Facebook Introducing New Tools For Businesses To Generate More Leads

by | Published on Oct 14, 2021 | Social Media Optimization

Are you looking for ways to generate more leads to your business? Then utilize a good social media marketing strategy or rely on experienced digital marketing outsourcing companies that are well-versed in handling social media marketing. This is very important because social media marketing is a great business strategy for targeting prospective customers. Even though the popular social media sites differ hugely by the level of usage in different countries and demographics, identifying these differences in popularity of the various social networks is really important when targeting potential customers. Facebook is one such social media network that businesses – whether small or large – can connect with their customers and simplify day-to-day management. Recently, this social media giant has launched new free and paid tools for businesses to help find new customers and connect with them in more ways.

They want the platform to be the best place for businesses, especially SMBs, to run their business online. So, to fulfill that wish, recently Facebook shared how they’re evolving their business to guide in the next era of personalized experiences. In this new era, people would have more control, choice and transparency over their identifiable data than ever before. They would also have new opportunities and ways to connect, grow, and prosper.

To improve business results with business communications, Facebook has introduced new tools like Work Accounts which support businesses with new cost savings and discovery experiences.

Facebook’s New Business Tools

75% of adults globally say they want to communicate with businesses via messaging, in the same way they communicate with friends and family, says Facebook. Therefore, the company invests in business messaging tools as well as omni-channel communication tools such as email across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Similarly, Facebook announced quite a few new features that are coming next year and are currently in testing.

Let’s take a detailed look at the new and upcoming Facebook updates for businesses.

  • Tools and Updates for Starting Conversations with a Business across the Facebook’s Apps:

    • Click to Message Ads: Businesses can already buy ads that encourage people to message them, whether in Messenger, Instagram Direct or WhatsApp. Those businesses that leverage this feature scales up its delivery operations. For instance, it’s now possible for businesses to choose all the messaging platforms where they’re available to chat, and by default that chat app will appear in your ad depending on where a conversation could most likely happen.

      message adds
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  • Start a WhatsApp Chat from an Instagram Profile: The company is using their expertise in person-to-person messaging to simplify person-to-business communications by flexing its integration capabilities with the launch of a new feature involving Instagram and WhatsApp. That is, it is now possible to add a WhatsApp click-to-chat button to your Instagram profile so that it may encourage more customers to connect with businesses if they prefer WhatsApp over Instagram DMs.

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Both these updates are designed to drive better business results across the customer journey – that is from higher-quality leads, to incremental sales, to higher customer satisfaction, that too at lower cost.

  • Tools and updates for Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

    • Quote Request on Messenger: This new FB feature allows businesses to invite customers to request a quote. Currently testing with select advertisers, businesses can customize their request form by selecting 4-5 questions to ask consumers prior to sending a message. Then the customer can complete a short questionnaire on Messenger and easily and quickly request a quote from a business on Facebook.

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    • Lead Generation on Instagram: To help small businesses find and qualify leads directly within the Instagram app, Facebook plans to begin testing paid and organic tools. While reducing costs, advertisers use lead generation ads to connect with customers and connect leads in a more personal and effective way.

Apart from these new launches, there are some FB features that are currently in testing such as:

  • New features to get added to Facebook Business Suite – which is a free web-based dashboard for managing Facebook and Instagram activity in one place – like email, file manager and post testing.
  • Work Accounts, another type of account which will allow business-minded users to log in and operate Business Manager without requiring a personal account.
  • Soon to expand Facebook Business Explore to people in the US and internationally in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom.
  • Planning to incorporate more content from creators and local businesses
  • Give people more control over the content they see.

Though there’s no release date announced for any of these, Facebook would thoroughly test the features before rolling it out to everyone.

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