Social Media Marketing Tools for Your Healthcare Practice

by | Published on Nov 30, 2017 | Social Media Optimization

Digital marketing for healthcare involves a good deal of social networking. There’s a lot of potential in social media marketing for your hospital, physician practice or specialized healthcare center. If you go about it in a professional manner through systematic strategies, your institution can build up its reputation and bring in quality traffic to its site.

There are a great number of tools out there that can guide you to improve your social media healthcare marketing strategies and fine tune them. But we’ll check out just a few of these:


Buffer is available as a free as well as paid version. It helps in scheduling social media posts on any of the platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. You can also customize specific patterns for posting and the schedules. For the posts you make with certain specific timeframes, you’re offered an analytics dashboard which enables you to perform an evaluation of how your posts are performing and the engagement they are driving. The customization option enables you to schedule your posts based on the time your target audience is most active on each of the social networks. It’s certainly something you’ve got to have in your arsenal.


This free as well as premium service is, as you’d already know, aimed at shortening long URLs so you can add them in any social network. Using Bitly URL also enables tracking of the performance of each of your shortened URLs on a particular network. The Bitly dashboard reveals the total number of clicks for each of your URLs. It also highlights the most popular sources from which your URLs have been clicked. That gives you a clear picture of the kind of links that your target audience likes, which helps you plan your strategy better. Using Bitly is particularly critical for networks such as Twitter and Instagram that don’t accept long and elaborate posts.

Sprout Social

You absolutely need effective customer relationship management, and for that it’s hard to beat Sprout Social that is only offered through paid plans. Apart from scheduling capabilities, it features an analytics platform plus advanced social listening functions. Its analytics platform focuses on tracking engagement. Managers are able to build customer relationships by responding to requests and comments made on social media. Sprout Social’s Group Report feature gives you comprehensive analytics information about your audience. This information includes engagement, age and gender.


Feedly can help you with content ideation. It can help you find great and relevant content to share. What Feedly does is show a content feed that is compiled from the Internet on the basis of the topics of interest you’ve selected. So not only are you fully updated with every relevant piece of news or event in your field of medicine, but you also have a rich menu of potentially interesting stuff to share on the social networks, or write about in your blog, to keep your targeted audience hooked to you. Feedly has free as well as paid plans on offer.


With Canva you can make your social media posts rich in visual and graphic content. That’s what much of your social media audience wants to engage with. Canva offers a set of great templates and tools for creating great social media content with graphics and other features that you can share on various platforms. And, you don’t need to be a graphics expert for that. Canva is user-friendly, even easier to use than Photoshop or any of the other Adobe graphics tools. But, of course, you do stand to benefit if you have some basic idea of graphic design. For the best results, Canva can be paired with other tools such as the ones mentioned above.

With these tools, healthcare digital marketing and medical SEO has a lot more potency. You need services such as these to target the social media marketing efforts of your practice or hospital. When it comes to healthcare, reputation counts a lot and with some thoughtful and engaging posts shared on the social networks you can build that up.

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