LinkedIn’s Creator Mode Streamlines Access to Live Video and Newsletters

by | Published on Feb 2, 2022 | Social Media Optimization

LinkedIn, the popular employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps, is a powerful B2B platform that can help businesses boost their online presence and generate leads. LinkedIn has rolled out access to live video and newsletters for users that have creator mode enabled on their personal profiles.  Organic SEO companies keep track of these latest updates to help businesses build their brand and connect with their audience.

LinkedIn’s Creator Mode

Creator mode in LinkedIn is a profile setting on a user’s dashboard that can help them grow their reach and influence on the platform. A user can turn on creator mode to get access to additional tools and features to create content and grow their audience base on LinkedIn. But before enabling creator mode, there are some important things you need to know. With creator mode activated, the following changes will be applied to your profile:

  • The Connect button will change to a Follow button on a profile
  • A profile would display the number of followers it has
  • Topics posted as profile introduction can be displayed as hashtags
  • By moving the Featured and Activity sections to the top of one’s profile, the original content will be highlighted
  • The Activity section will no longer include your likes, comments and other activities.

In addition to these profile changes, the creator mode update grants access to LinkedIn Live Video and LinkedIn Newsletters.

To give more ways to creators to make content and actively engage with their followers, LinkedIn beefed up its ‘Creator Mode’ features with the addition of LinkedIn Live access for those with Creator Mode turned on. The update also comes up with a new newsletter option for creators to help maintain connection with their audience.

  • Live Video: With this new feature, users can broadcast content directly to their profile, making it easy for them to interact with their audience in real-time, drive deeper engagement and establish their thought leadership.
  • Newsletters: Access to the newsletter allows the author to regularly distribute content on a topic they are passionate about and ensure that their content is seen with automated email and in-app notifications.

However, to utilize LinkedIn’s live video and newsletter features, a user has to meet certain access criteria, such as:

  • An audience of more than 150 followers and/or connections.
  • Recent shares on LinkedIn of any type of original content – posts with text, images or videos, publishing articles and so on.
  • A profile that has a good history of abiding by LinkedIn’s Professional Community Policies.

With these latest updates, creator mode continues to help potential followers find a user and their content across LinkedIn.

This update is launching gradually throughout the month to members with creator mode and for users who don’t already have access to live video and newsletters.

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