Increase Referral Traffic and Conversions with Optimized Websites and Localized Social Content

by | Published on Jan 10, 2017 | SEO, Website Design and Development

In the present digital world, healthcare consumers are increasingly relying on websites and social media for gathering information about hospitals, medical practices, healthcare professionals and healthcare products. This makes strategic medical website design a very significant medical SEO service for healthcare businesses. According to Google, 97 percent of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses. Thinking on a global level, to obtain customers worldwide any business should provide them with websites translated in their preferred languages. In order to achieve real success in online marketing, companies should also skilfully leverage the power of locally preferred social media networks and optimize users’ on-site experience.

Using Social Networks to Engage with Global Customers

Social Networks

Having translated websites alone is not enough to establish a global presence. You should never ignore regional social networks while engaging with global customers. Here are the reasons why.

  • In the coming years, 25% more people are expected to be connected to social networks.
  • Almost half of the topmost popular social network users are Chinese or Asian consumers.
  • Around 85% of people who use Facebook are outside the US.
  • In Japan, around 60% of the country’s entire population engage in social network activities.

Therefore to be smart and competitive, you should have a strong online presence on local social media platforms.

Organizations should ideally translate their social media posts to improve visibility in the worldwide markets. In addition, this will build trust and confidence in overseas customers and persuade them to introduce your brand to their family and acquaintances. Translating social media posts to localized social content helps in increasing traffic and conversions on translated global sites.

Suppose you have a Chinese website; if you integrate this website’s functionality with popular Chinese social networks such as QQ, Weibo and WeChat, you can achieve significant, immediate results. You can increase the site’s referral traffic from these social networks. You can achieve good results by translating content for Facebook company pages also.

On-site Optimization Increases Conversion Rates

On-site Optimization

Generating referral traffic alone may not increase conversion rates. For this, you have to optimize user experience or design the site keeping in view the expectations of the visitors, such as making it more reader friendly. Localized conversion rate optimization is also an effective strategy for any business and with the help of A/B tests you can analyze your global websites (just as you would do for your primary-market websites). This will bring to light any online performance gaps that may exist in emerging markets. You can then work to make appropriate improvements in your localized site.

To make full use of the potential of social media as a marketing tool, medical businesses can consider using healthcare digital marketing services. This will help monitor social media and identify where your consumers are, how they communicate with each other, and what they are saying about your product/service. You will also get to understand how each community works, and engage with them in the way they most value. You will have a clear understanding regarding the right mix of social media sites to use, and focus on the sites your target demographic uses most, and work to develop strong followings there.

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