Redesign Of Google Search Using MUM Algorithm

by | Published on Oct 26, 2021 | Google Algorithm Updates

Google is now getting ready to improve users’ search experiences. Google’s search results page is introducing novel ways to get more relevant information for certain searches. The search engine giant recently announced that its Search will be redesigned in integration with MUM algorithm. In the coming months, it is expected that the search experience for some searches will be more visual than ever.

Google is using AI to make the world’s information more accessible. Every improvement Google makes aims at providing more relevant and helpful results.

So, what is MUM algorithm?

MUM or Multitask Unified Model is an algorithm introduced by Google, earlier in 2021. This new search algorithm can search across languages and with images to find answers to complex questions. This AI technology helps in answering complex questions that don’t have direct answers. It introduces an entirely different way of presenting answers, particularly with images.

According to Google, people issue at least eight queries on average to get answers for complex queries. MUM solves even difficult queries by using multiple forms of content, including images and text content in multiple languages. By integrating MUM with Search, Google’s getting closer to helping visitors even with complex answers.

For instance,


This is an example of a complex question that Google has mentioned in its blog. When it comes to “prepare” to hike Mt. Fuji, it could include many things like fitness training as well as finding the right gear. For this context, Google explains that “Since MUM can surface insights based on its deep knowledge of the world, it could highlight that while both mountains are roughly the same elevation, fall is the rainy season on Mt. Fuji so you might need a waterproof jacket. MUM could also surface helpful subtopics for deeper exploration – like the top-rated gear or best training exercises – with pointers to helpful articles, videos and images from across the web. “

Is BERT and MUM the same?

Similar to BERT, MUM is also built on transformer architecture. However, MUM is 1000 times more powerful than BERT. Key features that make MUM different from BERT are –

  • It is trained in 75 different languages
  • It is built to perform multiple tasks at the same time
  • It is multimodal, and offers results in the form of text, images, videos, or audio

MUM breaks down the boundaries in Search by transferring knowledge across languages. For instance, if the content is in Chinese language, MUM could transfer knowledge from sources across languages, and use those insights to find the most relevant results in the preferred language. Being multimodal, MUM can understand information from different formats like web pages, pictures and more, simultaneously.

Here’s how image search works.

image search

Things will be so advanced in the near future that you can choose an image and ask Google a relevant query related to the image. Then MUM would understand the image and connect it with your question and then point to a blog with a list of suggested stuff.

By integrating Google MUM, Google search engine introduces three new features such as

  • Things to know
  • Topic zoom, and
  • Visually browsable search results

The first feature “things to know” provides information about the ways or paths users consider exploring a topic. Based on this information, MUM offers the most relevant content that relates to the topic, even before users conduct follow-up searches.

things to know
Image Source

The second feature, “Topic Zoom” allows searchers to connect to related topics by broadening the topic or zooming into a more granular sub-topic.

The third and attractive feature, “Visual Exploration” will let users visually explore related topics and results. However, this new feature will not show up for all searches and is restricted to searchers with inspiration as the user intent.

So, get ready to search with images too, instead of just text.

Google said that they use learning from their latest research to make sure Search keeps running as efficiently as possible. MUM also helps Google understand all of the different ways people naturally communicate and consume information.

I feel that Google MUM is just like our MOM, has answers for any complex questions we’ve!

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