Is Click-through-rate a Ranking Factor?

by | Published on Aug 30, 2016 | Medical SEO

Click through rate (CTR) refers to the number of people who click a link against the total number of people who had the opportunity to do so. Optimizing your website using relevant keywords, tags, links and quality content is necessary; at the same time CTR is also important for higher search engine ranking of your medical website. In Paid Search, Google uses CTR as an important determining factor when it calculates the “Quality Score” of a website, which is a crucial factor in its AdWords ad auctions. A high CTR is an indication that searchers find your ads helpful and relevant. If you replace “ads” with “organic results”, the definition would still hold true for results within the top ten on Google. Experts are divided in their views regarding the impact of CTR on ranking. However, it would be good to work towards increasing your CTR anyway.

To boost your organic CTR you need to use SEO tools and techniques. With medical SEO services, your website will be ensured more online visibility and increased click through rate. Patients looking for your specific services can find you easily.

Following are some tips to increase your CTR.

  • Using relevant content as search engines prefer content- rich websites. Relevant content will help visitors to easily understand the flow of your website and also makes it easy for them to find what they are searching for.
  • Structured snippets comprise text given underneath the search results that draws the attention of the users. It helps you to stand out among the competition.
  • Call to action button will improve conversion rates and increase user interaction.
  • A relevant website URL with keyword incorporated is important for any website to rank high.
  • One of the most important techniques is to optimize your website with the right keywords. It helps connect searchers to your website and improves your visibility. But make sure that you don’t stuff your content with keywords which can affect your website negatively.
  • Using a creative title can drive more traffic to your site. A title with relevant keyword can grab the attention of users and also encourage them to click through. Using news or curiosity based words will boost your CTR quickly.
  • If you have your title and relevant keywords ready, then focus on good Meta description. Meta descriptions are concise explanations of the contents of web pages. It should have keywords used intelligently and make the description compelling that a searcher will want to click.
  • Sitelinks are powerful way to dominate the SERPs, increase trust and direct targeted traffic to your site’s internal pages. For acquiring site links, maintaining a clean and clear navigation is also important.
  • Keep testing your Meta description, titles etc. constantly and always track your ranking regularly.

If you wish to improve the CTR for your website, consult a reliable digital marketing company. It will increase the volume and quality of traffic to your medical website, make your services available to a wider patient base and improve your revenue.

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