How To Increase Engagement With Facebook Video Marketing

by | Published on Sep 7, 2021 | Social Media Optimization

A video is an excellent tool for marketing your products and services. There are different platforms available for video marketing like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Among these, Facebook is one of the most popular channels. Facebook has grown far beyond its initial purpose of networking to an excellent platform for brands to engage with their prospective customers. Facebook video marketing is widely used by businesses to attract more customers and drive sales. Videos allow customers to have a clear idea about your products and services, and it is an opportunity for you to build trust with them. So, if you want your business to attract more targeted audience, consider getting assistance from organic SEO companies that can help you with video marketing.

Video marketing via Facebook helps to convey the right message to your audience. There are different types of video content like live videos, tutorial videos, information videos, etc. The most important factor is to create engaging Facebook videos that can immediately attract your audience’s attention.

Here are some useful tips for video marketing on Facebook for better engagement with potential customers:

    • Never Waste Too Much Time In The Beginning: Do not create lengthy Facebook videos with a long-drawn-out introduction. Focus on creating short videos with compelling visuals. Some of the ideas to create compelling visuals are:
      • Include powerful and captivating thumbnail images
      • Add a nice teaser sentence that gives a clue about what the video is about, like an informative marketing


    • Make Use Of Captions: It is not possible to find out how many users watch videos on Facebook with the sound on. However, Facebook now auto plays videos on mobile with sound. But this setting can be disabled, and videos can be played without sound if the user’s phone is in silent mode.With captions, users can understand the video better. According to a study by, CTA clicks fell by approximately 26% when captions were not used. Adding captions to the video increases the chances getting more users because captions make it easier to understand the video.


    • Pick The Right Name: Use a description title for your video that captures the attention of the target audience and can be easily searched by them. Make sure to optimize your title with targeted keywords to improve your visibility.right name


    • Include Call To Action (CTA): Including CTA gives a clear direction to Facebook users regarding what you want them to do. It acts like a straightforward guide and promotes higher click-through rates. The right places to put CTA are inside of the post copy, at the end of the video with text overlay, through the video.


    • Describe Your Content To Your Users: Use Facebook posts to describe the content of your video so that you can convince your users to watch the video. Devoting some time to watch the video is a huge commitment for some people. So, use your Facebook profile to post a brief summary of your video content and this may spark the target customers’ interest and increase the chances of getting more views.content users


    • Shape Is Important: When you edit your videos, make sure to focus on utilizing square or landscape videos. Square videos tend to get more engagements, views and more reach on mobiles. Remember that most of the Facebook users use mobile devices. So square shape is ideal for your videos.


    • Keep It Simple: Facebook users always look for quick and easy-to-understand content. So, do not waste too much time and money on making the video complex. Focus on creating easily digestible and shareable content. Videos that are simple and easy to understand are likely to get more engagement.


    • Tag Others When Required: If any other individual or brands have helped you with creating videos for Facebook and if you want others to see them, then you can tag them in your post. You can tag someone by typing “@” before the person or title of the page that you wish to tag.


    • Post Directly On Facebook: Posting videos directly to Facebook helps in better ranking in the News Feed. If you have a YouTube video that you want to share on Facebook, it is best to post the video directly on YouTube instead of copying the link and pasting it on facebook


    • Go Live: Google algorithm favors live videos because live videos hold the user’s interest for a longer period of time. They also bring an increased number of users to that page’s content. Brands that get in front of the audience in a direct way increases relatability and trust.


    • Make Use Of Insights: Facebook offers insights such as average watch time, total minutes watched, etc. This provides valuable insights into which videos users find the most engaging, and it also helps in planning future social video strategies.insights


    • Use Facebook Stories: Like Instagram, Facebook can also post 15-second videos as stories that will automatically disappear after 24 hours, if they are organic Facebook stories. Facebook Stories ads are also 15-seconds but do not disappear within a day. Facebook stories are engaging and majority of the users are likely to view them. Around 62% of people have said that they have a greater interest in a product or brand after viewing a Facebook story.


    • Choose The Correct Video Format: The right format for Facebook videos is Mp4 or MOV format even though they support other types of video format. MP4 tends to also be the best format for Facebook video ads.


  • Use Facebook 360 Videos: These videos are created using cameras that can record 360 degree of a particular scene. It allows the users to view the video in 360-degree angle just by moving a finger. These videos can be Monoscopic or Steroscopic.

The world is very competitive and fast-paced, and getting the attention of your targeted audience is difficult. So, you need to look for the most effective way to promote your business. Facebook video marketing is one such method. Seek the assistance of digital marketing outsourcing companies that can help create powerful videos for Facebook for marketing your products and services.

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