An Overview of Link Building Techniques to Use in 2019

by | Published on Feb 14, 2019 | Medical SEO

“Link building” – never leave it behind as an old strategy that has been a part of SEO for many years. Back links are Google’s Reputation Management Tool. With the presence of relevant links on the site, users are able to get around more relevant data on the internet. If a reputable site links to information on your site, search engines consider that information in your site is of value and improves your search engine rankings for searches related to that page accordingly. For instance, when it comes to medical SEO for healthcare businesses, a link from heavily trafficked medical information or doctor site will greatly improve your visibility with potential patients.

Based on Google’s algorithm, quantity of links no longer matters. Instead the focus will be on the rankings and sales lift that the links provide.

Certain link building techniques that work include:

Useful content attracts links

Link Building

To win a link-building strategy, the major thing to do is to create informative content that users return to, bookmark, share and link to. Useful content that provides answers for readers’ concerns and offers a step-by-step guide to meet their goals will satisfy readers. Whatever content you produce, whether a guide, blog post, article or infographic, focus on your target audience, what they are struggling with and what solution they require. Quality, relevant content can provide value to your site’s targeted audience.

Blogging regularly helps to build a great link profile for your website. Ensure that content produced for link building is non-branded and non-promotional. Webmasters often do not link to content that is written as a sales pitch or just for promotional purposes. Fresh, in-depth content is often preferred as this provides more value to an audience over time.

Write on trending topics

An ideal way to get back links is by creating content or blog around hot topics. For any new topic, often there will be less content available on the internet. This is a great opportunity for your website. If you could provide relevant and informative content about the same in a short time, readers will consider your content as a resource for those topics, which will help you gain a large number of backlinks from different websites.

Focus on anchor text

Link Building


Anchor Text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. You can consider including relevant keywords that you want to rank for as the anchor text. But make sure you are not linking to the same site more than once with the same keyword. Also, keyword-stuffed anchor text will provide negative ranking results. Remember that Google will penalize your site, if an unnatural amount of links with the same anchor text point to your site.

Skyscraper Technique

In its latest blog, Search Engine Watch has focused on Skyscraper as an effective but difficult technique to build links. This technique requires businesses to create remarkable content regarding any specific issue in their industry and then offer a solution for this concern through the content they publish. With even better copy of a popular content, you can get back links naturally after reaching out to the right audience. The first step in any Skyscraper campaign is to find pages with link-worthy content via tools such as SEO SpyGlass, or WebSite Auditor. Then, revamp the content with more detailed information to get those valuable links. Along with adding more details, you can also add case studies, infographics, quotes and more to make the content helpful for readers.

Other tips to build quality links include:

  • Good guest blog posts can earn backlinks
  • Don’t engage with low-quality blogs and spammy sites
  • Highlight offers and discounts for your services
  • Write useful guides
  • Avoid black-hat link building tactics
  • Manage professional profiles online – social media

It is also important that your links are organic, which means they should appear naturally and suit the theme and focus of your site where they appear.

You can also consider joining communities related to your niche, let that be education, health or finance and build good professional relationships which help to create a good link profile. Professional digital marketing agencies provide the service of an experienced SEO team that can assist you with link-building services that deliver better results.

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