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How Can A Blog Help To Build Your Healthcare Practice’s Image?

by | Last updated Nov 11, 2022 | Published on Dec 14, 2021 | Healthcare Marketing

There are many digital marketing strategies for physicians like social media marketing, email marketing, local SEO, etc, to attract prospective patients to their practice. But one effective digital marketing strategy that most physicians often overlook is blog writing.

Blogging is regarded as one of the most effective ways of showcasing your expertise, engaging with potential patients, and attracting new ones. It lets prospective patients know who you are, what you think, and learn medical information directly from you. Professional medical SEO services include blog writing services that can drive more traffic, gain revenue and help grow your medical practice.

Blogs are an opportunity for healthcare professionals to connect with potential patients, extend their healthcare practice brand, and expand their reach. Here’s how blogging can grow your healthcare business:

How Blogging Can Grow Your Healthcare Business

Blogs are an opportunity for healthcare professionals to connect with potential patients, extend their healthcare practice brand, and expand their reach. Here’s how blogging can grow your healthcare business:

  • Educates your patients: As per a 2021 study by Patient Pop, two-thirds of patients look to their local healthcare provider as the trusted source of COVID-19 information. Posting valuable blogs with up-to-date information helps educate prospective patients. Providing information-rich blogs can instill trust and credibility among potential patients and also builds your presence as a healthcare leader in your location. Publishing blogs with healthcare information and facts gives your audience the solutions that they are looking for.labblog


  • Increases patient conversion: According to a Hubspot study, businesses that blog have 55 percent more website visitors, with a 5 times increase in the number of pages indexed by search engines. The best way to convert visitors into patients is by using Call To Action for every blog. Once a visitor receives the information they are seeking out about a condition or service, offer them a solution by driving them to schedule an appointment with your practice. This will push conversion. Another call-to-action option includes an email newsletter signup.cerner


  • Improves your ranking: A healthcare blog that is well optimized is likely to gain higher ranking in SERP. Every new blog will appear on its own separate webpage on your website, and with each new page, comes new material for Google and other search engines to find and index. A blog can improve the quality of your website content. With the right keywords included, a blog can improve your domain authority and your site’s ranking. So having many informative blog posts highlighting your services increases your website ranking and visibility, and can attract potential patients.
  • Helps you gain a competitive edge: Healthcare sites can set themselves apart from their competition by providing informative blogs. Having a well written blog about any of your services allows prospective patients who are in search of such services to easily land on your blog and avail your services. This allows visitors to take action like booking an appointment.

    Identify topics that are related to your service and what patients want. Consider the questions that people have and write a blog post about it. Make sure to incorporate relevant keywords into your headlines and content to get better visibility.

  • Better patient retention: Posting blogs regularly keeps patients informed and will promote engagement between patients and your h brand. Each blog that you post should remind them about your medical practice and your services. Posting blogs consistently shows your commitment towards educating and connecting with potential patients. This also makes your blog posts a go-to source for healthcare insights which helps with patient retention.

How to Get Blog Ideas

In order to produce informative blogs every week or twice in a week consistently, it is important to get good content ideas and topics. The best ways to get topics for your content are as follows:

  • Healthcare news: A blog that is related to a recent healthcare news item like discovery of a new medicine or a new virus would be informative for potential patients. You can also include your views about the latest healthcare news in your blog to make it even more news
  • Latest industry trends: Like any other industry, the healthcare industry is also evolving every day and using your blog to discuss upcoming trends will be valuable for your patients. You can set up news alerts to help your patients stay updated about emerging trends.
  • Frequently asked questions: Identify what your patients want to know from your FAQ sections. This is one of the most accurate methods for finding out what your patients want to know. You can also conduct surveys or personal discussions or visit social media pages to understand what your potential patients want to know from you.
  • Discuss an event: If there is a healthcare event coming up, you can write a blog post about it. Tell your readers about what to expect and highlights, and provide other valuable information. Post a blog discussing key takeaways from the event when it is over.


Writing blogs allows medical practices to build a rapport with patients and also helps establish authority with prospective and current patients. That’s why blogging is an essential tool in a healthcare marketing strategy. If you are not sure how to go about it, reach out to a healthcare digital marketing agency. Professional content writers can help you write compelling blogs for your website.

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