How the Internet of Things Is Significant for Mobile App Development

by | Published on Dec 28, 2017 | Mobile App Development

Mobile app development plays a crucial role in medical business marketing as they help to constructively engage with potential patients and healthcare consumers, and develop your brand. Technology is racing ahead with IoT, cloud computing, Beacon etc and gadgets like Google glass, Apple watches and so on. To enable healthcare businesses to keep ahead in the race, healthcare SEO services have become vital. Among the customer-oriented solutions they offer are medical software development and mobile app development that have increased significance now since people constantly connect with each other on their mobile devices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a much discussed topic now. It refers to a network of objects or device, that contain embedded technology which help to communicate and interact with each other. It is a concept that is gradually defining the way people live and work. It changes the way we see and perceive things and it has grown over the years. IoT helps people to connect all electronic devices to the Internet with the help of a button. Innovators are making the maximum use of IoT, developing excellent products and services for their customers.

IoT is becoming increasingly popular because of its ease of use and the convenience that it offers. This means that there is a subsequent demand for apps for devices that include monitoring systems for SMBs and enterprises, navigation, computing and many more.

IoT is scaling with the ability to take any device, gadget or anything that runs on electricity to be controlled by existing technology. It is emerging at a fast pace and has impacted various areas of our lives and how we work. Using the various devices via the internet means that apps can push notifications directly to your phone. This allows you to control systems even when you are away. The IoT is set to bring a new movement of app development, especially IoT apps. These apps combine connected devices, sensors, networking, cloud and analytics. Innumerable combinations and permutations of these components allow you to create brand new applications, each serving a unique purpose. Mobile app developers have possibly made the maximum use of IoT, optimizing its ubiquity and finding maximum customers.

Role of IoT in Healthcare

Role of IoT in Healthcare

The use of home-used medical devices is increasing every year so as to reduce the number of people consulting the doctor for minor things. With the help of IoT, all these devices can be connected with sensors thereby transmitting all the data on the device into an app and then into a smartphone.

According to a new report from, “the healthcare Internet of Things market segment is poised to hit $117billion by 2020. Some of the applications of IoT include chronic disease management, remote clinical monitoring and assisted living and wellness and preventive care”.

Developing a Mobile Network

Mobile phones are widely used across the globe and since the early 2000s, mobile phones and smartphones have increased at a pace which beats that of most other digital devices. Almost every individual owns a smartphone now and spends up to 5 hours per day on it. App developers capitalize on this opportunity. There is huge demand for these services that developers can successfully meet, mainly due to the huge cost-reduction and efficiency optimization the IoT ensures.

  • IoT has created a huge market demand for mobiles phones to spread out and connect to one another, and it has spurred ever greater investment in mobile phones and the development of apps for them.
  • IoT helps the world’s greatest developers to network and cooperate with one another more easily than ever before.
  • The Internet of Things has enabled increased mobile development by building an enormous mobile network to generate demand for mobile apps.
  • IoT’s entrepreneur-friendly quality is reinforced by innovative start-up companies, and the greatest impact may have been from companies that know how to exploit the power of the IoT to better promote their mobile apps.

Beneficial for New and Innovative Businesses

Mobile apps are user-friendly and efficient, and that is the main reason why mobile users spend such a large amount of time on them. These characteristic features of mobile apps are enabled by the flawless connectivity offered by the IoT and present-day networks. Another important thing to note is that, you can easily share your favorite apps with others on social media. IoT has created new platforms for developers to thrive in, bringing them immense benefits.

Uber is a striking example of a company that has successfully connected together mobile apps and IoT. The company can track its potential customers and large fleet at the same time, allowing customers to call a cab with the mere swipe of a finger. Uber’s success lies in its speed of response and the special information it offers customers, both made possible by the data it gathers from all of its app users. Without IoT to build the foundation for its business, Uber and many other companies of the 21st century could never have taken off.

As more and more people utilize digital devices and IoT, the demand for privacy and security also increases. Therefore mobile app developers now ensure protection for their customers’ personal information via encryption of data. IoT will continue to grow, and mobile app development will have to evolve with it because they contribute to one another’s development and thereby benefit users.

Developing a mobile app allows your consumers to have the information they need at their fingertips anywhere, at any time. Today there are many mobile apps in the market and every business has to have innovative features in their apps to stay ahead of the competition. Medical SEO services include innovative mobile app development for healthcare professionals, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare entities. Customers can benefit from personalized and responsive apps that help to reach out to the targeted audience and meet their specific needs.

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