Important Aspects in SEO for a New Medical Website Platform

by | Published on Sep 22, 2016 | Medical SEO

Your medical website may need to be refurbished for better rankings. It has to serve the health information needs of your customers ultimately and bring in the visitors and conversions, depending on what your goals are. You could encounter the need for a totally new website platform, and that’s where healthcare website design services come in.

A new website platform presents significant challenges since it is the cyber equivalent of building a mansion from the ground up, by breaking down the old foundations and building them anew. It isn’t merely redesigning a site but totally shaking down its skeleton.

This isn’t to discourage your efforts, but just to get the point across that there are many things to set right here, to remember. You need expert hands to deal with this.

Why Expertise Is Needed Here

It is important to remember that, often,people involved in selecting an enterprise platform with the good intention of ensuring their website serves the world aren’t quite abreast with the current search engine optimization requirements. Project managers with an IT focus often concentrate on systems indexation and integration. The decision making process would often revolve around Content Management System (CMS) features. Platform requirements could often be left out. Make sure that you have the right people involved while you choose your platform.

Important Aspects to Add in Your Platform

Here are some requirements that you absolutely need to check out when you are examining new website platforms, since ignoring any of these could lead to your site being represented poorly in the search engine indices. You don’t want that to happen after all that effort:

  • Your website must have hosted IP dedicated for it. It isn’t quite ideal to have a major website hosted with hundreds or at least dozens of other websites. This would be detrimental to the performance of your site. Performance is probably the first thing you need to ensure your site is good at.
  • Here’s another basic requirement for your website. It almost goes without saying that your website must support the basic mobile-friendly viewport. In this age of Pokemon Go, your website absolutely needs to be mobile-friendly to make even the slightest impact. A responsive design platform offers many advantages such as the pages specifying the viewport that matches the size of the accessing device. The pages’ content then perfectly fits inside the viewport.
  • JavaScript and CSS also need to be indexed. It is important to know that if you disallow CSS or JavaScript files in your robots.txt,it would directly cause an adverse effect on how Google’s algorithms index your content. That would result in poor rankings, as Google itself has said.
  • Canonical tags must be supported on all pages. There are many aspects to this,such as how easily the platform integrates some of the more advanced canonical tag rules. Does it work as per Google’s advice with regard to pagination? You might be aware why canonical tags are important. They enable duplicate and low quality content which is produced by many platforms to be eliminated. They also enable the site owner to direct the SEO capabilities of those pages.
  • An XML sitemap helps search engines to discover site pages, but even if you may argue that a well-structured site does not need it, remember that is the standard manner in which your website can interact with the search engines using what they have as webmaster tools utilities. Site owners can immediately let search engines know of new URLs.
  • Customizable navigation subcategories are essential. You must have the capability to decide whether to include subcategories or not in the top navigation. This customization capability is essential to provide a better user experience since it decides how the navigation is able to link to the categories and subcategories in your site. You can also perfect your internal links.
  • If you want your website to reach out to audiences in multiple countries, ensure that your platform supports a country or language selector that overrides any kind of automated geo-location. Make sure that you have automated href lang tagging within the XML sitemaps or at page level.

When you get professional medical web design services to work for you, you have the greatest chances of getting all this right with a new website platform.

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