How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Digital Marketing Efforts

by | Published on Jul 1, 2022 | SEO

Artificial Intelligence in your digital marketing strategy can be leveraged by understanding customer needs, interests, and preferences for products and services. The Harvard Business Review quotes that as per the 2018 research report of McKinsey analysis, more than 400 use cases showed that marketing was the domain wherein AI can deliver the greatest contribution. Yes! You heard it right! To stay ahead of the competition, businesses need to scale up their marketing efforts with AI. Digital marketing outsourcing companies shift brands towards creating personalized experiences for their customers through the efficient use of Artificial Intelligence. Keep reading to know how AI can be used for enhancing digital marketing efforts.

Artificial Intelligence in Your Digital Marketing Plan: How It
Can Be Used to Stay Ahead of Competition

By forecasting business sales

Meeting the customer expectation forms the key element that determines the success of a business. Businesses should have a clear marketing strategy that helps them know what to do next and how to do it right. If AI technology is incorporated into marketing efforts, it will be easier for businesses to understand what the customers want. The data collection application of AI enables marketers to understand the customers and take part in their actions based on their past purchases. If you have data about the quantity of the product sold, businesses can predict what the customers will buy next. This in turn can avoid overselling or selling products that no more have demand in the market.

Converting data into actionable insights

Customer-centered decisions can be made with the insights collected by Artificial Intelligence. The system analyzes the bulk-online content to extract the market knowledge. Social media platforms, blogs, and other sources are interpreted to produce valuable insights. Customer interests and preferences are often reflected on social media platforms. These opinions and inputs are taken up by the AI algorithm and converted into insights. This data can be used by marketers to generate customer personas that are based on insights drawn from online interactions, geographic locations, past purchase behaviors, referral sources, etc. With this data, customers can be identified and affordable digital marketing services can effectively segment the target customers.

Crafting a personalized customer experience

Fostering personalized relationships with the customers is essential for the successful outcome of the business. AI automates customer interactions by using technology like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language understanding. AI transforms the customer experience in the following ways:

  • AI can be used to replace intrusive ads with hyper-relevant ads which can assure better conversion of leads. The predictive targeting technology of AI adapts ads to cater to the needs of individual customers. It recommends ad-based products to the customers based on thousands of signals. The algorithms are ever-evolving and provide increasingly personal ads over time.
  • Online user experience is streamlined by AI which enables customers to discover the relevant products.
  • Customers will be able to find the best prices based on the inputs from predictive intelligence around price fluctuations.
  • The AI chatbot can answer the queries of customers 24×7.

Content creation

Content creators can rely upon AI-powered tools to generate content more efficiently and easily. Even though the core idea behind the content is routed from human creativity, AI tools can assist in automating specific tasks such as sending personalized emails, reports, and social media content curation. Social media platforms act as a hub of customer interactions. For enhanced brand visibility, businesses too have to take part in the discussions and interactions and regularly update posts. This task will be better managed with the help of AI-powered tools.

Enhancing PPC with AI

AI tools can be used to control your ads by adjusting marketing campaigns through small changes to the code. PPC bids can be adjusted with the AI system. By doing this, businesses can generate quality leads as you won’t bid too low for an ad. This can enhance ROI by eliminating overbidding. In addition, AI-powered analytics and call tracking software can be used to analyze and take note of your offline efforts and marketing campaigns. This can help you to retarget efforts to make marketing strategies fruitful. Creating marketing campaigns with AI can create more opportunities and help businesses outrank the competition.

Customer service through chatbots

AI can be applied to build better customer service. Businesses these days use chatbots as Live chat applications on their website. When the customer logs into the website, bots are ready to answer all our queries. Customers can ask questions related to the prize, size, or quantity of the product. AI is put to its best use to create personalized content for the customers that are more efficient than generated by humans. Businesses can combine AI bots with personalized content marketing to turn them into proactive advertisers.

Speech Recognition

The potential of speech recognition in promoting business is immense. It can optimize the operational efficiency of staff interacting with prospects, customers, and partners on the phone. Businesses can know their clients with speech recognition software. Customer interests, preferences, and expectations can be identified with great precision. AI can analyze the recorded content of the interactions with the customers to generate a personalized customer profile.

Why Should You Use Artificial Intelligence in Businesses?

AI is a great tool to improve the performance of businesses and enhance customer experience. A digital marketing services company can be your right technology partner to seamlessly integrate the amazing applications of Artificial Intelligence into your marketing efforts.

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