for them since there already could be established telemedicine and healthcare organizations optimizing for these keywords. Long-tail keywords are not only less competitive, meaning you have greater chances of building up your rankings, but, according to research, they are also normally searched by people who are closer to signing up for those services. That helps you increase your conversion rate.


Blogs are among the most important types of content you need to focus on. Blogs are easy to read through, and if you make them interesting enough, you can build a following. The interest comes when you create these blog posts around topics that your target audience is looking for. You can present solutions to their problems, or provide tips or practical instructions. That adds value to your content – just what you need to build traffic. With keyword research, you can get the content optimized to perform well in the rankings.

There can hardly be more compelling content than testimonials of people who have used your telehealth technologies and benefited from them. Including them could be really significant.

Internal Linking

internal linking
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Never underestimate the importance of internal linking. Internal linking is as important as acquiring backlinks. Any new content you create for your site must be linked to other related blog posts and pages. When you do that, readers can easily find other relevant content in your website, which helps raise the traffic to all those pages. Not only does this help SEO, but also raises your chances of conversions since readers have a lot more to learn about what you offer.

Image Optimization

Make sure you have optimized the images on your website. Add titles containing relevant keywords and descriptive phrases for search engines to track.

Meta data Optimization

metadata optimization

Metadata is an important aspect of your on-page optimization. The meta title, description and tags of your pages need to be effectively optimized to tell search engines what your web pages are about. Make the title less than 60 characters and the description less than 160 characters. Your description should ideally answer the kind of things your target audience would ask in the search engines.

Social Media Optimization

An active presence on the major social networks is essential for any business. But what you need to focus on are social networks your target audience frequents. Through interesting and informative posts including videos, quotes and images, and commenting on other relevant posts, you can make your business really conspicuous.

Mobile Visibility

In this era of apps, you need a website that loads well on mobile devices. People prefer searching on the mobile rather than their laptops, which is why your website needs to be visible in mobile search. You can adopt a responsive design that will ensure your website performs well on all devices. Google values mobile performance. Developing apps can be a great way to offer value to your audience. Healthcare mobile app development is one of the major aspects of digital marketing, and you can develop apps that touch various aspects of people’s health. It also confirms your technical capability before your target audience.

A Long Island SEO company can help your telemedicine business stand strong in the midst of competition and be conspicuous to patients who really need the kind of care your services offer.

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