New Search Bar for Google – What to Expect?

by | Published on Dec 27, 2018 | Google Algorithm Updates

Success in digital marketing always involves keeping tabs on search innovations by Google. There’s now a new search bar being introduced by Google, which many users probably wouldn’t have noticed though it certainly encourages people to search more.


Rolling out the New Google Search Box

Google has been testing this since August 2018, but now Google has started rolling it out. The main change is that the search bar is now fixed right at the top of the search results page (SERP), and even if you scroll through the SERP results the search bar remains right at the top. So searchers don’t have to scroll back all the way up to search for something else. That makes them search for something else even while they are way below in the search results page. Aesthetically, the search bar now has rounded edges giving it a more pleasant feel.

Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz reports that this design is introduced for desktop search results alone and not mobile results. But Google has experimented with similar innovations for Android and introduced them. Whenever Google launches something it does lead to some kind of reaction and also complaints by people who are used to the existing search system. This system doesn’t seem to have any drawback from the user’s perspective though. It seems to be more beneficial, because the search box is in a fixed position at the top.

More Connected Searches

The change could result in people doing more connected searches. After searching for something and scrolling through the results, they could be led to search for something else related to what they’ve searched first, after checking out the snippets and not finding them to be close to what they’re looking for.

The following screenshots reveal the new design:


That’s the top of the SERPs page for the “SEO news” keyword.

Search Bar

As this screenshot shows, even after scrolling down further the search box is stuck to the top.

Snippets and metadata become really important here, because those aspects would decide whether users are satisfied with their perception of what the search results have given. If your website deals with what the user is looking for, make it clear in your metadata so the user would be drawn to click your website. Otherwise you could lose a potential new user, who is led to perform another search.

An experienced and professional SEO company in Long Island, NY can ensure your snippets are relevant and attractive so searchers would be drawn to click your result. It can also prepare you for any other changes brought about by the search engines.

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