Google Chrome Gets 3 New AI Features

by | Published on Jan 31, 2024 | AI

Google’s updates and algorithms always aim at making information available on the web easily accessible for Internet users. The search engine giant’s latest step has been to make Chrome browsing smoother and safer with advanced AI generative features.

Even years earlier, Google had incorporated cutting-edge machine learning and AI technologies into Chrome to enhance the ease, safety, and accessibility of web searching. The initial focus was on enhancing everyday functionalities, such as providing real-time captions for videos, improving the detection of malicious websites, managing permission prompts more effectively, and generating key points from webpages. With the release of Chrome (M121), Google is introducing experimental generative AI features to make it even easier and more efficient to browse – all while keeping your experience personalized to you.

How to Access the New AI Generative Features?

Users can try out the new features in Chrome on Macs and Windows PCs over the next few days, starting in the U.S.

To benefit from these features –

  • Log in to Chrome
  • Click on the three-dot menu, choose “Settings”
  • Go to the “Experimental AI” page

As these features are currently in the early stages of public experimentation, they will remain disabled for enterprise and educational accounts.

3 New Features

  1. Perfect organization of tabs

Perfect Organization Of Tabs
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An important feature in the latest update is the Tab Organizer tool, designed to streamline the manual grouping of related browser tabs. With this feature, Chrome simplifies the tab organization process by suggesting and creating tab groups based on the content of open tabs. By right-clicking on a tab or clicking the drop-down arrow next to the tabs, users can access the “Organize Similar Tabs” option. Chrome will then automatically identify tabs with related content and propose the creation of tab groups, complete with suggested names and emojis for easy identification later on. This feature is highly beneficial for users multitasking on various tasks within Chrome, such as planning a trip, conducting research, and shopping concurrently.

  1. AI-based custom themes

AI Based Custom Themes
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The latest Chrome version introduces a feature allowing users to craft personalized browser themes through the integration of AI technology. Building on Google’s previous introduction of AI-generated wallpapers for Android and Pixel devices, this enhancement empowers users to customize Chrome by specifying subject matter, mood, visual style, and color palette preferences. The AI system then generates a unique theme tailored to those selections. Google also explains this feature with an example, if someone is fascinated by the northern lights and desires a calming, animated theme, they can input keywords like “aurora borealis,” “animated,” and “serene.” Pre-made themes are made available in the Chrome gallery to inspire users and showcase the creative possibilities before they design their own distinctive appearance.

To create personalized themes with AI, users can visit the –

  • “Customize Chrome” side panel
  • Click “Change theme,” and
  • Select “Create with AI”

This user-friendly approach eliminates the need for expertise in AI prompts, making the customization process accessible to a broader audience. Beyond the AI-generated themes, Chrome also offers the flexibility to personalize your browser by using photos you’ve uploaded or selecting themes from our curated collections available in the Chrome Web Store. These collections feature themes created by a growing community of artists, providing a diverse range of options to enhance your Chrome browsing experience.

  1. AI “Help me write” support

AI Help Me Write Support
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Google is introducing “Help me write”, an enhanced writing assistance in the next Chrome update. This AI-driven writing assistance aims to elevate the quality of text across various contexts on the web. To use this tool, simply right-click on a text box or field on any website visited in Chrome and choose the “Help me write” option, allowing the AI to assist in the writing process. Once selected, the feature offers suggestions to enhance the content being composed, whether it’s a restaurant review, RSVP, or a formal message like a rental inquiry.

Let us await more features Google may introduce using AI and ML technologies. One exciting development is the incorporation of AI model, Gemini, aimed at making your browsing experience even more seamless and efficient. Gemini is the largest and most capable AI model developed by the Google team. An experienced digital marketing services company in the U.S., MedResponsive stays up-to-date with the changing Google algorithms and updates.

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