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How to Create Good Content for Healthcare Practices and Businesses

by | Last updated Jun 1, 2023 | Published on Aug 9, 2016 | Content Writing Services

Content marketing should focus on quality, user-friendliness and popularity. Profit is the secondary objective. However, those primary objectives would inevitably result in the secondary objective being attained. There are no two ways about it – content needs to bring conversions to your site. It needs to be useful, relevant and of high quality for Google to rank it high, but ultimately it should help increase your earnings. That’s where SEO copywriting services come in.

Changes in 2015 Call for Innovative Content Marketing

2015 was a year of changes in the SEO algorithms. Innovative content creation techniques are essential to develop content that is user-friendly, informative and relevant while also being share-worthy. These factors increase your online presence, help you rank high, and contribute to increasing the conversion rate – making people visiting your site sign up for your services. Link-worthy sites must be identified for article and blog submissions, and your content must quote research statistics from relevant sources to prove the validity of the points you mention in your content.

Vital Tips for Effective Content Creation

Here are some vital suggestions you need to put into practice to create content that delivers.

  • Create groups of targeted keywords which will help to make sure you use those words, while creating content.
  • Use both the keywords that are already driving traffic and those which you want to rank for.
  • Group your content to match the keywords list. It will help to compare performance as well.
  • Set up systems to compare and monitor your competitor’s activities, their content and keywords with yours.
  • Add the groups to analytics and measurement tools to help teams work together for strategy, content and search initiatives.
  • Check your old content. If it is a relevant topic, try making videos, landing pages or other content that addresses it as well.
  • Consider the latest trends in social media discussions and create content that match them.
  • Carry out A/B testing of various page layouts and structures. Find out which layout works the best and make it the norm for all your website content.

Categorizing the Content Creation Process

To simplify content creation, it would prove beneficial to break the content process to “medium”, “method”, and “message” levels.

While “medium” refers to the type of content you create such as video, blog post, infographics or presentation, “method” refers to the specific channel through which you are distributing the content which could be article submission sites, blogs or social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare, YouTube, etc. “Message” is the particular idea you are trying to convey with your content. This could involve treatment promotions, announcements, or non-promotional content such as practical health tips, health research information, etc.

This process of categorizing the content creation and distribution process will help to see what specific content is working for your audience so you can make adjustments, replications, and corrections from there.

Content Still King of SEO

Content is still one of the primary elements of SEO. Efficient content marketing can help your site build reputation, perform well in search rankings, and increase conversions.

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