Improving your Medical Website: Marketing Tips to Improve Your Visibility

by | Published on Nov 17, 2016 | Medical SEO

Are you getting new patient visits with your present healthcare website? If your answer is no, it is high time you made some serious efforts to streamline your medical website marketing practices and advance to the top of search engines to gain more conversions. These search engines are where your patients look for good treatment options, locate a physician or look up for medical information. Here are the important strategies that would help you achieve this:

  • Develop Good Content: You must definitely know that good web content is that which is unique as well as relevant for your audience. Also, check if your website speaks about your medical practice, its services and related provisions clearly. Ensure that your content provides exactly what your audience is looking for. It should contain all important factors that would keep your readers on your website for some time. Good content is one of the features that pull visitors to a website. But is that alone enough for good SEO? The answer is No! It is true that Google now ranks websites with quality content high. Apart from this, there are a number of ethical practices that you need to adopt to get yourself noticed in the web world.

First of all, as soon as you develop web content, you have to provide it with as much visibility as possible online as part of your health content marketing. Here is how you can get the task done:

  • Earn More Feedbacks: Google considers feedback from your readers when indexing your website. So push your content to get as many shares and links as possible, and that too from high authority sources. For this, you need to create a virtual social buzz – social media marketing has great relevance in search engine optimization. If your website and its content go viral on social media and create a real buzz, Google and leading search engines would take that into consideration. This means that your content is relevant for your audience, and is a vital tool for SEO. So, whether you are a practicing healthcare professional or a healthcare service provider, create an account in all leading social media channels including Google +, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Give all vital details of your practice so that as they reach your page, they may receive all the information they were looking for.

Along with these, you must consider researching:

  • Keywords that Yield Conversions: Well-researched keywords and their proper usage is of prime importance for better search engine rankings. Find out what is trending now. Make a thorough research to find out what your expected audience is searching for.

Just by trying out this SEO tactic, you can also work on:

  • Local Search Marketing: Google reports that 77% of patients search online prior to making an appointment or visiting a healthcare center. For instance, if an online visitor searches for physical therapy service or chiropractic treatment in Brooklyn, and your healthcare center in Brooklyn provides them all, your website with those specific keywords would show up in the search results. Therefore, even just by increasing the local search ranks, your clinic or healthcare center can earn more appointments.
    Local Search Marketing

Last but not the least, never forget this technical aspect that would help your website get indexed:

  • Meta Tags, Title Tags and Description: Ensure that the keywords you use in your medical website content are present in the title tags also. Incorporate your main keywords along with the title tags, which are highlighted in the search results. There are a few simple rules to follow as you perform this task. The title should have 65 characters and the description paragraph below should have 150 characters. Besides, adding header tags (h1, h2, h3…) in the subtitles of the content can help the search engine to track and understand what your content is all about.

For all these SEO practices to work out, you should definitely have a smart website. And that too, designed for both desktop and mobile. As a healthcare service provider, you should never forget that your medical website should be designed intelligent as well as, responsive.

Optimizing your medical website amidst a tight schedule may be a tough prospect and distract your staff from attending to more important activities. Digital marketing of your medical website can be entrusted to a dependable service provider that can work out successful healthcare SEO practices and help you gain more conversions.

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