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15 Database Management Software for the Healthcare Industry

by | Last updated Jun 1, 2023 | Published on Feb 23, 2021 | SEO

In this digital world, the healthcare industry generates a great deal of data on a daily basis which needs to be stored efficiently. Data is important for the healthcare industry to improves the patient experience and enhance the quality of care. Database in healthcare doesn’t comprise just details about the patients, it also involves other data like financial records, data on medical research or new treatment procedures, marketing records and so on. Proper management of the database helps healthcare entities to derive actionable insights, detect problems and troubleshoot them efficiently. So, teaming up with a professional database development company that offers database solutions that meet specific client requirements would be beneficial for businesses in this sector.

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Importance of Database for Healthcare Marketers

A proper database enables healthcare marketers to connect with potential healthcare buyers. It provides customized and segmented information related to relevant products and services. It allows marketers to offer personalized communication to their prospects that further increases the sales and ROI. Healthcare entities comprise doctors, dentists, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and patients, and the healthcare database is very important for them. It also involves B2B businesses that may want to sell their products and services.

Healthcare businesses are always in search of good quality healthcare product and service providers at affordable prices. This has increased the need for a digital marketing approach that is data-driven. With a healthcare database, healthcare businesses can explore more opportunities and reach their target audience more quickly.

To manage all these databases efficiently, there are healthcare database management software. It helps healthcare providers make better treatment decisions by cross checking patients’ cases and it helps to educate the healthcare professionals by reviewing clinical cases. The following are the top database management software.

    oracle db management

  • Oracle RDBMS: This is a widely used object relational database management software. It is a secured database that takes very less space, supports large database and reduces CPU time to process data.
  • ibm db2

    IBM DB2: This is the latest release of IBM that supports Windows, Unix and Linux. It is very easy to install and the data is easily accessible and lets you save even the huge amount of data to pet bytes.

  • altibase

    Altibase: This is a high performing data base and it is hybrid database system that delivers high intensity data processing through an in-memory database portion and a large storage capacity through an on-disk database portion.

  • sap ase sybase

    SAP Sybase ASE: This is commercial tool that was introduced in the mid-eighties. It performs millions of transactions quickly and can be easily synchronized with the database.

  • teradata

    Teradata: It has easy data import and export facility and multiple processing is also possible at the same time. This is ideal for large databases and the data can be easily distributed. It works on Linux and Windows operating system.

  • microsoft sql server

    Microsoft SQL Server: It is a commercial tool that is compatible with Oracle that provides efficient management of workload and allows multiple users to use the same database.

  • mysql

    MySQL: It is a commercial tool that has high speed data processing, increases productivity, with roll back and also helps in data recovery if needed. It works on Linux and Windows.

  • ibminformix

    Informix: This is developed by IBM that uses less space and the data is available at all times and does not need maintenance time.

  • microsoft access

    Microsoft Access: It is an ideal database management system that is used greatly by e-commerce websites and it works on Microsoft Windows.

  • filemaker

    File Maker: It works on Mac, Linux and Windows Operating systems. It helps to connect with different platforms like connections to SQL are possible and information sharing is easier because of the cloud.

  • adabas

    ADABAS: An adaptable database system, it runs on Windows, Unix and Linux operating system. It has quick data processing speed. It offers reliable transaction and it quite flexible and keeps the pace with changing demands.

  • sqllite

    SQ Lite: This is a database system mainly for mobiles. It works on Linux, Windows and Mac. It can be used for storing small to medium size websites and does not take up too much space.

  • amazon rds

    Amazon RDS: This is also called Amazon Relational Database Service. It can be easily set and operated easily; and the database is secure. Backing up of data is an inbuilt feature and it also has easy recovery of data.

  • mongo db

    MongoDB: It is best suitable for processing large amounts of data simultaneously and uses internal memory so that the data is easily accessible.

  • redis

    Redis: This works on Windows and Linux operating systems, the database speed is very good, it has data types like hashes and strings that are also supported and the performance of queries is high.

All the above-mentioned database management software has their own pros and cons. But all these databases gather, store and process information about your customers, suppliers and even competitors. A quick and safe way to obtain a robust healthcare database is by approaching a reputable database development company that provides customized service to meet the requirements of the clients.

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