How To Transform Your SEO Strategy With Interactive Content

by | Published on Sep 30, 2021 | SEO

As people are getting more and more used to digital marketing, the search engine optimization strategies are also changing to provide the best results to users. One such trend that aims at seeking the attention of potential customers is interactive content – such as quiz, interactive maps, click-triggered graphical animation etc. All these forms of interactive content can better respond to the user’s intent, helps to build a bond with the user, and thereby boosts your SEO strategy. So, if you wish to create interactive content that stands out, you can reach out to dedicated content writing services. We will optimize your content to get you ranked high in search engines, improve your lead generation, and increase sales.

Interactive content comprises content that is fun but also provides relevant information to the users. It encourages people to engage with the content by clicking, hovering, and answering questions. It bridges the engagement gap by pulling the users to the content and encouraging them to bond with your brand. Some of the different types of interactive content are animated infographics, quizzes, eBooks, calculators and so on.

Several companies are investing hugely in interactive content with the aim of building engagement and increasing sales. This is because interactive content keeps the users on the website for a longer period of time and helps to deliver the messages more efficiently. This type of content also lets you know when and how a person interacts with your content, which generates valuable data for your strategies.

How Interactive Content Impacts Your SEO Strategies

Interactive content is all about educating the end users with better engagement. Let us see how it affects SEO strategy.

    • Better Engagement: Good engagement with the users is important for both SEO and brands. With interactive content on your website, people are likely to spend more time on your page and there is a higher chance that they might give some of their personal information or even engage in some activity. You can create calculators, quizzes, assessments and other similar experiences that will keep your audience engaged and delighted. This can lead to sharing of the content on social media channels, getting links to your content and more visits to your page. Businesses are now looking for various methods to generate interactive content to beat the competitors and guarantee an audience that loves and shares your content.


    • Social Shares: Getting your links shared on social media will not help you with organic search ranking. But social shares and back links can improve the visibility of your content and you will get noticed by other search engines. So, if you get more online mentions then your brand will get more authority and awareness which will help you get more traffic to your website, and also more backlinks. People love to share interactive content on social media platforms which means more leads and more authority in search engines’ eyes.

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    • Improved Brand Awareness: The previous point emphasized how important social shares and backlinks are for your brand as they help to reach out to a greater number of people and create brand awareness. It puts your business name out to the people and thus helps to build a reputation for your brand. When users access several pages of your site through different links, it brings a sense of trust about your brand among the users. Posting high quality content will let people know that they can count on quality with your brand. Increased brand awareness means more people will click on your SERP. It is like letting consumers know that your name is linked to whatever you sell. This helps increase the number of navigational searches to your website, which is a ranking factor.


    • Link Bait: It means you are baiting users to link to the content you offer and with unique and creative content, people would love to link to it. Interactive content can generate engagement and brand awareness that static content cannot bring. Search Engine Journal gives the example of a persona generator (from that was created which is interactive content that users love, and it attracted a large number of backlinks. It is a huge success with American, Brazilian, and Spanish audiences by helping people create their persona and providing a great experience in the process. It also gained a huge number of backlinks and more than 600 unique domains linking to it.

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  • SEO Metrics: Apart from link building, quality of the content and answering the user’s intent are two main important ranking factors. There are other SEO metrics also that help to check how the audience is reacting to the content, and interactive content can improve these metrics:
      • Time Spent On Page: People take an average of 10 seconds for an article that has around 1000 words and these 10 seconds tell them a lot about content quality. Interactive experiences are more engaging and provide a unique experience to users, which makes them spend more time on your website. This will send better signals of your content quality to users, and also to the search engines.


    time spend page

      • Bounce Rates: This is a crucial sign that shows when people leave your site without clicking anywhere. Interactive experiences ensure that people will engage with your site by clicking or typing or doing some interaction that is required for the whole experience to be complete.


    • Pages Per Visit: The pages per visit can also be affected by interactive content. If the user likes like the page enough, then he/she may check out more pages of your site.

If these three metrics are positive, it means that the audience is having a positive experience while visiting your site. And as they do so, they may decide to link to your pages and further spread your links for even better SEO.

Unlike the usual content, interactive content is more dynamic, and it encourages user engagement which will eventually increase leads, brand awareness and brand loyalty. Interactive content gives people relevant information and makes the process of getting it fun. Therefore, more companies are investing hugely in interactive content. Reach out to our organic SEO company! We have a good content writing team that can generate creative content that will bring your more leads, better ranking, and improved sales.

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