Social Media Marketing or Email Marketing – Choose Your Marketing Channel Wisely

by | Last updated Feb 17, 2022 | Published on Dec 29, 2016 | Social Media Optimization

Social media marketing and email marketing can be said to be two sides of a coin. It may be hard to decide which one is the best. But it would be useful for your business if you make an overall evaluation to understand which one suits the best.

There are pros and cons for both these channels of marketing. Consider social media marketing first.

Bright and Dark Sides of Social Media Marketing

Social media is the trend of the time. There is no doubt that it creates a buzz in the marketing world. Here are the benefits you can enjoy with social media marketing:

  • Engagement rates in social media is much higher than emails
  • Businesses can gain more traffic through online sharing of their web content
  • Web content can go viral within a matter of time
  • Social media sharing of content helps reach more users and target audience
  • Helps you reach new people
  • Contents once shared may keep going viral for a longer period of time
  • Relevant content will bring you successful returns

Though there are many benefits you can gain via social media, there are a few flaws as well. You have to be careful about coordinating your marketing strategies wisely. To establish your business presence in social media, you should have social media management tools handy. It may be time consuming and you may have to put up some effort to get it streamlined.

To gain more and regular followers for your websites, you should keep providing a steady flow of content that is good enough to engage your followers. The other drawback is, though you may have many followers, the click-through rates may be comparatively low. Besides, there are possibilities that you may get submerged among others in the shuffle.

Is Email Marketing Still the King?

When it comes to email marketing, you can see that:

  • Emails are more personal
  • You can reach the targeted customers and gain their attention
  • Average open rates for emails are comparatively higher than that of social media
  • Emails have 3 times user accounts as social media accounts
  • 64 percent of companies consider emails as the best marketing tool
  • Email marketing brings better ROI (Return on Investment)

When considering email marketing, the most important thing you have to take care is in drafting the email. You have to make it compelling enough to capture the attention of your followers. Make sure that you don’t get listed among the spammers by sending irrelevant emails which look like spam. For delivering emails, rather than randomly selecting a set of email addresses, consider email IDs of those who really want to hear from you.

Now compare both social media marketing and email marketing, and develop a workable marketing strategy that would ensure you better outcome.

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