Why Quora Can Be Your Next Social Network to Target

by | Published on Nov 7, 2019 | SEO

Why are social network platforms so hotly targeted by businesses and institutions for marketing? They’re popular.Digital marketing for healthcare involves many of the same challenges encountered by other fields of business in reaching out to potential customers, increasing website traffic and converting them. The key is to reach out to where the audience is. Social networks are the way to do it, and while there are the common, popular social networks, there are also other unique ones that are getting there and are unique. Quora is one of these.

Answers to Every Question

While it started as a platform for getting your doubts cleared, Quora has witnessed some heated discussions as well as lighthearted conversations ranging from paranormal encounters and haunted experiences to the search for the silliest thing someone has done. People give their answers to questions and some narrate their experiences if the question deals with things like that. Political questions invite heated discussions sometimes, but people also use Quora to get genuine information about something. Quora answers do come up prominently in search results, particularly when users search with questions. The platform can therefore be used for building your brand and driving traffic to your site, like many other social networking platforms.

How Quora Works

While Quora users get the general feed that contains questions and answers, they can also choose from a range of topics and check the questions and answers put up in that genre. And you can also specify the topics in which you’re interested to answer questions. You get an email notification when someone asks a question in the genres you have selected.

So how can Quora help you in marketing? For one, it has 1.5 million visitors each month. Since you can select the genres you specialize in, you can show readers that you are an expert on the subject, and by your answers you can prove it. And Quora also enables you to share links to your website, blog or other sources. That helps massively in link building. You can also comment on answers by others and ask questions. Whenever you answer a question, your name and your profile are mentioned.

Search for Relevant Keywords and Questions and Answer Them

So, you can start by searching for keywords related to your topic. Or you can also search questions related to your field. Neil Patel recommends that you start answering every possible question out there in connection with your field. That helps you build authority and a following, whereby you can give the impression of being the go-to resource for that topic. The strategy can also build your brand. And the links to your website can bring these readers to your site, raising its traffic.

Linking to Your Blogs and Copying Parts of Their Content

You can also link to your blogs where you’ll have more of that information. In your answers, only link to your website or blog posts when necessary so that you don’t sound spammy. You can get some leads.  

You can also copy parts of your blog in your answer, when necessary, and link back. Do it only if it gives more information the reader could benefit from, because otherwise Quora would consider it spamming or even plagiaristic. Remember, your goal is to offer the most unique information and in-depth insight. You need to offer information that’s more valuable than what the other answers contain.

If your blog posts or web pages contain such information, Neil Patel’s strategy of copying parts of that content and pasting to your answer while linking back to those blog posts could give you a ton of traffic. It won’t be misunderstood by Quora as spam if the information is truly insightful, in-depth and unique. Answer as many questions you can, but relevant ones. The more popular the questions you select, the more beneficial it is. Also make sure that you answer regularly.

Insightful Answers Give You Upvotes, Building Your Authority

Readers have the option to upvote or downvote answers (similar to Facebook or YouTube’s Like and thumbs up features). So if your answer keeps trouncing the competition with its insightful and in-depth information, you’ll keep getting upvotes, which would build your authority and increase your popularity and following.

Enrich Your Profile With Information

Make sure your Quora profile is attractive and reasonably descriptive. People visit your profile to really know what you’re good at, and to know what qualities you have that make you an authority on the topic. Also ensure that you add links to your website, blogs or social media accounts. All you need to be careful of is not to directly get your business promoted. You can follow other experts and also mention people in the answers you give.

Quora Can Give You High Quality Traffic

Not only do Quora answers sometimes pop up quite high up in the search rankings, they’re always present in the site so anyone can find them no matter when they seek such answers. And whenever they see those answers, they could be led to visit your site. And the traffic that visits your site is a more high quality one. Since people visit Quora to get their genuine doubts cleared, you have a greater chance of conversions. If you offer great value through your insightful and in-depth answers, readers genuinely seeking help will keep checking out your website or blogs and even share your answers on social networks, spreading the word. That’s how you build your brand while also generating leads. With an experienced medical SEO company, you can ensure social media optimization is handled well. By that, we also mean exploring unique platforms such as Quora and exploring the opportunities they provide.

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