Top SEO Tips to Promote Your Virtual Events (Part-1)

by | Published on May 27, 2021 | SEO

During this time of social distancing, businesses are now conducting virtual events – webinars, virtual conferences, online workshops, live streams, educational lectures, and meetings. If you are planning to conduct an online event, make sure to optimize it in search engines to get the most out of it. Partnering with an experienced healthcare digital marketing agency can help you implement effective event SEO strategies that can attract the attention of your targeted audience. Online promotion efforts can help drive meaningful engagement and increase event attendance.

Here are some SEO tips to promote your virtual event online

Ensure quality content

It is important that your content marketing efforts should correspond with the event you promote. Create relevant, unique, and engaging information about the event that makes the website look trustworthy to search engines. Your content should aim at making people aware of your event. Make sure to include the history behind the event and highlight the influence of this event in your specific industry.

  • Make sure to refer to the upcoming event in your weekly podcasts, newsletters, or any publications
  • Create blog posts that highlight information relevant to the event such as the notable speakers and the platform that you choose to host this event
  • Create unique videos for the event; you can also visually explain the steps to reserve the tickets for it
  • Create FAQs and answer queries your audience may have regarding attending the event

Ensure quality content

Here’s an example of Vermontbiz’s page that provides clear and relevant information of the Vermont Environmental Consortium Spring 2021 Virtual Conference June 8&9.

Include relevant keywords related to the event that the search engine users may use to search your service or event. Use those keywords in your page URL, page title, headings, meta description, and alt text.

Have A dedicated Event page in your website

It is important to create a unique event page on your website that lists all current, upcoming, and past events and a dedicated landing page.

Look at Amway’s Events page that clearly lists all the relevant information about the events.

Event page in your website

That means you’re providing visitors with an FAQ section to address any issues they might be wondering about.

Make sure that this Events page includes all the information related to the event – a list of any important guests and speakers that’ll be presenting during your event. Neil Patel recommends creating trackable URLs for website and landing pages that helps collect data on which methods of event promotion are working the best and to determine which method has the highest ROI.

You can create an official event website to clearly communicate the intention of the event and provide information such as event schedule, key steps for registration and keynote speakers. It should also show potential attendees how and where to register for the event.

Promote the event on social media

Promote the event on social platforms that your audiences are most active on. Consider creating an event page on Facebook that comes with a plenty of useful tools to promote the event. It helps to build a unique space for your community to stay updated on your event.

This is how Mayo Clinic’s Facebook Events page looks like.

Facebook Events page

In the Facebook event page, users can add images and videos, update event details, maintain a list of who are all attending the event and it also remind users about the event as it gets closer.

LinkedIn is also an ideal platform for event promotion, as it helps creating and leveraging professional connections. Consider using the Group feature on LinkedIn – it revolves around connections of specific interest. You can let your followers know the event you’re hosting and can create a group of interested candidates quite easily. Make sure to explain to the users exactly what your event is and why they should attend it.

We will discuss other effective event SEO strategies in our next blog.

Make sure to utilize multiple channels to reach audience who are interested in such events. An experienced SEO company can support you in your efforts for effective virtual event promotion.

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