Top Marketing Design Trends in Media and Entertainment Industry

by | Published on Aug 23, 2022 | Website Design and Development

Over the last few years, marketing design trends have evolved significantly. In fact, graphic design and digital media have played a huge role in this transformation. One of the major industries where such trends promote business growth is media and entertainment (M&E). Due to evolving digital transformation, generational behaviors and ongoing impacts from the global pandemic, the media and entertainment industry is making a serious headway.

Amidst recurring COVID-19 surges, people sought more media and entertainment at home, while often avoiding larger in-person events. The rapid development of social media platforms has urged the M&E industry to incorporate novel digital marketing ideas. In fact, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential for the media industry business to attract target audiences. Providers of digital marketing services in New York can help implement the latest marketing and design strategies that are right for the business.

According to Market Watch Report, by the year 2030 the media and entertainment sector is expected to achieve roughly $6709.4 billion with a CAGR of 10.40 percent. In fact, this industry has the largest share and popularity in the United States. At 717 billion dollars, the US media and entertainment market represents a third of global M&E industry. For the media and entertainment industry, it is extremely important to remain up-to-date with the latest trends and incorporate them into the marketing strategy.

For instance, social media and email marketing can help streaming services or media companies engage with their audience directly. These digital platforms help boost brand awareness among the consumers. With an attractive social media banner or email template, it is easy to attract the attention of viewers and convince them to look for more information.

Nowadays, marketing design trends are shifting towards video and streaming, user-generated content, and virtual and augmented reality. By leveraging digital marketing mediums, it is easy to include these strategies and follow popular ones too.

6 Marketing Design Trends in the Media and Entertainment Industry

Here discussed are some of the top marketing design trends in the media and entertainment industry –

  • Video Streaming – Since the initial introduction of global lockdown, video streaming is one of the latest trends that the industry has been witnessing. During that period, users engaged in accessing diverse video content of premium quality. This resulted in overall digital consumption in the United States. By utilizing user-friendly applications for streaming videos, sharing media or playing games, many platforms have managed to increase brand awareness.OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount, Hulu and Google Play Games offer cross platform compatibility essential for most modern consumers.As per reports, about 58 percent of US consumers subscribe to more than one major streaming media and entertainment solutions. With these interactive apps, the companies keep their audience engaged for a long period and attract a younger demographic of consumers as well. In fact, today’s consumer groups prefer multiple platforms and devices for watching videos.

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  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) – AR and VR content have conquered all areas in the media and entertainment space. This new trend strengthens relationship between the content creators and watchers. Users today are catapulted into an environment between digital and physical realms. Musicians use these unique VR entertainment content to bridge the gap caused by the pandemic and their followers, with live events or concerts canceled due to social distancing.For instance, Pokeman Go is one example of these two trends working together. Popular social networks consider that AR and VR provide affordability and mobility, whether live streaming or story-based videos. AR and VR entertainment software development boost experience more than ever. It is essential to optimize VR and AR content so that users can use them on different devices.

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  • Email Campaigns – Emails play a huge role in the promotion and can drive up subscriptions and traffic to the websites. It is important to create personalized templates that highlight elements of brand identity like the logo, brand colors and fonts. In this way, it is easy to generate interest among the target audience and encourage them to consider entertainment or media services. With opt-in or contact forms, you can build an email list to run successful campaigns. For instance, email campaigns help media firms send updates to subscribers about the launch of a new show or gaming event, or invite them to try out new features on the platform.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends– AI is one of the top marketing design trends in the media industry, which is impacting TV, VFX and so on. Media and entertainment organizations possess a sizable unstructured digital data repository. AI, machine learning and natural language processing is effective in estimating and retrieving emotional changes – information necessary to understand customer behavior and digital media consumption trends better.Various streaming applications use AI technologies along with smart machine learning algorithms, offering videos, audio podcasts and high quality streaming music that their audience will most probably add to their favorites. For instance, Spotify applies different AI solutions when deciding recommendations for new music that users eventually fall in love with.
  • Curated Posts on Social Media – This popular marketing design trend help media firms to gain a large number of followers. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are important for promoting visual and video content. You can leverage such networks to create a strong brand identity in the digital world and make a positive first impression on the audience as well. For instance, Instagram can be used to curate grid to encourage people to follow the account and share posts too.
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  • OTT Content Advertisements – Over-the-top (OTT) is one of the major trends in the media and entertainment industry as it offers premium viewing experience for users. Users can choose OTT content to watch their favorite shows without being disturbed by advertisement breaks. You can remain competitive by adopting advertisement-supported business models. Most media and entertainment firms understand its significance, but may lack experience or necessary technologies. YouTube was one of the first content services to launch this monetization model. Interestingly, YouTube users wait patiently for ads to watch their favorite shows to the end. On the other hand, linear TV consumers will probably quit watching or switch the channel, avoiding annoying commercials.

The above-mentioned are some of the top marketing design trends in entertainment industry. Before starting work on the marketing strategy, it is important to have a clear idea about the branding elements. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy will help a media firm to stay connected with their loyal customers and help reach new ones. Availing digital marketing services from a top SEO outsourcing company can create more opportunities for media and entertainment firms to build better brand recognition, increase engagement, earn sales and more conversions. Such digital marketing companies will be up-to-date with all the changing marketing design trends in entertainment industry or for any type of business.

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