Five Major Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

by | Last updated May 12, 2022 | Published on Mar 7, 2019 | Social Media Optimization

The healthcare industry is highly competitive, and digital marketing for healthcare is becoming crucial as more and more people now rely on online resources to find the right solutions for their medical problems. Social media platforms are where many people converge and engage in active discussions, and share their experiences. This increases the relevance of strategic social media marketing. Social media is an ideal platform to build your brand and enhance your reputation.
Large hospitals and medical practices understand the significance of using social media marketing for promoting their services and reaching out to more patients looking for their services. Just as any other marketing tactic, marketing on social media must also be done with care and efficiency. Mistakes can prove very costly, especially for healthcare entities. So, what are the 5 major social media marketing mistakes you can make?

  • Not listening to your consumers: Listening to your patients is very important in the digital world. According to Brandwatch, 96% of peoplewho discuss brands online do not actually follow those brands on social media. So it is vital that healthcare businesses look beyond their own feeds to keep tabs on the discussions and get information insights to influence overall strategies. Using social media listening tools like Mention, Awario etc. can help because these will highlight conversations that signify opportunities for They also offer a chance for researching the market, bring to light consumer demographics, help you understand consumer interest in new medical products or services, help strengthen brand values, examine the health of your business and design strategies to improve customer satisfaction. Using these tools, you can interact with the leads, gain insights, and monitor chatter to improve your offerings. These tools are simple to use, it requires only entering your relevant keywords and setting up alerts. The best tools have powerful algorithms that can quickly yield valuable, data-driven results.
  • Not optimizing for social networks: You may have multiple social media accounts on various platforms. But a common mistake that physicians make is replicating updates and resharing them on different social media platforms. When using multiple social platforms for marketing, you must think outside the box and also reflect the desires of users on those particular channels. To improve ROI, closing of non-performing social media accounts is also necessary. Using the right platforms by scheduling engaging and custom-tailored content is ideal. Focus on creating valuable posts that work well on the platform in question, and pay attention to the direction of the networks too.
  • Not offering real value: Pushing your brand without providing value is not advisable. Use social media to spread awareness and users will be drawn towards you for better engagement. Make your content unique and rich with infographics, blog posts, videos and podcasts. Answer questions or deliver messages that resonate with your patients. Content that evokes emotion can be more effective than direct sales method. So, develop value by attempting role reversal and asking your clients questions; this will improve your brand image and increase the likelihood of conversions.
  • Being too active on social media: Being too active on social media platforms is another mistake. Focus on areas that you have to pay attention to. Consider which social channel is working and invest your time in it. Use analytics to better understand which networks are paying dividends and which are stagnating. You can leverage intuitive social media management tools to save time handling your accounts, streamline your workflow, and ensure your content reaches your target market.
  • Not having proper objectives: Simply posting a random post on your social media with the aim of improving shares, likes etc is not a good tactic. Broaden your organic reach by posting valuable and relevant posts. This will grow your audience and increase engagement.

Given the significance of social media avenues, make sure that you monitor your social media accounts and identify potential problems at the earliest. In this era of smartphones and other electronic gadgets it is important for healthcare providers to be active on social media platforms. If you are new to social media marketing or don’t have time to spend on it, partner with a reliable provider of medical SEO services. With efficient social media marketing support in the form of relevant strategies and techniques to increase your online visibility, you will find steady growth in your targeted traffic and more active audience engagement.

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