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Keyword research is a key search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that involves evaluating search terms that people enter into search engines to get information about a product or service they are looking for. You need to research both long-tail and short-tail keywords along with primary and secondary keywords. While primary keywords are those that have the main keyword phrases, secondary keywords are extra SEO keywords or phrases that help to rank better with the content.

keyword research

Make a list of keywords and the next step is to narrow down keywords by testing them, either by asking questions, by conducting a Google search or by running the campaign for 24 hours and finding out the number of conversions that you receive. Make sure your SEO staff is up to date with the changing Google algorithms and that they are using the right keyword research formula along with the right tools to improve your organic traffic. Businesses can consider associating with experienced SEO companies to perform keyword research and implement a successful marketing campaign.