Google AdWords Gets Rejuvenated-New Experience for All Advertisers

by | Published on Oct 26, 2017 | Google Algorithm Updates

Since March 2016, Google has been slowly rolling out the new AdWords interface to users. Now, this search engine giant has released the new AdWords interface to all advertisers. The innovations in AdWords that make new experiences possible have helped many businesses as well as healthcare digital marketing agencies to reach their target audiences in better, smarter ways.

This new interface can:

  • Load your account pages at least 20% faster-so you can quickly get to the information you need and get on with your day.
  • Provide easy access to key insights about your customers, such as visualizations of the days and hours they’re most engaged with your business, and help you take immediate action to drive better results.
  • Help manage campaigns based on your goals, whether you’re looking to drive website visits or phone calls.
  • Get things done faster, like creating ad extensions and monitoring performance – all in one place.

Marketers can become acquainted with the new interface and its features through the guided tour. The new AdWords experience comes with a number of exclusive new features that aren’t available in the previous AdWords such as:

  • “Overview” page – This page lets you review your performance at a glance, with a summary of your performance and important insights.
    Google AdWords

  • Bid adjustments for calls – This tool can be used to get call extensions to show more or less often in mobile search campaigns.
    Bid Adjustments

  • Showcase Shopping ads – It helps to attract customers interested in your brand or business by grouping together related products and presenting them together.

    Showcase Shopping Ads


  • Audience manager – This new Audiences page offers a single place to manage audience targeting and optimizations.
    Audience Manager

  • Promotion extensions – Promotion extensions allow you to show and link to a specific offer in text ads. The tag icon in this extension helps it stand out on the page.
    Promotion Extensions

  • Import third-party app analytics platform data – With this feature, you can link your account to third-party app analytics platforms, and import your data to AdWords to track and measure your mobile app conversions.
    Import Third Party App Analytics

Features such as the “Landing Pages” page give new ways to monitor performance, and call bid adjustments give advertisers control over how often a call option appears in an Ad. AdWords Scripts are now available in the New AdWords interface, giving users a visual refresh, as well as some new capabilities that make management a bit easier, especially for advertisers with lots of scripts in their accounts.

Most users opine that the new design and layout saves them 30% more time on average when completing everyday tasks. Data visualizations in the new interface help to cut down on reporting and analysis time.

Some other features that will be rolled out to the new interface over the next few months include Landing page performance, Custom in-market audiences, Store sales measurement uploads and Google attribution. However, some of the primary features such as – Advanced editing, AdWords Labs, Geographic reports, and Custom remarketing / affinities aren’t available yet in the new AdWords.

Now, it’s still possible to toggle back and forth between the new and old interfaces. Though it may take some time to get used to the new look and layout, the new features offer service providers such as medical SEO companies an added incentive to get comfortable working with the new interface.

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