More Powerful Updates Added To Google Ads Performance Planner

by | Published on Jan 18, 2022 | SEO

Performance planner is still new to the business sector, but it’s already helping to streamline Google Ads accounts for a great deal of businesses. Planner makes it easier for companies to organize their data and give more team members access to account information thus helping to boost efficiency and collaboration. It is a relatively new way to manage your Google Ads campaigns, make better business decisions, and increase ROI. So, if you want to sort out your advertising plan, you can reach out to digital marketing services in New York.

Google Ads Performance planner is a free Google Ads tool that helps to manage an advertising plan. It helps with making forecast model for one or more campaigns at a time. Performance Planner helps you improve your ad’s click-through rate, conversion rates, or other metrics and also suggests what changes to make to get better results from your campaign. It analyses data about your ad groups and their target audiences and historical data from similar campaigns to estimate what those groups should be worth over the next few months. Then it compares these estimates with actual results to give you a forecast of a campaign’s performance.

How Performance Planner Helps Businesses

  • Detailed forecast: This is an excellent tool if you want your business and its ads campaign strategy to be more organized and structured. Performance planner provides you detailed reports of your ad campaign and how its performance can be improved over time. Businesses can create an action plan depending on the financial forecast of future months or quarters given by the planner.
  • Good conversion rate: With accurate reports, businesses will have a clear idea about where to spend their money so that there will be a better performance for the money invested. This will help you increase the conversion rate with a similar budget by increasing targeting and placement in specific channels based on the data.
  • Dashboard with clear data: The Performance planner’s before and after metric comparison table is an excellent way of seeing the changes that Google has suggested for your ad campaigns. You can also compare the spending and the key performance indicators of existing and planned campaigns side by side. This helps to gain valuable business insights instead of simply looking at the data.
  • Optimization of keywords: Keywords play a significant role in your campaign, and it can either make or break your campaign. Google Ads Performance Planner helps you to differentiate between performing and under performing keywords. This helps businesses to change their strategy for maximum conversions.

New Updates in Google Ads Performance Planner

Now that you have a clear understanding of what Performance Planner is and how it helps businesses, let us now look at some latest updates on Google Performance planner.

Google’s Performance planner is getting four updates with the aim of helping users plan multiple campaigns and make informed changes. These updates will give more capabilities to the tool. So, here are the latest updates on Google Ads Performance Planner:

  • Add more campaigns: Using past performance or adding manual forecasts across your whole account, your previous ineligible campaigns can now be added to your plan which includes old campaigns that have been deleted or have been running for less than 10 days, or are in a draft state.
  • Know the recommendations: Google will offer more detailed recommendations in a new column under the title “suggested changes.”
  • Secondary metrics: This helps understand the effect of changes to your campaigns beyond the key metrics. For instance, if you create a strategy to maximize conversions, you can consider adding a column that shows changes to clicks.
  • Choose a time range: Use a historical conversion rate for a specific time range to get a more accurate estimate of what to expect for the date range you’re using in your plan.

Performance Planner can be used yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly. But Google recommends using it weekly to provide valuable insights that business marketers can use to set up their campaigns. It helps to generate accurate predictions so that businesses can identify the market trends and new opportunities to stay ahead of the competitors.

Performance Planner is a free tool that is designed to optimize your budget and ad spend over multiple campaigns. Businesses can reach out to a reliable PPC marketing agency that can assist with setting up Performance Planner so as to gain valuable business insight and grow their business.

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