Why Medical Businesses Should Focus on Native Advertising

by | Published on Sep 14, 2017 | Medical SEO

Good quality content will continue to exist. But to achieve speedy growth and branding, businesses are increasingly turning to paid media solutions. Health content marketing involves digital advertising methods such as promoted posts, social media ads, and more. Native advertising is not something new, but is often underused in the healthcare industry.

So, What Is Native Advertising?

Unlike organic content, native advertising is paid content. Content formats can include articles, infographs, videos, adverts and more. The overall goal with this promoted content is to sell a product or service. This sponsored content is considered to be better at building trust and engagement with prospective customers. Native advertising is beneficial in that consumers can get to naturally enjoy high value content and advertisers have a chance to engage with the most likely buyers. Platforms suitable for this kind of advertising include social media (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn) and Publisher Editorial Streams (Outbrain/Taboola/Nativo).

How It Works

Healthcare content marketers can publish a sponsored post that offers health or wellness information on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter targeting their audience. Any content be hugely successful if the reader finds the content compelling and shares it on social media, which then leads to engaged and targeted readers rather than an audience intentionally ignoring your digital ad. Because it’s useful information in a space where your audience is already interacting with other content, you’re not interrupting their experience on the site – you’re simply ensuring that your content is part of what they see.

Facebook Sponsored Ads

Facebook is an ideal social media marketing platform, as there is so much content shared each and every day – all of which varies hugely in tone and target audience – it means you are not restricted. It also has some really great targeting options meaning you can be really precise about who you want to target.

Publishers sharing native ads or “branded content” in Facebook they have to tag the brand in the post. When a publisher tags a brand, that brand’s marketing team gets access to the post’s insights, which means they can see metrics such as reach, clicks, and cost per click (CPC) if the publisher turned the content into “sponsored post” to promote it to a larger audience.

Native Advertising

When it comes to mobile, Facebook Audience Network ads help to build ads to fit your app. With Native Ad API, users can determine the look and feel, size and location of their ads in mobile apps.

Twitter/Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets appear in timelines, on profile pages, and on Tweet detail pages. When a user searches for a specific term, the promoted tweet shows up first in the search results before the user sees the list of different conversations about the brand.

Native Advertising

It has been reported that because of the seamless, native presentation, Twitter’s click-through rate ranges from one to two percent compared to about 0.12 percent for Facebook.

Why Native Ads Work

  • People view native ads more often than banner ads. They are not as distracting as traditional banners and pop-up ads, and are therefore more acceptable.
  • Native advertising helps in improving click-through rates and a HubShotsurvey revealed that 67 percent of users are more likely to click on sponsored content than banner ads.
  • The greatest advantage of native advertising is that it feels natural to the readers.
  • Brands and advertisers love native ads, mainly because the click-through rates tend to be much higher than typical advertisements and if you do it right, engagement can go through the roof.

The new forecast report from eMarketer estimates that the US native digital display ad spends will grow 36.2% this year to reach $22.09 billion. At that level it will make up 52.9% of all display ads spending in the US. Professional medical SEO companies take early advantage of this powerful advertising opportunity that provides positive results for their clients.

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