12 Examples of Inspiring Testimonial Pages You Should Know

by | Published on Sep 29, 2020 | Medical SEO

Marketers write compelling copies, use tempting images, and add attractive videos on your business website to grab the attention of targeted customers. All of these strategies can be successful, but there is no better way than customer testimonials to help you gain trust and prove your brand genuineness. For instance, in medical website marketing, a customer testimonials page on your medical website is a significant one. It will help prospects who are looking for your services study the experience of other customers and know more about your service. This will allow visitors to make a quick decision and if the reviews are positive it increases your online visibility as well. It is because as the definition goes, a testimonial “is a formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications”. They are real and natural, and they provide credibility to your business. By reading the testimonials, a prospective customer can determine whether you will satisfy their needs or not.

Testimonials have many benefits:

  • They add value to your business and builds trust
  • Give confidence for website visitors to take a desired action
  • If your product is not one-dimensional, you will get different reviews from different kinds of customers
  • Positive reviews can favor you from the beginning itself
  • They improve the visibility of your business on popular search engines

Here are some examples of testimonial pages that are worth visiting.

  • The Tea Story: This testimonial page attracts everyone with an eye-catching design and raises the brand’s identity. Visitors to the website will not miss out on the positive reviews as the testimonial section is located towards the top of the home page. They have chosen customer quotes as their primary testimonial format. They include selective descriptive words that are so appealing that it is difficult to resist purchasing the tea. Like this business, consider including testimonials as a part of your homepage design, so that prospects will come to know of your popularity right from the beginning.
  • Xero: This website contains unique testimonial snippets on the homepage along with customers’ photographs. The page includes quotes, videos, industry, client names, etc. The page has “Read More” buttons that take you to the Q&A page for that individual case study. This company is a brilliant example of a business that knows the importance of customer testimonials. By featuring unique testimonials for different kinds of customers, Xero allows prospects to experience the story relevant to them.
  • com: By using typography, color, and balance, they have created a layout that is extraordinarily clean and organized. They provide three types of testimonials on their website. They are: regular testimonials that include logo and quote; featured testimonials that include logo, quote, and video; and case study testimonials that contain summary, quote and Read More button that connects to a newsletter-type PDF for each client.
  • Hearts and Tears: It is a motorcycle tour agency that uses a short customer quote to promote their upcoming tour. It is paired with a large image from the trip to give people an idea of what the ride is all about. The company makes use of the positive customer reviews posted on social media and on recommendation platforms. It is the best strategy to find customer testimonials rather than asking for customer reviews.
  • Bizzabo: It is a company that provides tools for professional event planning and implementation. They have different kinds of testimonials of different kinds of customers, so that anyone can find the testimonial that they are looking for. They have case studies on their page and also videos for people who prefer any of them. You can see in their testimonials page how Bizzabo really cares for their customer stories because they provide a range of content formats. The layout of the page is like choose-your-own-adventure that gives prospective customers options on how they prefer to absorb these stories.
  • Codecademy: Their mission is to teach newbies about learning new coding skills online. They use their customer testimonial page to strongly explain this mission, and they have numerous students willing to share their experience. They use videos to tell the story and show people how Codecademy helps to achieve success in their career with the help of this new skill. They also include stories of many students and interviews with the students about how and why they chose coding. This helps break the barrier for those that are hesitant to sign up for a coding course.
  • Autofleet: They build trust by appealing to authority. They focus on high profile business partners such as Suzuki, Zipcar, and Avis in their testimonials. For those who are unfamiliar with this company, such testimonials make Autofleet instantly appear to be an industry leader with a competitive solution. Autofleet places their testimonials on their homepage with an easy and brilliant design. Along with the testimonials, they include a photo and job title of each customer to make it more convincing.
  • mHelpDesk: mHelpDesk is a business automation software company that has a very constructive customer’s page, they incorporate both videos and text-based reviews. They present the video testimonials at the top of the page with pulled out text excerpts below them for easier navigation. Between the video section and text-based reviews there is a Call to Action. The company also include the badges and awards they received to build trust in the minds of prospective customers. The videos included on their page are fine, but some of them lack in quality. If you are including videos, ensure they are of good quality so that you can create a good impression on customers.
  • Fabletics: They depend on social media to obtain testimonials from customers. Fabletics encourages their customers to post their pictures on Instagram, wearing the company’s products and tagging them. This provides a flow of engagement for the brand’s social account as well as a free advertisement for the brand in the form of customer advocacy.
  • ChowNow’s: The simple design of ChowNow concentrates on videos and unique quotes from customers. To produce high-quality video testimonials, their team sends a video crew to their customer restaurant locations as it is the best way to display happy customers. These videos connect with the viewers at an emotional level that is hard to convey through text alone. The featured quotes on their page that mention why people choose ChowNow over competitors increased their sales from 20-25%.
  • Hootsuite: It is a social media management platform. Their testimonial page shows how their product works for anybody. They start their testimonial page with a video mashup showing their different kinds of customers and businesses. As you scroll down, you can also see the case studies of these different businesses in three sections separated by the goals. They are brand building, speed/efficiency, and reporting capabilities.
  • FreeAgent: It is an accounting software that has a review page which includes press mentions and not customer testimonials. They include snippets of the reviews posted on other sites and these are linked to the resource. The reviews are from trusted sources, and this helps FreeAgent to drive sales.

So, testimonials and reviews are a great way to boost your credibility and establish your level of expertise. For medical website marketing, it is very important to include a testimonials page because visitors to healthcare websites check out the experience of earlier customers. It is a great idea to place the testimonials on your home page as it is the first page that provides the users the first impression, and if the reviews are positive, they can favor you from the beginning itself.


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