Medical Mobile Apps Ensure Better Healthcare Access to Patients

by | Published on Jun 13, 2017 | Mobile App Development

It is quite evident from today’s lifestyle that people greatly rely on mobile and mobile apps to meet various requirements including healthcare. This has made healthcare digital marketing very significant. Rapid increase in the number of smartphone users and the rising health consciousness are the main reasons for the increasing demand for mobile app in health care industry.

Medical apps have made a huge change in how patients relate to their physicians and vice versa. Doctor-patient interaction is the most important element in the healthcare industry, and one of the most challenging tasks doctors have is monitoring patients in remote areas.

However, with the help of mobile apps the gap between the patient and the doctor can be reduced and hence many healthcare providers are developing versatile mobile apps and experiencing remarkable improvement in efficiency.
Medical mobile apps help ensure quality patient care, better improved workflow and increased patient interaction.

Medical Mobile Apps Ensure Better Healthcare Access

Nurx: App Delivering Birth Control and HIV Prevention Drug at Your Doorstep

A good example of a mobile app that provides patients easier access to necessary services, and allows them better control over their medical decisions is Nurx, developed by a Silicon Valley start-up.

Nurx allows customers to have birth control and an HIV prevention drug known as pre exposure prophylaxis (PreEP) delivered to their doorstep without actually visiting a doctor. The site allows women to buy birth control, whether a pill, patch or emergency contraceptive and gives men and women access to PrEP. The new app aims at making healthcare more accessible and with this app millions of American women who lack access to birth control can gain access and prevent unintended pregnancies. This is a free service and customers only pay for the medication. The prices vary on the basis of the birth control type and the consumer’s insurance. If you have insurance that covers birth control, the medications are free and if it doesn’t, prices for the pill start at $15 per month.

Nurx accepts Medicaid in California and is working to spread to other states. The company makes money by charging insurance companies for e-consultation and for drugs that are shipped out. On Nurx’s website women are free to choose which birth control they’d like or get the recommendation from a doctor. The doctor prescribing the drug has to comply with state age requirements for patients, and this varies across the US. Each woman is required to answer a series of medical questions and a doctor licensed in the patient’s state reviews all the answers before writing a prescription that will be filled by a partnering pharmacy. Nurx was founded in December 2015. It operates in five states including Illinois and the District of Columbia. It is now working on launching in Virginia, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Maryland, Delware and Minnesota. The service is increasing in demand according to spokespersons especially because of the convenience it offers patients. Women with limited time or limited access to pharmacies/clinics, and women in rural areas having limited access to reproductive health services and who may have to travel longer distances to receive care find this service very useful. The company expects to be in 20 states in the near future. Since its founding, Nurx has raised $5.3 million in funding.

Mobile app development helps physicians to monitor several aspects of their patient’s health and it is also important for digital marketing for healthcare. Apps are becoming increasingly popular, whether people depend on them for faster care and answers to their concerns, or to interact with their care providers. Doctors and other healthcare providers can develop customized apps with the support of a good SEO company.

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