Maximize Your Online Presence This Valentine’s Day with These 10 SEO Tips

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Many companies are making a renewed commitment to invest in strategic search engine optimization. It involves implementing a set of strategies that can improve search engine rankings for business websites. This makes your website both user-friendly and search engine friendly. It helps the engines to figure out what each page is about and also how it is useful for users. Nowadays, SEO is more important than ever due to the increase in competition. Search engines serve millions of users everyday looking for various things on the Internet. Now, as we are getting closer to Valentine’s Day, it is the right time for businesses to boost their SEO techniques to attract maximum customers who are looking for products and services for their loved ones. This can be more efficiently done with the help of a search engine optimization company.

With the right SEO strategies in place, businesses can boost their online visibility and attract potential customers searching for Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas.

SEO Tips Businesses Can Follow for Valentine’s Day

Following are some key SEO tips for digital marketers who want to offer the best online shopping experience for the V- Day.

  • Begin Early and Wait for the Right Time: It is best to start preparing a month or at least a few weeks ahead of Valentine ’s Day rather than waiting till the exact day. This will give businesses ample time to understand the customers and their needs well. Similarly, the customers will also want to purchase the gift and be prepared ahead of the special day. Make sure to include at least one weekend in your promotion time because most people surf online for gifts on weekends rather than working days. You can also use Google Trends as a research tool to find out searches for different queries. So, starting your marketing strategies at the right time is crucial so that you don’t miss out all the opportunities to make maximum sales of your products and services.
  • Target Valentine’s Day Keywords: Using the right keywords in your content is important to gain better ranking and traffic. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool and Content Assistant to get quality keyword recommendations that will help you optimize your website. Keyword planner gathers data on average monthly income, cost per click, localization, and search volume. Use relevant keywords such as “Valentine’s Day gifts,” “Valentine’s Day ideas,” “Valentine’s Day specials,” etc., in your content and meta tags to make sure that your website appears in search engine results when potential customers search for these terms.

    The following are some of the recommendations depending on their typology:

    • Having all Terms: which includes all the keywords that contain all the combination of words
    • Phrase Match: it is a combination of keywords that contain the query you’ve searched for
    • Search Suggestions: informational type of keywords; (in the tool you can also find brand keywords and commercial keywords)
    • Focus Keywords: keywords that are recommended by Google in the Searches related to your query section, on the first page of search results;
    • Questions: question-type of queries (what, why, how, who, when, and so on)
    • Group Topic: where you can find groups based on a particularity
  • Content Optimization is a Must: Content optimization is one of the topmost SEO factors that can drive the right audience to your website. Information- and keyword- rich content based on the seasonal needs of the customer, like Valentine’s Day, has the potential to drive more qualified traffic to your website and this will improve your ROI. Content Assistant is one of the best tools that can provide keyword recommendations and some tips to write excellent content. Do not stress on making blockbuster content, just focus on creating content that the user wants. Write your content in simple language, keep your paragraphs short, and do not use the language of your millennials.
  • Good User Experience Matters: Users do not want complicated navigation or slow load speed, they always look for good user experience that lets them make the purchase as quickly as possible. However, they will like cupids or some hearts popping up on the website, but do not compromise on loading speed. Similarly, use readable fonts, proper line and paragraph spacing, provide enough white space and avoid bright and neon colours that irritate the eyes. Give priority to user experience to get more traffic
  • Create Themed Landing Pages: Having a web page designed especially for the occasion is always appreciated by the users. Create a page for your Valentine’s Day special products or services like bouquets, cakes, chocolates, personalized gifts etc. You can use WordPress to create a template or use different fonts, themed pictures and icons by the same template.
  • Use Internal Links: Internal links are like external links that carry value and also enhances the performance for certain pages. It helps to secure a better search engine ranking. If more internal links are there to one of your website pages, then the value of that page will be much higher. Internal links can be created to redirect the user to a piece of information that provides additional information about what they are already reading. Internal links can help pages from your website get noticed and receive backlinks. With the help of site audit, you can analyse the internal links and find the uses. A good internal link is one that emerges when it is required. For example, if you have an article that discusses the presents that you can gift your Valentine, you can link to other articles that lead to DIY Valentine’s Day gifts.
  • Use Images to make the Website Look more attractive: High-quality images always attract people. According to a study by Brain Rules, “people remember only 0% of a piece of information three days later after they hear it, rather than 65% of the information if a relevant image is paired with that same piece. That happens because 70% of all your sensory receptors are in your eyes.” So, images help to retain users on the site and people are able to follow the direction better with text and illustration. Using relevant image content is good for SEO. Valentine’s Day is all about images that express love. So, use ample number of images and be creative.Incorporate images and videos related to Valentine’s Day on your website and social media pages to attract and engage customers.
    Website Look more attractive
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  • Provide Offers and Promotions: Providing attractive offers and promotions to the customers would help entice more people to your website. When the market becomes highly competitive, providing offers and discounts is one way of standing out among the competitors. Group your products into different categories and put discounts or offers on them. It is one way of clearing all your products.
    Image source
  • Make use of Email Marketing: Once you have your marketing plan ready for the occasion, Valentine’s day, the next step is to get customers notice your promotional programs. You can do this through email marketing. It provides a chance for storeowners and businesses to reach out to potential customers and remind them about the Valentine’s Day offers.
  • Use Social Media Networking Platforms: Many studies have already shown that having a strong social media presence and higher average number of shares, comments etc are likely to bring you better ranking in Google. A digital marketing campaign on social media can help attract traffic and leads. According to the 2017 Total Retail Survey by PWC, 47% of shoppers choose either “social networks” or “visual social networks” as their main sources of inspiration. This helps you see what others are doing and see what hashtags are trending. So, create a social media marketing campaign for every occasion.
    Social Media Networking Platforms
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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it is high time for businesses to introduce new digital marketing strategies for better ranking, gain the attention of the customers and increase traffic.

Hiring a reliable search engine optimization company can potentially improve your site and save valuable resources and time.

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