Snippets in Google Search Results Are Now Longer. Get Ready for a Descriptive Search Result!

by | Published on Dec 18, 2017 | Google Algorithm Updates

Medical content writing requires a good deal of specialized knowledge. That’s where doctors need to collaborate with professional content writers to ensure their web pages give users what they’re searching for. And that eventually contributes to higher search rankings for the hospital, physician clinic or diagnostic center. One of the most important aspects of successful healthcare SEO is quality content. People usually turn to a medical website for information on health conditions, treatment options or general wellness tips. The content you provide can influence your appearance in the search results.

Snippets Can Make the Difference

For your healthcare website, the length of the snippet is important. A snippet appears below the particular search result and describes it. It gives users a description of what your page is about and how it connects to the search query they’ve entered. This information could decide whether users click your result and enter your page, or move on to the other results in the SERPs.

Google Makes Snippets Longer and More Descriptive

Google has increased snippet length in the search results. It believes that this will help snippets be more descriptive and informative. This increase in the snippet length was noticed in the last week of November 2017. It wasn’t initially announced by Google, but webmasters and SEO professionals had been noticing this. Search Engine Marketing reported that Google later confirmed about a change in how the snippets were displayed.

Google revealed that it wanted to make the snippets more informative and descriptive so people can figure out better if the page is relevant to what they are searching. RankRanger’s tools have been monitoring the snippet length and have reported it as having increased on average from just 160 characters to nearly 230 characters. Here is the RankRanger chart that illustrates this quite clearly.
Google Search Report

Ensuring Snippets Make Users Click Your Site

How can your website make the most of this? While webmasters may think of updating meta descriptions to exploit the increased length of snippets, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land says Google wouldn’t be in favor of that strategy. Google generates snippets dynamically based on the query made by the user, the content in the meta description as well as the content in your page. If the snippet generated gets longer, Google would most probably get that content pulled from the page.

Make your meta description relevant with the important keywords. But also ensure that the content in your pages is relevant, informative and updated. For a particular search query, your page needs to have the most comprehensive information relevant to that topic. That can go a long way in ensuring the descriptive snippets make users click your website. It’s all about information.

The importance of content quality can never be overemphasized. Professional healthcare digital marketing agency offers diverse health content writing solutions, ensuring relevant information in your web pages.

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