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A Review of Google Algorithm Updates for 2022

by | Last updated Jan 10, 2023 | Published on Jan 4, 2023 | Infographics

Each year, Google introduces many updates. Just as in 2021, Google introduced some official algorithm updates in 2022. The search engine uses various algorithms and ranking metrics to determine the relevance of web pages on its search results pages.

This year has seen quite a lot of updates – product review updates, core updates, helpful content updates, page experience update, and link spam updates. Of those updates, the December 2022 link spam update and the December 2022 helpful content update have not completed rolling out yet.

Below we have compiled a full list of Google algorithm updates that were introduced through the year 2022.

SEO specialists at MedResponsive stay up-to-date with all Google updates and algorithms. Being an experienced digital marketing services company, we keep track of all the SEO updates and trends, and implement necessary changes in our digital marketing campaigns to enhance the performance of our client websites.

Stay tuned to find more Google updates in our blog section.

Check out the infographic below

Google Algorithm Updates for 2022

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