What Are the Latest Trends in iOS Mobile App Development?

by | Published on Aug 24, 2017 | Mobile App Development

In the present day scenario, people greatly rely on mobile devices and mobile apps have started to penetrate into most of the industries. The healthcare industry is no exception, and is witnessing a phenomenal increase in mobile app development and more dependency on healthcare software development services. Healthcare industry customers are on the lookout for state-of-the-art custom software applications that will help them reach out to, and acquire more customers. In keeping with this trend, mobile app developers focus on developing healthcare apps for both iOS and Android systems. They provide a secure and scalable platform for all online patient services, with the app supporting features such as appointment scheduling, secure messaging, physician search, and medical records among others.

Mobile App Development

Doctor – patient interaction is vital in healthcare, which is challenging while monitoring patients remotely. But with the help of mobile apps, the distance between the patient and the doctor can be reduced. Therefore many healthcare professionals are enthusiastic to develop mobile apps and thus improve the performance of their healthcare units. Mobile apps for healthcare organizations help in delivering services ensuring quality care, improved workflow and increased patient interaction with minimum complexity.

Today Apple Inc.’s iOS- powered devices like iPhone and iPad have become mainstay in the industry and mobile app development companies increasingly choose iOS as their major app development platform. To empower healthcare providers to engage with patients on their phones in real time, app developers such as a Long Island SEO company utilize the latest smartphone capabilities and location-based technologies to the best effect. Patients benefit from the ease of use and access to information they expect as consumers, with the apps enabling them to easily do everything required from searching for a doctor to fixing an appointment.

So, what are the latest iOS development trends and tools a healthcare SEO company would employ?

  • iBeacon: iBeacon or Beacon is the name for Apple’s technology standard that allows mobile apps to deliver hyper-contextual content to users based on location. Powered by Blue Tooth Low Energy technology, iBeacon allows mobile apps to listen for signals from beacons in the physical world and respond appropriately. This mobile tracking app helps developers to personalize the services, especially for businesses involved in mobile marketing.
  • Cloud Integration: Users may want to access apps across multiple devices and the best solution for this is cloud integration. The cloud technology provides a smart sync and also allows iOS app development companies to reduce the app size significantly.
  • Swift coding: Swift coding that is simpler is ruling iOS apps now, after Objective C. Swift 2 from Apple available now has made it much easier for developers to use it to write reliable codes.
  • Hotfix Native iOS Apps: This tool is ideal to push code levels right away to native Objective C apps, allowing direct access to methodologies of apps and patches them with app alert messages.
  • Focused M-commerce: E-commerce websites must have corresponding mobile apps with technologies like wallets and beacons because of the increasing prevalence of mobile commerce or M-commerce. Mobile users may be persuaded to buy an app if the entire checkout and payment process is reliable, simple and secure.
  • iOS Up: It provides free downloadable software. In addition, it also offers quality assets as well as a market to buy these assets effortlessly.
  • Charter: This is an excellent tool extracted by Swift language. It helps to retain the programming language mailing list on iPhones or iPad. It offers both online and offline views and provides a provision of message threading for the conversation.

A customer-oriented company providing healthcare software development services will focus on developing mobile apps customized to meet individual requirements of clients. The above mentioned tools are typically used in the integrated app development environment for Objective C or Swift-based iOS apps development that necessitate integrated environment applications. Apps for the healthcare industry have to be HIPAA compliant, which makes it important for healthcare entities to partner with a company that understands the challenges they face and will ensure compliance.

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