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5-Minute SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an art you keep perfecting, an ongoing process where you keep ironing out the rough edges and make your website more conspicuous to the relevant searcher. At any given time, it is important that your team is able to perform a check of your website’s SEO performance and make the required changes. Monitoring the metrics is essential since facts don’t lie. So let’s run you down on just some integral elements you can check or optimize for your website in just 5 minutes, because you won’t have all the time in your world in the midst of running your hospital or medical practice.

5-Minute SEO


There are keywords, links and content, but for all this to work on your website it has to be fast. Pages should be quick loading. Too much clutter in terms of complex graphics and images could slow down your site, so use tools such as Google Page Speed Insights to get an objective view on this, and then decide the things to change. Remember, speed is important for SEO rankings.


Perform a search yourself. Think of all the keywords that are related to the treatment or diagnostic procedures you offer. Does your site figure prominently in the rankings? If not, it’s time to ask yourself if you’ve been optimizing for the right keywords after all. This is the age of conversational search. Voice assistants and smart speakers are motivating people to sit where they are and speak out what they need, and Google speaks out the appropriate answer after crawling through the web. So long-tail keywords are more important than conventional, short keywords. And, your pages must contain concise content that can be read out as a featured snippet by Google.


The title tells everything about your site, so it’s important for search. When your listing does come up in the Google SERPs, are people motivated to check it out? It should be focused and relevant and contain the related keyword. The same goes for your H2 and H3 headers – titles for your content appearing within your web pages. They should clearly describe what the content is about and preferably contain the keyword. Google’s algorithms need these to know what your site is about and rank it accordingly.

Meta Description

Is your Meta description text keyword-optimized? Does it have a call to action? How focused is it on the user? The Meta description is the text part appearing in the search results below each listing. It is therefore very important. Ensure your Meta description is focused and relevant to the services you offer. It can go up to 300 characters.

While performing a search yourself to know how your site ranks, check your title and Meta description.

While SEO can be compared to an ocean, it certainly has some basic elements that can be set right and make a whole lot of difference. Let’s get started!