Tips to Enhance Mobile App Marketing for the Medical Industry

by | Published on Sep 1, 2016 | Mobile App Development

It is estimated that mobile phone users in the world are five times the number of desktop computer users. This is why mobile app development provided by a medical SEO company has become an important element of online marketing. Majority of the people in the present day world use mobile phones to access the internet. With the desire to connect anywhere, anytime continuing to grow, mobile internet usage will surely supersede desktop internet usage. Moreover, information about anything is available at your finger tips with mobile devices. The healthcare industry is also focusing on mobile application development because the apps allow them to interact with patients in many ways. Mobile apps are a great option for individual physicians, group practices, clinics, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals to enhance their marketing endeavours. These applications help to educate patients and improve the communication between physicians and patients.

Your App Is One among Millions of Others

When this is the raw truth, what can you do to make sure that people download your app? Paid advertising is one strategy you can use to increase demand, but then you have to invest a considerable amount. The inexpensive and practical alternative is to market your app via social media. How? Read on to see how you can make your app highly successful and enjoy huge demand through social media marketing.

Follow These Steps

  • Plan Ahead: Before starting mobile app marketing, plan about the content that you want to create and also decide on the social network that is best suitable for your content. You may also want to think about the target audience and the social media sites they frequent.
  • Use humanized content: The first and foremost thing is to add a human touch and tone instead of being too mechanical with a custom-made marketing approach. When your updates are human, it helps patients to connect well with you. You can also ask for feedbacks and reviews from patients. This will help you to overcome any drawbacks you may have. Engaging in conversation with your patients, acknowledging mistakes etc are also important.
  • Rewarding users who download your app: Motivate your users to refer the app to their friends, colleagues and acquaintances, and reward them when they download your app. This will help you promote your app as well as increase the rate of downloading of your app. You can monitor your user experience and also keep track of the number of downloads, and how they are generated.
  • Encourage users to share your app content: You can persuade users to share your app content on various social media sites by ensuring that your content is interesting, important and informative. Highlight the main features of your content and promote your services. You can also chat with people and discuss the reasons why you developed the app and how it is patient oriented.
  • Use more images than words: Use pictures / images to emphasize your message. This helps your users to understand quickly what you are trying to convey. It will help your app to stand out from others. For instance messages like “Download the App” can be posted with screenshots of people already using the app.
  • Google+: Google+ is a great way to increase your visibility in organic search results. Use hashtags to optimize your SEO. But remember not to over stuff your content with keywords in hashtags because it can affect you negatively.
  • Instagram: Many users are active on Instagram and so having a presence for your app there is important. You can talk about people who will download and use your app. You can also show images and videos.
  • Twitter and Facebook: Millions of people use Facebook and Twitter to share interesting posts and content. These are great platforms for mobile app marketing. About 85% of people use mobile devices to access the internet. Mobile app marketing helps you to target these users. Twitter allows you to reach influencers by mentioning them in your tweets. You can use “Twitter Cards” to increase the online visibility of your app and thereby increase the number of downloads. In Facebook, create a Facebook page for your app. Use screenshots and call to action for better results. Join Facebook groups and promote your app in them; you can also make your own group and invite people to join.
  • Value-based content: Create informative, unique and quality content for increasing the visibility of your app. Make your content interesting enough to attract the target audience. You can also post funny and quirky videos that explain about your app feature and promote them using various social media platforms.

The above tips will help enhance your mobile app marketing endeavours. These and other successful strategies are used by reliable medical SEO services to increase the use and popularity of your healthcare app.

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