Must Have Chrome Extensions for Social Media Optimization

by | Published on Dec 22, 2016 | Social Media Optimization

From Facebook, Twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn, many are the social media platforms wide open for social media marketing today. As a social media marketer, you should keep updated about the newest social media optimization (SMO) trends in the market. Google Chrome extensions are one such great way for social media optimization.

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There are many extensions available now and they keep emerging day by day. Therefore, you need to keep up with the trend and develop effective social media marketing strategies. Here are a few extensions of Chrome which are relevant for social media optimization:


KlearKlear: Any business marketer would wish to know about their customers’ online popularity and their special areas of interest. Klear is the best option for this. It helps you identify your followers in Twitter and their interests. It comes with some useful algorithms which gives analytical results on the users’ profiles. The popularity of your followers are displayed in three badges (1) Popularity Badge (2) The Responsiveness Badge (3) The Expert Badge.


vidIQ Vision for YouTubevidIQ Vision for YouTube: Want to know how a video gets more hits and popularity? Then, you must have vidIQ Vision for YouTube. Getting this Chrome extension on your browser means you can easily uncover the secrets of a successful video on YouTube. You can also find analytics score cards and reveal tags on every video for better assessment.


BuzzSumoBuzzSumo: BuzzSumo comes with some cool features to view the number of social shares of any page that you are reading.  Though now Twitter shares are no longer officially available, through this Chrome extension, this is also possible. Besides, you can see the most shared content of any website, spot popular content through the instant share estimate feature, assess trending content formats and much more.


ConspireConspire: Conspire is mainly associated with LinkedIn. It helps you improve your network by helping you to get connected to the best connections in the loop.



SEOquakeSEOquake: SEO metrics, SEO audits, webpage mobile compatibility and much more are the features that SEOquake comes with. Apart from these vital tools, you can assess your social statistics in Facebook or Google + and other social parameters right from your browser. You can even check a keyword’s density within a webpage using this great plug-in.


BuiltWith Technology ProfilerBuiltWith Technology Profiler: Don’t you wish to make your website highly appealing and generate more traffic? For this BuiltWith comes with some useful features. It gives details regarding the tools with which a website is developed. This would help to grab details of leading websites and adopt those successful techniques for yours.


There are many more Chrome extensions to choose from. Keep yourself updated with the growing trends and choose the right ones for your use, thereby enhancing your social media optimization strategies.

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