Why Optimize Off-site Content?

by | Published on Mar 16, 2017 | Medical SEO

Offsite content is as important as onsite content and should be a major consideration of your SEO and the quality of the offsite SEO depends on the content written for the health content marketing. On-site and offsite content is important when it comes to measuring the true performance of your content.

What Is Offsite Content?

In simple terms, offsite content refers to any of the content you own such as an offsite blog or that on social media accounts. It can be any content you have initiated but do not own like content created by influencers, press releases distributed through third party sites or client case studies published on client website. Offsite content is material that is not on your website. It may be owned or earned that is created by someone else but primarily concerns your business.

Relevance of Offsite Content

A 2016 Content Marketing Staffing and Tactics Barometer study by Curata points out that 41.2 percent of respondents cited content creation as the most lacking skill set in their marketing teams. Most marketers are desperate to have skilled copywriters who can post to various content channels. The advantage of offsite content is that the style and tone of writing, and subject matter can be diverse, while this may not be possible with onsite content that has to maintain a specific branded voice. Now let us examine why offsite content is important.

  • The first and foremost reason is Google’s goal of diversifying search results so as not to include content from the same domain on the first page of its search results. So medical businesses have to own or earn optimized content on other authoritative domains to find a place among the first search results.
  • Offsite content also helps in building brand awareness among new visitors. You have the advantage of obtaining a diverse audience by engaging readers who may not have otherwise found your website.
  • Review sites, influencers and social networks play an important role in helping customers make their buying decisions. Therefore you need to post off-site content in these places and ensure visibility via organic or paid search.
  • It can also improve the authority of on-site content by increasing content frequency and reach.
  • Another reason to have off-site content is that it is a great source of referral traffic and authoritative backlinks.

Optimizing Offsite Content

Optimizing offsite content is not an easy task as you may not have full control or have limitations as regards the length of the content, especially on social media. The best strategy is to anticipate the audience that would be engaging with the content, and also, think of the keywords they are most likely to search for. Your current keyword research can of course be used in a suitable way for off-site content.

In the case of social media posts, these increasingly show up in Google’s as well as other search engines’ SERPs. So optimizing your content in order to be found within the search feature of each social network is crucial. The content should be titled, described and tagged with the right keywords and hashtags for maximum visibility.

Influencer marketing is very important. You can give them an overview, bullets and key talking points and highlight relevant keywords. You can also provide them images with optimized file names and trackable links to the content you want them to promote and build credibility for. The content they produce should ultimately be able to rank in its own right.

Content Tracking for Off-site Content

It is vital that you track all ranking content that is relevant to your healthcare brand. You may find your offsite content ranking better than your pages on-site but you need not be over concerned. With the help of a website marketing company you can get to understand other opportunities that exist for off-site content optimization.

Use Smart URLs to Study Your Off-site Content

Smart URLs are unique links that contain additional data that helps in tracking. These can provide comprehensive insights into engagement with your offsite content. You can track this content in search. Use smart URLs within the content and in distribution to clearly understand the content that is ranking as well as the content that is driving interaction with your targeted audience.

With the help of reliable medical SEO services you can optimize your offsite content for maximum engagement. These solutions help to achieve better organic traffic, better customer management, and better conversions.

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