When Should You Use Short Form Content?

by | Published on Apr 12, 2023 | Content Writing Services, SEO

Since 2017, long-form content has been on the rise, and it is now considered the industry standard for content marketing. This does not, however, imply that you should disregard short form material. Both kinds of content have their significance, and a trustworthy content writing service can offer both long- and short-form content depending on the needs of the company.

Although the length of your content has a significant impact on how well your ecommerce marketing strategies perform, lengthier content does not necessarily result in higher conversion or sales. Readers occasionally need quick answers but do not have the time to read lengthy content. If you don’t give the readers what they want, you might lose a prospective customer.

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What Is Short Form Content?

Short-form content is any form of content that is less than ten minutes (for video-based content) or between 1000 and 1200 words (for text-based content). Infographics, blog posts, short videos, event articles and social media updates are all short-form content. Short-form content is popular among content marketers for a number of reasons, including how simple it is to generate and how quickly it can be conveyed to the audience.

Online visitors frequently scan through the text instead of reading each and every word. A brand may swiftly and effectively get their point out to their audience by using clear, crisp and short content with simple language. Also, short form material can reach a larger audience because it is more mobile-friendly than lengthy content.

What is Short Form Content
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Types of Short form content

There are three types of content:

  • Short-form blog posts: Content less than 1,000 words make up a short-form blog post.
    Although short-form blogs are easy to read, they shouldn’t sacrifice quality. In fact, packing in essential information while keeping it brief and understandable is key to successful short-form blogs.
  • Short Form Blog Posts
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  • Short videos: The popularity of TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts has grown along with the popularity of short-form video. There are now billions of users actively using these short video platforms. The length of short-form videos can be as little as a few seconds, and even when they are longer, they are often under three minutes. For firms specializing in how-to information, short videos are a great medium.
  • Short Form Videos
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  • Social media posts: Due to the limitations imposed by the platforms, social media posts must be brief. A highly engaging social media post consists of three components: excellent writing, a captivating image, and a pertinent link. Sometimes only a few words and a stunning image are enough to keep people interested.
  • Short Form Social Media Posts
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When Is Short-form Content Useful?

The justification for short form content comes from readers’ short span of attention in the digital age. Majority of customers expect quick responses without having to read a lot. This is made possible by short-form content because it is simple to read and doesn’t go into great detail about any given subject.

Short-form content is best if your company wants to:

  • Quickly produce content
  • Post a lot of stuff quickly or according to a schedule
  • Make an impression on your audience
  • Be accessible to users of mobile devices
  • Boost engagement
  • Convey a single, straightforward concept.

Reasons Why Short-form Content is Still Popular

  • Produce more quickly: Short-form content is your best option if your content marketing plan depends on producing content quickly. The majority of short-form material requires fewer resources and can be produced fast, making it perfect for sudden strategy changes. Additionally, for most digital marketing techniques, short-form content such as videos under ten minutes provide the highest return on investment (ROI).
  • Easily Consumable: Today’s customers consume media of all kinds on several devices for more than 10 hours each day, mostly skimming. In addition, many internet viewers only need brief information and don’t have time to read a complete blog or watch an entire movie. Short-form content might excel in your content strategy because the volume of information available online frequently divides consumer attention spans. Short articles can be read and understood in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.
  • Mobile-friendly: Mobile content is a significant part of daily life as consumers report using their phones for an average of five to six hours per day. Short-form content is often easier to read and consume on smaller mobile screens, making it more engaging for users of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This is particularly true with short-form video material made for mobile devices, such as Reels and TikToks.
  • Still deliver value: Although a lot of high-ranking content is long-form, the truth is that length is not the issue in this case. The fundamental problem is that content with higher value information has a tendency to be longer. However, just because your content is short, it doesn’t mean it can’t still be useful. It just implies that you must be more inventive in your delivery. Be succinct in what you say and imaginative in how you say it. Cut the fluff and unnecessary details, and make an effort to make every word count. To get to the heart of your content, you can frequently find yourself chopping out large sections of writing or video. Although it might hurt, doing so benefits your company.

While long-form content excels at nurturing and converting leads, short-form content also has its place in the market. Short-form, high-quality content can attract individuals to your company, increase brand awareness, and encourage further engagement. When attempting to increase brand exposure on social media, short-form video is extremely valuable.

To achieve the best results, you must utilize both short-form and long-form content in various contexts, since each kind has a unique function to perform in your marketing plan and sales cycle. In order to attract more potential customers, businesses can produce both long-form and short-form material with the support of trustworthy content writing services.

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