How to Optimize Your Conversion Rate

by | Published on Apr 4, 2017 | Medical SEO

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) involves optimizing your landing pages, sponsored search ads, and overall website design to increase your conversion rate. This is something a digital marketing company can help you achieve. CRO is considered a good strategy because it helps increase profits from sales without raising your investment in advertising. The conversion rates are industry- and business model-dependent. Your goal should be to persuade the highest possible percentage of visitors to your website to convert or complete your desired action.

With Conversion Rate Optimization, you can evaluate your website’s sales funnel to identify different ways you can improve your website in order to get a higher percentage of people to sign up for your products or services. Websites are no longer just about driving more traffic to your website.


Sales Funnel


Typically, CRO process considers usability of the website and psychological factors holding back sales such as anxiety, risk reversal, friction and so on. However, while these things are important, the healthcare market requires more. Apart from the standard conversion rate optimization techniques, the healthcare market requires a focus on trust and belief. Education and choice are very important in the healthcare sector with the stiff competition prevailing online.

Tools for Measuring Conversion Rate

  • A web analytics tool: This the most basic and essential tool that helps you to track, report and monitor your current website conversion rate. This tool will help in creating better test ideas and help prioritize which pages need optimizing the most to gain more visitors.
  • A website testing tool: This tool will help in testing different versions of your content to see which version increases the conversion rate. You can start with a low-cost testing tool like  Visual  Website. There are many other advanced  tools as well.
  • Visitor feedback tool: Getting feedback form visitors helps in understanding their needs, and also gaining new ideas on improving your website and conversion rates.

How to Ensure Maximum Conversion Rate

  • Run A/B split testing: Test your headline, page layout and navigation, your offer, call to action etc.
  • Create a good value proposition: Your value proposition must be distinctive and stand apart from your competition. Make sure that it is communicated effectively to your customers.
  • Build a sales funnel: Build a sales funnel to build trust, develop relationships and prove your expertise.
  • Ensure clarity of communication: Your message should be clearly communicated to your customers.
  • Focus on your call to action: A call to action is a link or button that directs your visitors to take a certain action such as “call us now,” or “send an email” or “ask for a free consultation”; “add to cart,” or “register now.” You can experiment with different calls to action, apart from varying their position on the page.
  • Focus on your landing page: You can experiment with the layout, content, style and functionality of your landing page to increase the conversion rate. Your landing page is very important because it tells the user what your company has to offer, gain their attention by explaining how your company is different from others; and make it easy and clear how the user can follow through on your offer (convert).
  • Test the right visitors: Organic visitors typically spend more time on websites, browse more pages, and have lower bounce rates than visitors that come from paid campaigns. Returning visitors tend to view sites differently from new visitors. Your testing parameters should reflect these behavioral differences. Make it a point to design tests that are aimed at the right people.
  • Enhance website usability: Optimizing your website with best practices like easy navigation menus, good options for sorting and filtering or browsing etc.
  • A CRO expert who can help: A CRO expert can help in increasing the chances of success. You can either hire experts from an outside agency or have CRO experts in-house for optimum results.
  • Support from others who are part of your online business: Make sure that you have the support of other key people in your organization. Educate them as regards the benefits of conversion rates optimization and its positive impact on revenue.

To ensure the best conversions, you need to be testing your website always. This challenging task can be successfully done with the help of a website development company. Some tests may prove successful and some may fail, but both present opportunities for growth. These tests may be used to investigate new website design possibilities that are more appealing and effective.

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